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Friday, January 20, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:29 PM --- Post#113777314164049809

Everytime u go to AJC's comp lab, u wanna install software, kena block by admin. U can install firefox on the comp u using now, but in free access room, u never know which comp u will be using next time...every time wanna install damn ma fan...then i say tons of case of ppl forgetting to sign out from messenger or dunno how to remove their account from the system if they accidentally press the "remember me" check box. They end up using the suck web messenger.

So i remebered some programs work fine by simply copying and pasting the whole installed directory on some place else. So i decided to try out which can and which cannot and burn them into CDs and run them directly frm CD in sch's comp. Probably these programs dun leave info anywhere and its small and good enuff to run on sch's comp. Me call this collection WinPorta!

Ya i got my 1st colection liao:
Portable firefox (which dun wrk on CD but only my thumb drive)
Portable Gaim (keep disconnecting, no leave personal info)
Portable AbiWord (perfect and fast)
SerV-U (always wrked!)
NVM (html editor....wun launch!)
Kawak (Tsun Lam's fav! Haha always wrked! Arcade emualtor!)
IRfan view (image viewer, no prob @ all)
VLC player (a bit slow on start up but still fine)

Ya all these are damn useful to me in sch....no need install, just pop in CD and run! Yay! No need worry my anything left on the comp...muahaha...

To make things more better, i decide to put it with the bootable SLAX CD! Meaning with that CD u can either boot SLAX and enjoy a lot more useful prgs on sch's comp. Else if not (some sch comp cant support SLAX), i can always use WinPorta! from the CD lor!

I call this whole collection Z-Porta! Getting my usual ppl to test it out lor!

Infection Resumes!
Did i mention about arcade emuator that Tsun Lam loves like shit? Yeeepppp Im infecting it again in AJC's comp in the Free Access Room. I succed in infecting the comps with Liero Extreme, the worm-like game that supports LAN muliplayer! Me installed in about 7 comps and later on i saw ppl playing them and taking them over to some other comps!

I installed Kawak with some ROMS in one of the comps today....the next period i come back i saw ppl crowding around and playing liao wor! Muahahaha....my infection always works...

Ya my sore throat getting worse....i bought a freaking $5 Antelope Horn Water (羚羊水) for myself...haiz....

I realised I want myself back, the carefree, mean, scarstic CyGiG in sec 3 and 4...I want myself back! I had became too soft...hoping that i can make ppl hate me less by compromising whatever they want....Ok no more....

Chikage and Tomato both told me im too soft liao...What happened to me? The once leader in Anti-NPCC party? I remeber how i attitude and diao those NCOs...what had happen to me? I dunno....i want myself back....

-I learnt to heck care, Alpha List? Come on man...im fucking it...

-I learnt to be more vulgar. FUCK means FUCK, yes my middle finger is long for me to point.

-I learnt to be more mean. Yes u will see more names on my blog being mentioned for "good"

-I leant to say "no". Want me to be class leader of Alpha List? NO! Want me burn free music and software? NO! Unless i think u are absolutely sincere and worth me burning...provide ur own CD b4 i burn.

-I leant attitude. I dun like unreasonable ppl and fakers. Yes i not happy with Robert. He IS toking senselessly ever since day 1. After betraying me im kind enuff to forgive him. Well till now i haven get my deserved SINCERE sorry. Sorry but im a directX guy. Robert please....NOT everyone is YOU! What u like dun mean what others like! Stop being so objective, feelings and opinions are subjected to different ppl. U cant assume ur opinions are correct! Dun be like an Elvin, copy and paste and then boot lick. At 1st u keep assuming Koss no good, Sony best. Critise my cans no good enuff for audio test. I never say a shit. Now u go test urself found out it suits u, change ur stand and say "oh u smart to discover KSC75" to please me...it sucks..

Cant u be a more da fang and say "ya hor Koss is better leh". I dun want u think i pro promoting and take chance to hao lian my Koss or what, so i told u Koss sucks, go look for other better models ba, to save future arguments.

Then u said "oh cos the rest of the products no good", come on, how many street style Koss models are there? Cant u say like "Ya i will consider?" U are trying to win every shit thing on Earth lor...

And Robert please dun everything oso compare...dun be lame...blog compare, player compare, worse is u always inisit u win, urs is best...i cannot tahan noe, whatever cock oso compare...u win forever ok?

I noe even i said all these, u will go on doing it just to please me or what...not sincere de i never want....

I will still be me. Unless u got targetted at me (E**in, oh too bad!), i will still try to be as reasonable as i can. Again i hate getting into arguments, tok to me nicely and nothing happens...

I dun care anymore, since everyone hates me i will do no harm to protect myself more...too bad ur all drive me to such a state....

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