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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Family Politics
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:42 AM --- Post#113846882589323125

Windows 2000 Down!
This 4 years of glory with my windows 2000 was indeed rewarding, but every about one years, some of the system files will cock up and windows will malfunction. I never reformat, cos it would be really too troublesome. Instead Repair Reinstall always work. Seems that Win2K is dying on me this CNY.

When i boot, occasionally i would get stuck at "Apply Security Setting". Meaning it will not boot further. Now more serious, when i get into Windows, the system hangs very easily. And once a window freeze, thats it, i tried end task explorer and run explorer again. The programs will be working, but my desktop will be a blank and display windows will not be able to detect any folder on my HDD...I tried to restart and it willl hang at when it restart. No choice but to press the restart button on my casing.

Im wanna repair reinstall but it says im running on SP4 and the CD is SP4 and cant repair reinstall. I remember i could delete and revert to SP3 but 4got how...no choice but to get a freindly version of Win2K SP4 and see if it works. Haiz.... nice CNY present hor...

ZOMBiE Player up again!
Letmehoist is back again! ZOMBiE Player upppp!!!

Family Politics
Well now lets get into the main issue of this posting. Im sick of family politics and i wanna reveal it right here right now.

Basically my family politics goes about my family and my uncle (mum's bro; tomato's family lah) family. On the surface we look so calm and cosy...but little did the "kids" know whats going on.

Firstly is my grandma, she is quite sickening from what all the other relatives, my uncle and my mum told me. I dun see a reason why they would lie to me and i myself dun really like grandma's attitude. Ok here is a list of info i got for my grandma:
- super money minded. She sponged all my grandad's money and left nothing much for himself when he was alive. To her money matter more than anything else, even kinship.

- even if she is rich, she expect her kids (only 2 children, my mum and my uncle) to support her, like sponging on them and demanding a room with her personalised lock in our own house.

- she insist my my mum to bear a gal and expect my uncle's wife to bear a boy. It turned out opposite, im a 100% guy here and i have my 100% gal tomato cousin. I heard that she bought a skirt for me when im young and hope my dick will vansih into thin air...

- She hate to control her diet even she got diabetes and she expect me and tomato's parent to take full care of her and her medic fees when she is ill. She oso expect them to be her maid and servant to attened to her when she is sick.

- I heard she was a terrible baby sitter, thats why my uncle decide to hire a professional one for my younger cousin(CC) after mistreating Tomato when she was young

- she use to look down on my dad and mistreat my parents, like engaging in verbal war with my dad's parent and charging an extra high rate when my parents want to rent her OWN HOUSE.

There are a lot of to tell. Im sure there are more stories on how bad she is on tomato's side, but anyway thats not all of the family politics. Due to my grandma's fucked up attitude, i never enjoyed love from grandma and a lot of argument between relatives on her.

She is not the only one. My mum and uncle are also the trouble makers. My mum claim my uncle had got motive on grandma's wealth and my dad insit that my mum is not taking enoguh care of my grandma since she is only a house maker. They kept checking each other's account book which contains grandm's name to check that no one kope any money.

They guai lan each other and purposely make trouble for each otherm like asking my mum to look after grandma when she is suppose to fetch my sis or my mum ignoring my uncle even when he has got an urgent appoitment. Of course my mum will always speak for herself. But i see no real proof and i do see some flaws in her attitude and my mum making a lot of sweeping statements. On the other some of her sayings do make some sense from my own observation.

So in the end i decided not to take anyside. Even my emotions tell me that i wun feel happy if i side my mum just cos she is my mum. Logically again i wanna be a neutral party. I dun wish to see them fight, and i can predict war if anything happens to my gandma who is now in the hosp. Money, status and repsonsibility. When grandma die all these problems will surface and war is quite unavoidable. I noe my mum's bull like stubborness...no way she is gonna take a step back or say sorry. I dunno about my uncle, but he seems to be able to plan stuff well.

So what will happen when they declar war? No peace lor! And I dun give a hoot for the war between them, cos no responsibility, money or status will fall on me. What im afriad most is that my relationship with Tomato will be affected. Being 17 years of good friends and cousin, i really dun wish our friendship to be affected just cos those so call fucking "adults" are playing they game of war, where i find it childish. Even me and robert argue and guai lan each other at times and i do noe how to take care of things. Why cant they? money? status? Thats oso why i dun really fancy being a millionair.

Anyway, i shall see to things, since i dun have much say in the family...i think i can only watch as things go on...haiz....

Anyway...happy CNY!

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