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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Muahahhaha....dun cry....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:26 PM --- Post#113811770342604893

There has to be a reason why i dun wanna make Robert cry...he and his stubborn instinct simply cause him to waste money. He seldom look at things throughly on all sides. I told him the Koss KSC 75 and Porta Pro are using the same driver and he refuse to believe. He use to say cans by some audio pro company are too accurate thus can hear a lot of artifects and must use at least 256kbps music or else 192 too low...nonsense. He even told me to buy those $30, $40 Sony earbuds... When i have a money saving ksc75 waiting for me.

I did a test and was unable to find any artifects. Except the warmness and dept and dynamics of the sound produce from various formats @ 160kbps, the accuracy was definitely not detectable between a sample wave lossless file i use for reference. There were indeed some noise and slight short distortion , perhaps due to the nature of the instruments or slight error in ripping the cd or maybe it just sound liddat, those unwanted sound were present in both the compress and lossless music.

Then he said KOSS made tons if useless and lousy cans and my cans are simply not good enuff for an audio test...How many cans Koss made for street style? Ignoring the amn old model (what k7 or ksc 7 i dunno...so old liao), the later ones are the Ksc35, 55, 75, portapro, sparkplug...and the clip on are of the SAME drivers....SAME!

"I heard KSC 75, 55, Porta Pro are using a similar 60ohm driver"

They aren't similar, they're all using the SAME drivers.

"So what makes the different between KSC75 and PortaPro"
Portapro is a full open headphone, it clamps tight onto your ear, and hence more bass, although you are basically paying for the headband.

"Is the PortaPro worth twice the price of the 75?"
in my opinion, no.

porta is a headphone, i think sporta goes around your neck or something like that. You've got the 75's already, don't bother with headphones equipped with the same drivers.

If you need another upgrade, get something more expensive.

The Koss headphones/earclips with their 60ohm drivers - the KSC35, '50, '55, and '75*, PortaPro, SportaPro, and one other Koss headphone use the same basic drivers, and all sound pretty much the same with the expected bass extension variance due entirely to differences in clamping force of the different headband/earclip geometries - are probably the single best deal going today in terms of sound for the dollar in any field in audio.

Isit really worth than TWICE the price to buy that headband set for how much more bass can get? Thats why i dun wanna compare...later he will cry...He still say Benedict never read review anyhow buy...he himself same kind lah...He came buzzing me the headphone.com webby... Does he know that i sent him the link before?!? I told him to look and obviously he dint....now he came to me like newton found out gravity liddat....

Ok lets see how long can his earphone last under his TLC....and lets see how long it takes him to realise the truth that the 35, 75 and portapro using the same driver...and when he found out the truth lets see what excuses he made. Meanwhile i shall shut my ears to all his Sony crap....

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