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Sunday, January 01, 2006
New Year My Ass
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:37 AM --- Post#113607707375121798

I woke up this morning and feel sick, i still got bloody math tuition later where my tuition teach is gonna help me do some of my math hols hw.... Hols hw? WTF I had done SHIT! ZERO PERCENT. And im 10001% reluctant to do all those shit... Im feeling damn sick, i dun think thy going thru Math or Physic but i think the newscutting gotta do, the rest can copy.Just like the way i do in VS....hehehhe...AND i doubt i will finish a shit...

New year morning only my mum and my uncle had arguments....wtf...all about Virus again, haiz....cant be bothered about them...What Virus fell down the all the crap...

Ok ya....recenlty a lot of 4Bians dunno why suddenly come my blog and read and ask if im alright. The answer i will give is "Im still abit ok". a bit only....but still ok for the moment. I will inform ur for my funeral (ok thats really jking lah..) I noe ur are concern and im pretty touched, thanks.

I tried out 2 new stuff recently, namely the FTP server and Skype. IT took me some half a day to configure my router to route here fuck there to get the public to view my FTP server. Overal response i good and im writing a tutorial on how to make one, i wannan form a large network of tons of server altogether. 1st time ever successfully sent Chikage tons of music w/o her getting disconnected. Same thing with Tomato.

I tried Skype with Chikage and later Kuen Ho, and eager to try out the conferencing function to call mroe than 2 ppl. Its far better than MSN's audio converse lor....lesser lag and easier to setup....summmore i output to my hifi and i can hear Kuen Ho's voice all over the place....damn funny.....

The cXtreme poster....they actually used the old version w the large text and they invert the colour and it looks like shit. They added some nonsense text. At 1st im quite proud that the poster was done by me and my Commentors and Co-designer, but now seeing that they ruined my poster just like this shit...I think i faster disregard my wrk better....and VINOTH LOST OUR POSTER. Damn fuck, whole world knows....cant they ever tell me what exactly they wanted (lighter bg easier print, our booth name...) depsite me asking 10001 times and all just say "just make lah". Assholes...

New Year? WHAT FUCKING NEW YEAR? No new year lah, 2006 is only a disguise of the troubles and depression extended from 2005. Fuck it. I hate my life. As Joel Chan will always say...."now the shit get flushed down the toilet bowl..."

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