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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Top Chatters
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:23 PM --- Post#113645730784278545

I just went through my chat logs to find out who I talked with most on my MSN contact list. There will be no ranking, becos some ppl (like robert) likes to throw in tons of crap into my chat window or copy and paste a lot of outside content, thus booming the chat log. Also I base this on the file size of my chat log, which can be use as a good guage but poor accuracy. Also some of the chat logs are large cos of project discussion. I base this from June till now. The list of names are those who regualy tok with me, those who used to tok a lot to me but not now are excluded.

Top Chatters(no ranked):
-Kuen Ho
-Sher Hern


Today was no better than yesterday, start off with CS again and then physics and maths was fine enuff. Same kinda agony and depression everyday.

I have a freaking 3 hours break today sitting at my usual isolated spot outside the library. And all the clashed CS classes had shifted to Monday, meaning my lesson extend from 1.30 to 4pm! WTF...

During PE, WTF i shruk from 166cm(hospital measured) to 163cm! WTF....I wanna go TAF....HUH ME ONLY 65.8KG? So WRONG! Im SOOO FATT.... After the hols at least should go to 70kg! WTF....no more prenium membership for me....wtf....wtf...wtf...wtf....

WAH LAO.....me shrunk+cant get into TAF....sad

Im doomed....Wah lao just start sch so unlucky liao....no hope no hope...

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