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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Freaking Tired Day.....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:05 PM --- Post#113707697720277517

I was sitting right beside this new girl in my math class, i dint bother about her but was rather rampaging through my old plastic file for my Power Series tutorial...Let me guess....i left it at home while revising yesterday...again i went through my file anf fuck lah...yes i dint bring it...fine...how am i going to mug for my test? I was grumpling and the quiet gal beside me lent me her tutorial. According to my Raven Vision, i guess she is some smart kid frm RGS ba...she got that smart look. But ya...needa mug during math lesson....shhh dun let teacher noe...


Later one i went to photocopy that tutorial, not from her but from Lily. She surprisingly lent me and i rushed off to the photocopy shop....Damn it...it wasnt open...i rush all the way back to the book shop and ya...those black face uncle and auntie again...wtf...waited for damn long...i only got 30minutes break to study lor...after i queue and waited....only like 10minutes left...might as well dun photocopy. Lily was waiting impatiently outside as i squeese my way out


Math test? Forget about it man....I did the first three and i fucked up the last question which carries half of the total marks...I stole a glace @ Braddy and saw him copying Yi Long's answer...LOL...i dint even bother to copy...no point sia...forget about it....i never pass my test anyway...im a foca....(F-Math O-Phy C-GP A-Comp Sc).


The three housr break i had next was...boring...i spend my time in the comp lab looking for some software and stuff....wtf...and i spend the rest of the time in my cosy hotspot (the area outside library near Elementz Lab)


I hopped a bit as i looked up. Ready...... I made my jump up! My fingers touched the cold metal bar stained with smelly sweat and they curled just enough to hold myself up....but just for that few seconds. I never managed to pull myself up but i can hold for at least half a minute normally. A strong force was felt along my weak arm muscles and all of a sudden, my system froze! Must be the lack of sleep causing a power failure causing my processor and mechanics to freeze up together. The tension was gone and my fingers let go of their curl. Still staring at the roof, i was unaware i was falling. BAAAMMMM, my body went smashing into the floor. My process thread went back to life as I immediately sprang up to avoid embarrasment. Imagine a 70kg ogre acelerating towards the ground. Just imagine the earth shaking force....The ground can break know...

Ya i was sooo happy that i got into TAF....SHUANG DAOOOO......and it was some other malay teacher taking us...not Mrs Teo.... I WANT MRS TO. MRS TO! She is the BEST PE teacher ever lor...so sad she not taking us lor....wtf...


I went back to my cosy hotspot after PE and met up with Jun Zhe and one of Sher Hern's WuShu friend and tok cock about some Linux and how Jun Zhe gotta skip his dinner with 3 chio bu to do his GP....


GP? Crap lah....no feel like doing at all...I did the question on environment problem isit responsible by lich country...I tok cock about China and Singapore lah...no examples no logic...i wanna go home...yawn....

Woooo finally finsihed lor...me met up with Robber and later Gek Han and tok cock on the train...soooo tired le.....it was like 8.30 when i reach home...i went to rest immediately...no care about homewrk le...

Fucking tired day sia....

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