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Monday, January 30, 2006
Im on newspaper!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:11 AM --- Post#113858919401047071

Windows 2000 still down!
Ya even after the repair reinstall, the system is still fragile. Once one application hangs, explorer will hang and when i re run explorer.exe, the desktop will not be shown and Windows cannot detect any folders on my HDD and YET can still run all the programs frm my srta menu!!! I dun think its a hardware prob lah, since the prgrams can still run and its only when windows crash...

But after the repair reinstalll...things went much smoother...faster....but the boot time is still the norm 15 minutes...haiz...

Im on newspaper!

Yes im CyGiG in that article,isnt it obvious? Thats my blog's name! And yes im the one who started the thread on SPUG and yes my blog is the one kena bulletined on tomorrow.sg, and yes my blog is the one which receive 700 views....

Its like so damn lot of ppl noe lor....i was quite surprised at the number of ppl who actually read newspaper....cos i really hate to read newspaper....and further more the number of ppl who knows who "CyGiG" is....

Ya lah, all those who noe my blog or server sure noe de....haiz.... I not worse liao....Wei Kiat even worse... Name so big big there.

Imagine Wednesay back to school, The principle stand in front and say
"Tay Wei Kiat, please come to the conference room"
"And who ever psy-jig or psy-geek is plase identify yourself."

Wah kao then liddat win liao lor....I will be more hated by AJCians....ppl will hate me more and more...Victorians, still remeber Lim Zui Ho? The mad mad chem teacher? I wrote a petition against that teacher and ya...seems that it isnt quite a pleasant experience lor...ppl back stab and revolt and tear up the petitions and all that...and i DO NOT WANT MY FUCKING HISTORY TO REPEAT...im starting to hate myself deeper...

BTW, CyGiG stands for Cyber Gadgets InfoComm Games&entertainment. Its a name chosen for myself with Ashwin when im sec 3. Ever since i had been using this screen name for all sorts of online user id, becos "CyGiG" is really an unique name and always available. Its pronounce as sine - gik and its "gik" (short) and not "geek"(emphaisis on the two 'e' and 'k').

See how i die....

Just found out "machi" means brothers or buddies in taiwan.
Hahaha, but to me, "brothers" dun really mean must be guys, "brothers" can be use to describe a good relationship between a guy and a gal (not necessary BGR, in fact goy-gal friend are too romantic to be call machi). I dun think gal and gal can be call machi lah...more of sisters ba...死党 is another chinese word for Machi.

I think it came from the Mua Chee, the soft soft 汤圆 like food dipped in peanut powder. I think the taiwan mua chee taste diff frm Singapore mua chee lah. But cos mua chee beri sticky one, so means like brothers stick together liddat lor...shld be lah...

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