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Friday, January 06, 2006
Dun Argue le....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:33 PM --- Post#113654612457065307

Ok i will not use formal tone. I hate formal tone.

Ya so yesterday Vinoth told me that we had succesfully gotten our 1321 room and asked me if we can install stuffs on Monday. I told him monday is a bad idea cos me ending late and we wun want some last minute cock up lah. So i told him that i will call the Special Task Force ppl to help out today.

Then i oso got tell robert one lor, then everyone oso going. Robert even told me he ending on 12 smthing then tell me what he can sleep in the room or what, Vinoth oso mention something about arranging to open the room earlier or what.

Then today he siao siao told me he not comming liao. I ask him to come then he went home just liddat. Wah lao eh....Then Tsun lam end earlier oso purposely call his mum to delay their dinner oso got come lor.

In the afternoon after my Physics lab i went over lor, then the room still not open, so i called up vinoth and he told me go office take the keys. I met Mr Hong halfway and ya he got us the key and password to the computers in 1321 lah.

Ah lam, darren, CK and Shanka was there and Vinoth went to collect our nice nice poster lor. Then the rest start asking where robert is, then i tell them he went home liao. Then they a bit the buay song lah, but then we continue install out stuff and then me booted up SLAX. Then the Ah Lam went out cos Vinoth came back liao to tie up the banner.

Then me taught Darren how to use Kopete and told him that maybe he can ask robert online why he never come since he buay song. Then i oso went online on web messenger and ask robert at the same time why he liddat jiu go home liao. He kao bei kao bu then i oso dun really care lah, cannot ask him come back rite? Then he start to mention something about Darren absent so many times he only this time never go. Cos darren sititng beside me only then he saw. He see liao then argue with Robert and CK oso look over see what happen.

He mention something about robert's leadership. Then robert buay song rebutt lor. Then it grew into some argument with Tsun Lam comming in and keep spamming the IM.

From a small thing then become that big lor. And then after installing the rest went off 1st with me packing up, then robert say i make them guai lan him....blah blah blah and why he should come and stuff.

Ok lah, let me make this clear lor

-I admit i buay song with robert cos he at 1st say coming de, then he went home becos his lesson ended early

-I was only angry with him for not coming, I mean he is the VP, further more the rest of the ppl here liao, and today friday tml no sch and her gf oso still in school, it wun hurt him much to come down to help mah.

-He said he only in charge of MD but come help will die meh, since he is in the STF means the grp will be together make the carnival a good one

-From past experience, he really seldom say "sorry" one lor, he betrayed me and i had to ask him to say sorry to me before he did. I never ji jiao forgave him, then form the way he tok, he sound like "aiya, relac lah". Ppl get into trouble he relac, then his own problem come kao pei to ppl liao. I will not say he is WRONG in coming, he SHOULD come. None will happen if he had express his apologies earlier in a serious sincere tone lor.

-And for the argument between him and darren and CK, its really beyond my control, he said smthing about darren 1st. Ya he was only "stating a point", but cant he make it more tactical? Chee Kong might be in the wrong to be rude 1st. But according to them, they did not come for a few times due to valid reasons like competition or stuff, yet robert went home is solely for his convinence lor. He still ask me how i determine if its "valid" or "invalid"..isnt it obvious?

-From here i could see the other parties remaining more calm than robert, depsite robert saying it was unfair to him. But isit fair thay he stayed at home and we do all the stuffs?

-The rest decided to put down the argument and yet robert still tries to argue his way....seriously he shld tone down a bit and look at things from all sides and be less objective. Nothing is definite and everyone has their own opinion and preference.

-Im NOT trying to scold robert or what lor, i just wanna make things known lor. You cant be right all the time de lor... sometimes he is quite unreasonable. I just wanna make things known ok, i hate to go into arguments ur all noe de, please dun come up with tons of argument just for the sake of rebutting.

-I oso admit im wrong at some points, i just hope for your forgiveness, but please think about this lah....i dun wanna lose a friend just cos of this event ok....take your time, take a step back and think, not for yourself, but at the whole situation.

-Like CK and darren last minute know they cant come, they sent me an sms:
ZOM! I forgot, me and darren wont be able to come on wed! Cos we have a science workshop.. reassign someone with skype, As for FTP demo, lam can le Sorry!

See? Its nice to be friendly and nice to tok!

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