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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Cuteness Redefine!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:06 PM --- Post#113776711263115812

ZOMBiE 割 lan cheow
Damn lame! I took a packet of mixed nuts into Math lecture, thinking that i can stay awake eating during lecture. I was sitting with sher hern as usual and as the lecture starts i decided to open it up to eat. But it was difficult to tear it open sideways so I groped for my pen knife on my hp.

Hehehe my nicey knife...i pulled the blade and Braddy was watching behind me...

"Zombie 那刀出来杀人了!"

I was controlling my laughter cos im in the LT....then i out my nuts under the table near my thigh to keep away from attention and brought my knife close to it...Again Braddy was watching...

"WTF, ZOMBiE 在 割 lan cheow!"

By then i cant control myself and my laughter bursted out not-so-loud....WTF....Braddy is totally lame lah...Ok i noe it dun sound funny by the way i write it here....but believe its hilarious...

And yup i managed to stay awake for the whole lecture wor! Muahahaha....mixed nuts rules!

PE fun?!?
Later on was PE...fucking tough...cos raining hor, then we do PE in MPH. I did push up and sit up then sweat until the whole floor soaked with sweat! Wah kao....now i noe what the big mop in the MPH is for liao...Then later did some Dragon Fist....yes the one stretch out hand grab neh neh one (grab neh neh not i say de wor...is Elvin say de!) Then do for 50 SLOOOOW counts....summore need to sing CNY songs while doing....then the J1s all look down frm on top kena shock sia! hahaha! WTF my arms till now still like dropping out liddat, comfirm worse than Chikage's sprained ankle...

If you got watch 龙猫, inside got one side character 炭灰小鬼. The smal small black black thing that only good children can see. According to Chikage, it appeared again in Spirited Away (same director as 龙猫). Ya i bought a key chain today wor! Damn Cute!!!!! I hanged it on my hp next to my pen kife and laser.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Cuteness redefine
Continuing from just now, who say guys dunno what "cuteness" is neh? I noe wor....and im 100% not gay ok?

Tomato says that "cute is when u noe the person well", "chio is base on outlook".
Yes cute != chio!

Well but i dun think cute is ONLY when u noe someone well, when i first see a zhar bo, the 1st thing that captures my attention is if she is cute anot, not if she is chio. I someone/something cute as when u see it/him/her, u feel like playing with it/him/her with ease feeling comfortable. A simple meaning would be being adorable.

Case 1: A zhar bi may be very chio, some high class girl, but when u see her u definitely wun feel like playing with her (excluding secual desire), and its denfinitely no easy and comfortable with the formalities with her. Thus that chio bu != cute.

Case 2: iPod Nano may be cool, but u needa take extra effort to maintain it(not entrirely comfotable with it huh?) And u respect it as a symbol of style, which is far from being adorable.

Also, cuteness includes character oso, and its not really when u noe someone well then u find him/her cute, it can be on that instance of sight when u first met him/her oso wor.

And what i hate is ACT CUTE. Tomato likes to use ACBC (Act Cute Buay Cute). I really buay tahan those guys(posers) and girls(bimbos) who act cute. I can give u one whole list in AJC not not going into that. U need not act if u are really cute....cute is natural! I never fancy those artificial cuteness...yucks....fake hypocrites....

Sore Throat
Ya i got serious sore throat....ever since the J1 CCA carnival...ok i weak ok? Cough Cough....

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