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Friday, January 27, 2006
Martial Art VS audio
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:30 PM --- Post#113842503863294179

CNY Celebration so damn lame
Well as usual there is CNY celebration....i wanna pon but cannot lah....got phy make up prac after that....ITs lame....i can assure its damn lame...especially the dancers, wah kao, make up until like doll liddat. Face red like monkey's ass and eye shadow purple like orchid. Maybe cos i sitting RIGHT in front thats why i can seee soooooo clearly lah....

Ya lah and the MC's skirt soooo short wor....and im sitting right in front of the stage wor...muahahhaha! I cant see a thing.... eh....but sher hern was sitting in front of her...even NEARER to the stage...im sure if he ever got the interest to take a peep up....hmmmm. Hiya....inside sure got safety pants de lah...

Then cos the gals went for the Harmoc performance, so me and sher hern sitting right in front...and normally the gals are in front in the queue de mah, and the hall SOOOO squeesy...in the end sandwiched Sher Hern in the middle of two chio bu from 09 and 07...

Then the teachers walked past sher hern, why was trying his best not to have any contact with the gals beside.

“eh 可是她们可以摸你喔。。。”
“(对女生说)他碰你可以喊 ‘非礼’ 喔!”

I was luffing like mad at the back....muahahhahahaa

Someone badmouthed me!
89757 badmouthed me during cxtreme EXCO meeting...say i surf porn, dunno what scare the J1s wor...hahahhaa....dint he take a look @ who is in the EXCO?

I went to watch 霍元甲 with Ah Em (Gek Han). Actually wanted to watch I Not Stupid Too de, but the timing no good lah...too late le, and since sher hern says HYJ nice so we watch lor.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nothing much to review about, a good movie for
#1 - Jay Chou's fans
After watching the movie, i get the meaning of the song and MV, indeed very Jay-Style and now i love that song even more. The MV is shown before the show and im quite impressed by the Kung Fu like dance by Jaychou

#2 Action lovers
3/4 of the movie is on fighiting, my fav was the part where he killed the birthday guy in the teahouse.

Yup i found some 道理 in the movie also, esp the part when the jap guy was drinking tea with Huo. Huo told Jap that he did not know how to appreaciate tea. Jap questioned him why, and he gladly replied that he did not wish to, because the taste of the tea is base on the tea drinker's preference and not on the tea itelf. And he did not want that to affect his mood when he found that the tea he was drinking was no good. And that he related that to martial arts, there are competitions not to kill someone or just to win for the sake of it. Competitions are to make someone know themself better. There are no good or bad martial arts, it all depends on the practiser.

Martial Art VS audio (continued from 霍元甲 movie)
Well this in fact applies to audios too. I did not wish to compare becos i know someone will go home feeling his system is no good enuff. Even if theorically the systems are as good, there is this "grass is always greener on the other side" attitude that may make someone feel lousy. Wheather music sounds nice anot really depends on the preferences of the user, some are fine with 64kbps wma and so be it. Some likes iPod and so bi it. Others are willing to pay for the iRiver and so be it. U pay money to enjoy, not to find out who is better at the end of the day and go cry at home. Or a feeling of revenge u want to beat the other party.

I learnt to be happy with all my gadgets. Of course i do buy new ones if i can afford. Becos all my gadgets serves my purpose, i dun fine with them as long as they dun give me a lot of trouble. Of course there are a lot of those much better products, but do i relly need them? Do i really want lossless music in my player? Lossless is nice to have but i noe i wun be able to diff between 192 ogg and lossless, so whats the point? Colour screen on my DAP is wonderful....but isit really necessay?

Well, thats pretty much why i dun wanna compare. Even if some ppl come tell me my Zire and Palm is old skool stuff and that Windows 2000 is outdated and the $310 Audio G3 dun worth its price, i do take that in mind and see if its logical. Since i had them, its impossible for me to have another replacement due to financial difficulties, might as well be happy and make full use f it, and when i have the money, i will try to get a more perfect choice next time.

So if under a situation when someone wants to compare with me....i will always let him win. Becos if he wants to comapre, he shld be certain that his system is better than mind, if so he already won cos remmeber: having confidence and being happy with what u have now is the greatest enjoyment.

MC Hotdog is BACK!
MC hotdog is an underground Taiwan rapper, who gave his distinct views of the society(mostly related to taiwan) thru his raps filled with vulguarities and sexual contents. Well i like his attitude and raps of course and the last album was like 2 years ago. I tot he was dead but apparently he is not...now he came back with this new album: Wake Up!

Yup, and i wanna buy....

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Windows cocking up
Yup, more signs of some system corruptions....and getting mroe unstable....but i will try to prolong my comp's life as usual!

CNY...nice meh?
CNY...haiz...this is the time where my parents will do some spring cleaning which i find unecessary...hourse already so dirty liao...well both parents same, when they get induldge in those cleaning and house chore, they wil get bad tempered, and i will get fucked by my mum's louder-than-hifi sound....So damn irritating....

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