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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Another Day?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:44 PM --- Post#113638618467782530

Morning I woke up, asking myself WTF....i tot i just fell asleep? I look at my clock....kao...6.15am liao...needa wake up le. The last thing i remb was the lyrics i was thinking about given the situation of being in rain with your girlfriend and making it sounds happy.

Oh ya....i did news paper article till 2am last nite...WTF...wah lao...siao siao...

Same thing me got geared up with my walllet, phone, PDA, music player, earphones....

Arrived at school and saw those innocent J1 streaming into the hall, and i caught a few glances of some Victorians who seemed to be my juniors. They look so innocent and enthuistic to start off the new day, ya i really envy them, just like how i started out fresh last year. Among all, some will stay and some will decide to leave. As i told Angie, its not really a hard coded fact that "AJ sucks", its more of your own decision and your feel. But i did warn her than the 1st three months is really only very very nice show put up to see. I just simply give them my blessing.

1st lessons was CS. And he told us to take out our december hols hw. HUH? COMPUTING GOT HW? WTF? My teacher says its the one on web-based task. HUH??? I tot thats only a sample question given my Mr Khor? And Sher Hern promply took out a file with all his analysis, brief and all the shit there. OMG! Ya and i honestly told him that i did not do and said sorry. Then he says the 02 class at least did a bit (a bit? most of them didnt do a shit!) and scolded me. He never had a good impression of me. But he is a good teacher nevertheless, but still i really prefer the old 3 teacher system. But i will still work hard, im sure its just some minor misunderstanding.

GP was quite disasterous, i manage to surver her discussion with my mind map undone. She half way got some last minute lecture...LOL....how they plan time table de?

YAH...how they plan time table???? COMP SC CLASH WITH MATH? Whenever we have comp science, they will have math. Then me no need take math ah? Im actually quite happy cos now we can have math either one on one by our teacher or at least no need take math with our class. Save me my agony.

Then I had a 2 hours break while I go to comp's lab and tried out my server and try to rip chikage's cd. Then i sit alnone outside library and start sketching smthing on my new sketch i bought for the year. Suddenly i remembered the gift from Ah Lam from Hong Kong, its just a $1 The Nightmare Before Chirstmas keychain. Ohhh its some sort of ghost dog! (i neva watch the show or comic even i find the figurines quite zombie). I dint know where to attatch to since my HP is already tied up with a torch light and pen knife. Hehehehhe I noe le! I shall put it on my G3! Hey the colour matched! hahaha!

Last lesson is CS again, then we go comp lab do out practical.

During lunch me met up with Ah Lam and the cXtremists and shocked Ah Lam with my usual "Auntie Beef Steak Medium Rare!" LOL....and me call the vendor Xiao Jie! then gimme damn lot spagetti. I seriosuly think eating Medium Rare beef is one of the most warm thing to warm my heart...

In Cxtreme me spend time toking to everyone about the CCA carnival plan....haiz...so tired and me met up w Robber and went home as usual. Then me so tired, on my way home me walk to the usual tau huay zui stall.

"wah u so long never come lah!"

LOL they still remb me! Someone actually remb me. I gave them the warmest smile ever and cont my 20min walk home.

BAck me me bath and it was like 6.30pm and i decided to take a nap. And when i woke up, its 8om liao! WTF....omg....faster run down see my mum's black face cos she say i repond when she called for me (im sleeping)

Me ach all over body, blur blur, symptoms of flu and stuff....me very weak....haiz..


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