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Monday, January 16, 2006

[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:49 AM --- Post#113734861070292914

I found a better way to blog mulitple small events in one entry...like this one...There will be no title.

Heck Care Alpha
Im suppose to go for alpha meeting on Friday and of course i dint go...i heard im made some alpha rep in my class, unreliable sourcem dunno real anot...and i learnt smthing: Heck Care. Serious, ignorance is bless. Ask me go alpha? Wait LONG LONG, i heard frm a lot of ppl go liao no turning back, i just hope i dun go then they see me as some fuck brat and kick me out due to black name...fun hor!

Chikage is right, she got BBCC and i got FOCA. SHe got kicked i got in...AJC is really nuts...Never see me that 'A' is fake one meh? Most ppl get A for computing mah...stupid lah....

"I dunno what..." can really solve a lot of probs and save me troubles. As Chikage and Tomato both told me im too softhearted, time for me to learnt to be more attitude. I gonna say 'NO' more and heck care those that i can....Who cares? I dunno.....

Web Based Task
Stupid computing WBT, needa make one webby. Then no marks given for nice design or technology used...ppl like Elvin and Robert go kope template....but i insist making my own....ok it looks 100% fucked up. Honestly I suck @ web design, u ask me make those guai lan looking blog (like this one) still can...Professional lookine ones CMI liao....make a historical site make until so modern...haiz....DUNNO lah...

Since no marks given for nice nice design or hardcore contents, i oso dun care le...But i still needa get it running mah....i spent like the whole of today and yesterday trying to get it wrking...i usually damn enthu when come to make webby de...but this one...haiz...sian lah...what About and Around singapore...Singapore so small....

Anyway me oso wanna thank Chikage who last minute helped me out....Thanks!

Co-Designer System
I had decided to change my design system abit. I believe that since me not a pro designer, my artwork sure sucks like cock. And everytime I will ask ppl evaluate my artwork and then i make changes. So thats how the Co-Designer System works:

-The main designer will think of his own artwork and ideas
-He will brain storm and he make his artowrk as usual
-After that he will pass his artwork to his co-designers
-Co-desingers will tell the main designer how he will change the artwork to the way he likes, not that the co-designer should not work on the artwork but rather only give tons of comments
-The main designer will then think about it and try to strike a balance between himself and his co-designer
-Of course the main designer will have the final say, its his idea and artwork, the codesigner is merely GREATLY enhacing it
-This way the style of the artwork will contain elements of both designer, therefore more likely to get accepted by the others
-Both designers get to know more styles
-The artowork will bear the designer's name and co-designer's name

I think this way is a lot better than me designer alone. Further more the co-designer need not know Photoshop, all he/she needs is to tell me how he/she would personally what it to be. So me need a damn creative co-designer capable of giving damn critical comments.

And i have got two of them on my official list:

Queen of iFrames and brushes....Unique anime designer...

My cousin lor..can be fucking funcky....hmmm very useful person...

Dance Nites!
Recently after i got my Hi Fi, i find myself turning my room into my dance floor in the nite....wooo cool rite! Me will on the aircon and close the door, blast the music and off the light....Hehe then i will shake and dance anyhow on my floor in my private room to my joy! I get total control of the kind of sound i want and the songs i wish to listen....

It seems to be a very good way to relieve stress and kill bordem...of course i thin my neighbours gonna complain liao!

My Hi Fi rocks man!

APE is up next!
Monkey's Audio is getting more popular in those fourms now....i suspect they will be the next popular music format in piracy. APE is lossless music (ie exact same as CD) and one album is only 250mb compare to the almost twice the size PCM wave. I think its even more effiecient than FLAC ba....

Music piracy started off with wma and 96kbps mp3s....later one they wanted 128 kbps mp3....Not long after...192kbps mp3 was termed as the univeral transparent point....Now with more space...ppl going lossless...and the trditional PCM wave is...hopessless....so big how to download sia?

Apple lossless or WMA pro? Come one....how much ppl are using them. My next iAudio device shld support FLAC, even with APE, converting from APE to FLAC is again...a lossless process. Mp3 wun disappear, but exist together with APE. But do they know that u can convert APE to ogg/mp3 just lik u ripping frm a audio CD?

hahaha...go ba...bloody monkey!

Ya i gotta have a nice nice sleep le! Now can sleep after i tell all that i wanna say! Bye!

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