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Monday, January 23, 2006
Teammate down!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:29 PM --- Post#113802877377787607

Ah Lam's ad gone busted
Ah Lam told me today in school that his google AdSense money was forefited liao....hahaha i knew it would happen de...u lah....click on the ads himself on the blog, of course Google will know de lor....u think so easy my ur $100 meh? Now im waiting for Robert's to get busted....hahaha.

I told myself i will only put ads on my blog if i personally see their $100 check lor...else, i rather my blog to be ad free.

Teammate down!
My friends all down with illness liao....including me...all flu, sore throat, fever, aids, HIV, breast cancer blah blah blah...

Tomato's nose ran off 1.5 weeks ago. Chikage was feverish and no voice last week, and today Selina on MC cos her throat infected and she told me her NECK WAS SWOLLEN! Wah kao, neck swollen, pity her lor. That strange gal, she can get outta AJC she dunno...I wanna be 当掉 oso cannot....

Me today blur blur de....my sore throat just hao liao, now today got flu like symtoms, running nose, and HEADACHE WHOLE day....fuck lah....non stop hits headache sia....plus last nite i slept late....total system down....

I was like sitting in the center of the room during math, heck care what teacher say and the usual discriminating comments by those usual bastards....Ya i think im made Elvin for my class....or perhas worse than Elvin...Being the "all-evil", i sat alone as usual.

Then my math teacher was toking about 2 ppl failing the Power Series test...and my headache grew worse instantly....to hell man....no need say the 2 ppl surely include me de....the gonner of the gonner...worst of the worst....ARHHHHH head PaIn!!!!!

As usual im in the "zombie" state...body without mind....My emotions aint reliable at all that time, totally confused, over flowed and mixed up, causing severe depression. Logic isnt much left oso..... Usual when im in a state like this, my actions, decisions, recognition power, phy strength all will drop below 15% (critical level).

I keep bumping into ppl in canteen, call the wrong person, and constantly finding myself pacing up and down for nothing as my body waits for a command from my brain/processor. Raven Vision of course dun work anymore, i cant scan for ppl, thus not able to aovid ppl i dun wanna meet and take a long time to locate my class...crap lah....system down...

No more earphones
Robert showed me his Koss Porta Pro. Im not quite into earphones now....after i listen to the hi fi in my room, i found even the best earphone not as good...The sound from the speakers thru the amp was soooo warm and crystal clear. In fact i prefer to play mp3s frm my G3 than my CD player cos i get to tune my music frm my G3 (EQ, BBE, 3D surround, MP Enhance and MACH3BASS!!!!), but i dun have any tuning equip for my CD player.

I use to chiong bass a lot, i put 20/25 for the 16hz and 7/10 for M3b....Yes the bass is good and it covers up the vocal...making the music very "deep". Some audiophiles like dept in music, but i personally like the vocal to be a bit more overly emphasis and hollow. Personal prefs lah.

I rather have good mids and hi's with no bass than only good low tones lor. Thats y i dun really mind iPod, but it tot having something good in everything is better!

Well i lowered my 16hz and maintained my M3B. Yes now the music is much gentle and ear soothing. I still want M3B cos it does not thicken the vocal much but create mroe of a sub woofer like bass where u can feel it but not really hear it.

Where is my ZOMBie Player???
Where is it? Now u see a white white rectangle on the top right....so wtf my player flew to? Scared off my all the ppl frm Tomorrow? No lah i did and check and the ENTIRE HOST is gone! I hosted that flash in
and now u go and see the whole host is GONE!

Nope i wun be fixing it, cos no one really listen to music frm there and it might even speed up the loading speed of the blog...

Web Base Task
I got
for my webase task lor...wah lao....but anyway i wanna thank Chikage lah....hahaha everytime i co design w her surely smthing nice come out de...see my cooperate design system works! No one man designer, designer becoming a group work lead by the main designer where the rest boldly give comments and try to make it suit himself from the inital state by the main designer.

I promise to treat her (with robert 头)...hahhaa she say "我杀了你!" Hahahhaha....then robert poke me...Chikage fat fat de still want me treat. hahah most prolly she will give up cos she dun wanna be an orange (read frm her nick...oso dunno why must orange).

Robert lose to Elvin....earth shaking news sia...earth shake until worse than tsunami wor....

My new Blog!
Yup im changing the blog skin again. No sure when. Again it will be graphics oreintated. Here will be the features:

New Features:
-Spilt up the main blog html and host the link list, zombie's theorm, terms and conditions, profile, style sheet and other pages somewhere else on separate files to ease updating.
-It will be of a continuous long page of adjusting length rather than a fixed scrolling layer holding the contents
-I will use Glass Core Metal 1.0 blog theme, featuring another more metallic form of Glass Core layouts
-Zombie player will be re skinned to fit in
-Flash clock and some other small flash apps
-Remove the some site feeds to make blog faster

What i wun do:
-I wun make the layout fit full page nicely on any resolution. I would make the entire layout align left or center with a suitable bg colour on larger res, meaning user will see blanks on the sides with then layout being smaller on higher res.
-Other fanciful java scripts like fading layers or explicit animations. There might be some slight animations.
-put my photo there. The reason is obvious.
-put a link to my server. I dun want any ah gao ah mao come my server.

What i might do:
-Try my best to make this blog faster. (use of repetaing bg, spread files to other hosts...)
-debug or continue coding Zombie Player
-I was thinking of a flash app for more advance picture viewer, very vague.
-i might try to make it ugly...though quite impossible...

-ZOMBiE (main designer)
-Chikage (co designer, i decided to adopt her blog's layout with permisson liao)
-Tomato (co designer, nothing but guai lan ideas....i love it..)
-VS AEP (to evaluate, let the art pro see ba)
-Other AJ ppl (muggers?)

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