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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
The Word is Getting Mad.....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:54 PM --- Post#113697872081163401

Ok, i got some...surpirse this morning during GP lessons....this is what i got:

Ok read properly, ya i can imagine the kind of shock that appear on Sher Hern's, Su Yee's, Frank's Ah Lam's and Robber's face....like what the fuck.....

Last time i always told myself even they offer me alpha i oso wun go...all the smart kids there....me so stupid....I dare not say out cos i scared ppl say me sour grapes mah....now the nightmare came alive, now i dare to say... I FUCK NO WANT ALPHA! WTF....alpha....

Ok take a step back....look @ my O level's L1R5, its a fuck 11 ok? My promos i got F O C6 A. Compare this to chikage's BBCC and she got KICKED OUT! Mad rite? Fuck mad lah....Whats AJC doing? Admin screwed up isit? MAD!

Ok now my time table...look that my Math can CS CLASH? Two lessons going on at one time...how can that be? It ended up shifting all the CS lessons out and put on mondays...now the earliest time i can go home is like....4pm+??? SIAO SIAO...and i can have up to 40% free periods in one day? Just look @ thursday? MAD MAD!

Not mad enuff? Tml i got some GP diagostic test...which last from like 5 smthing to 7pm....SEVEN PM? This sucks man....SEVEN PM! And i got a morning math test....gee siao...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Today is CCA day....ya so busy until my jaws are disallocated, @ first ppl keep coming in and no one dares to tok to them...end up leting them leaving the room. Ya later i decide to take them small grps by grps...easier....i keep repeating myself and those fuckers only care about DOTA and how to hack DOTA...fuck DOTA lah....some are nice ppl lah. Then i put my zombie pic on the projector, some girls came in and "euuuuu, look @ what they did to the face!" Muahahaha....told u is zombification mah......

We got like 32 members and about 10 of them are girls...hmm got some improvement this time liao...well i guess my plan on demostration is really a flop lah...haiz....

When things are getting more and more mad, suddenly Angie sms me and say sorry. I dint even see her or what? I ask why she wun say....haiz...strange...i tried asking Chikage why she cant oso gimme a pausible answer leh...

Ok...ENUFF...needa do physics and MUG for tml's tesT! Fuck it...DAMN MAD!

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