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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Scary Experience: Almost Blind!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:19 PM --- Post#114113776424732346

Scary Experience: Almost Blind!
I was yawning as i dragged myself out of my dad's car, and crawled over to the area outside AJ's library facing the Elementz lab. As usual i would take a 25 minutes nap till 7.25am when we all would proceed to the AJ square for morning assembly.

I dumped my bag on one of the 4-seats table there and rested my left arm on the table, put my head down with my eyes pressing against my left arm and instantly fell asleep. Well i do that often as if i put my head down on the table using my arm to support my forehead, there will be a red mark on my forehead after a long time. That place is usually dark, but soneone on the light and i rest my eyes on my arm face down on the table to shield off the light.

After 25 minutes, the bell range and i forcefully woke up and put on my specs...I open my eyes and...EVERYTHING WAS BLUR! Huh? isit my specs is dirty? I wipe my specs a few times and my vision is still very blur.

I closed my eyes and then blinked deeply several times and none helped. My vision was something like wearing a specs filled with scratches and never wash for 10 years...more precisely it looks like a 200 degree shortsightedness and 100 degree astigmatism. I tot it would go off in a few minutes time but it dint. I could make out the general shape of stuffs but cant focus on them. I cant even focus on near stuff like my watch.

OMG....what happened???? Am i blind? I never experience this before. I was...shocked...what is i become blind? Should i tell teacher? Would my teacher believe me? What if they send me to hospital and i recover halfway? Would they think im pranking?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Simulated image

My head is spinning, cos i stayed up later last nite making my blog. I dizzily stumbled to AJ square for my assembly. Out in there, i tried to focus on ppl waking past me, i could recognise some, the rest was just blurry. I saw the lamps in AJC, they are glowing in a strange halo. I was really really afraid, but was acting cool as if nothing happened.

I reached my class, by then i was rubbing my eyes and hoping this is all a dream. Could it be cos i rest my eyes on my arm and my cornea came loose or out of posiiton? OMG...

I sang the national anthem in the world of blurness. After about fifteen minutes, i start to see some signs of improvement, i could see sharper image now if i squint my eyes and focus, but just for that second only.

At the end of the assembly, i could see the hair strands of the girl in front of me, but it seems that only the center is getting clearer, the edge around is still muffled.

Since the 1st two lessons were econs and i dropped the darn subject for good, i went to the gardens and walked around. By 30 minutes, my vision was significantly better, but i need to focus with strength to see sharp images....

By 45 minutes my eyes are darn tired and by one hour everything was back...

Its so scary...what happened?

My Bubble Tea...
Too tired today le...i dint sleep for nites to develop my blog...almost everything is DIY de, i try to kope as little think as possible. Haiz...until today i really too tired le...brain like dying...

I was @ ToaPayoh as usual, buy bubble tea frm that shop. $1.20 for bubble tea is not quite cheap, but those $1 bubble tea i drank either taste like shit or the perls small like pea. I bought the Special "Only" (cost 10cent more cos its SPECIAL. Its choc+mint, my fav) and added 30cent more perls..I held it tightly as i kept my change and suddenly...

My brain froze...I dunno why, the drink was not say very wet or slippery...Its just that my hands just let go. And it took me 3 seconds to realised it feel to the ground. And i keep thinking if it wun spill cos its tightly sealed. Another 3 seconds pasted as i saw the tea bursting out all ways on the ground and only after that 3 seconds than i realised it actually spills. By then i pick the cup up, only like 3 sips were left.

I tot i would be embarassed and scurried away. Strangely, if on a normal day, i would buy another cup or curse myself for being careless...instead...i felt nothing at all...(it is now that im blogging i start to crave for the bubble tea i never drank today...)

Signs of brain malfunction...losing focus...dying le...

From a good friend leaving...
U might

Maybe not

Maybe not

But if ever, e

ven 4 just
a sec



I'll b here 4 u

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Sunday, February 26, 2006
Not In Shower
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:21 AM --- Post#114088482826415372

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Saw this in SPUG, nothing to say....

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Friday, February 24, 2006
Lame Jokes
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:57 PM --- Post#114079502304485808

Sianz Firday nite, again me was in SPUG and found some lame jokes.

Disclaimer: The following are merely jokes, no insults are intended. Read them in an open mind. Contain certain vulgarities and sexual content. Do not read on if you feel uncomfortable. The jokes are not by me. They are extracted from

Find x

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Radio Competittion
This is *supposedly* a true story. It occurred on a Melbourne
Australia radio show. One of the FM stations has a competition
where they phone someone up, ask them three personal questions,
phone their spouse or partner, ask them the same three questions,
if the answers are the same, the couple win a holiday to Bali.

Last week the competition went like this:

Presenter: Gidday its XXX-FM, do you want to play the game?
Brian: Yeah, sure.
Presenter: O.K., Question 1 - When was the last time you had sex?
Brian: Ohhh, maaaate. Ha Ha, well, about 8 o'clock this morning.
Presenter: And how long did it go for Brian?
Brian: Orrrrr .... about 10 minutes.
Presenter: 10 minutes? Good one. And where did you do it mate?
Brian: Ohhhh maaaaate, I can't say that.
Presenter: There's a holiday to Bali at stake here Brian!
Brian: O.K. ... O.K. ... On the kitchen table.
Presenter: (and others in the room - much laughter). Good one
Brian, now is it O.K. for us to call your wife?
Brian: Yeah, alright.

Presenter: Hi Sharelle, how are you?
Sharelle: Hi. Good thanks.
Presenter: (Explains competition again) We've got Brian on the
other line, say hello.
Sharelle: Hi Brian.
Brian: Hi Sharelle.
Presenter:: Now Sharelle, we're going to ask you the same three
questions we asked Brian and if you give the same answers, you
win a trip for two to Bali.
Brian: Just tell the truth Honey.
Sharelle: O.K.
Presenter: Sharelle, when was the last time you had sex?
Sharelle: Oohhhh, noooooo. I can't say that on radio.
Brian: Sharelle, it doesn't matter. I've already told them.
Sharelle: O.K. ... About 8:00 this morning before Brian went to
Presenter: Good, nice start! Next question. How long did it go
for Sharelle?
Sharelle: (giggling) About 12, maybe 15 minutes.
Co- Presenter: That's close enough ...Brian was just being a
Presenter: O.K. Sharelle, final question. Where did you do it?
Sharelle: Oh no I can't say that. My mum could be listening. No
way, no.
Presenter: There's a trip to Bali on the line here.
Brian: Sharelle, I've already told them so it doesn't matter
anyway... just tell em.
Sharelle: Ohhhh .....alright .....Up the ass!

The demon and the princess
有一天魔王把公主抓住, 公主一直叫...

魔王: 你尽管叫破喉咙吧, 没有人会来救你的! 哈哈哈!!
公主: 破喉咙~ 破喉咙~
没有人: 公主~ 我来救你了!
魔王: 妈的! 说曹操曹操就到!
曹操: 魔王! 你叫我干嘛?
魔王: 哇唠! 看到鬼!
鬼: 靠! 被发现了!
靠: 胡说! 谁发现我?
谁: 关我屁事?
魔王: Oh my GOD!
上帝: 谁叫我?
谁: 没有人叫你啊!
没有人: 我哪有?

从此, 魔王精神分裂..

how to china kids learn chinese...
must - 妈死

High-Tech Restroom

A man travelling by plane was in urgent need of a

restroom facility. But each time he tried, it was

occupied. The flight attendant, aware of his

predicament, suggested he use the attendant's ladies

room, but cautioned him not to press any of the


There next to the paper roll were four buttons marked

WW, WA, PP and ATR.

Making the mistake so many men make of not listening

to a woman, he disregarded what she said when his

curiosity got the best of him.

He carefully pressed the WW button and immediately a

gentle flush of Warm Water sprayed on his bare bottom.

He thought "Wow" these gals really have it nice!!

So a little more boldly he pressed the WA button and

body temperature Warm Air blew across his wet bottom

and dried it comfortably.

"Aha" he thought, "no wonder these women take so long

in the bathroom with these kinds of services!"

So he pushed the next button PP with anticipation. A

soft disposable Powder Puff swung below him and dusted

his bottom lightly with talc.

"Man, this is great," he thought as he reached out for

the ATR button.

When he awoke in the hospital, the morphine was just

wearing off...confused he buzzed the nurse to find out

what happened.

He explained the last thing he remembered was intense

pain in the ladies room on the plane.

The nurse explained, "Yes, you must have been having a

great time until you pushed the Automatic Tampon

Removal button."


In order to assure the highest levels of quality work and productivity from employees, it will be our policy to keep all employees well trained through our program of SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (S.H.I.T.). We are trying to give our employees more S.H.I.T. than anyone else. If you feel that you do not receive your share of S.H.I.T. on the course, please see your supervisor. You will be immediately placed at the top of the S.H.I.T. list, and our supervisors are especially skilled at seeing you get all the S.H.I.T.you can handle.

Employees who don't take their S.H.I.T. will be placed in DEPARTMENTAL EMPLOYEE EVALUATION PROGRAMS (D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T.). Those who fail to take D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T. seriously will have to go to EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE TRAINING (E.A.T.S.H.I.T.). Since our supervisors took S.H.I.T. before they were promoted, they don't have to do S.H.I.T. anymore, and are all full of S.H.I.T. already.

If you are full of S.H.I.T., you may be interested in a job teaching others. We can add your name to our BASIC UNDERSTANDING LIST of LEADERS (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.). For employees who are intending to pursue a career in management and consulting, we will refer you to the department of MANAGERIAL OPERATIONAL RESEARCH EDUCATION (M.O.R.E.S.H.I.T). his course emphasizes how to manage M.O.R.E. S.H.I.T. If you have further questions, please direct them to our HEAD OF TRAINING, SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING H.O.T.S.H.I.T.).


P.S.: Now send this S.H.I.T. to 5 people who need S.H.I.T.in their life, just not the same person who sent you this S.H.I.T. They have already had fill of S.H.I.T.

Impure Mathematics
------ -----------
To prove once and for all that math can be fun, we
present: Wherein it is related how that paragon of womanly
virtue, young Polly Nomial (our heroine) is accosted by that
notorious villain Curly Pi, and factored (oh horror!!!)
Once upon a time (1/t) pretty little Polly Nomial was
strolling across a field of vectors when she came to the boundary
of a singularly large matrix. Now Polly was convergent, and her
mother had made it an absolute condition that she must never
enter such an array without her brackets on. Polly, however,
who had changed her variables that morning and was feeling
particularly badly behaved, ignored this condition on the basis
that it was insufficient and made her way in amongst the complex
elements. Rows and columns closed in on her from all sides.
Tangents approached her surface. She became tensor and tensor.
Quite suddendly two branches of a hyperbola touched her at a
single point. She oscillated violently, lost all sense of
directrix, and went completely divergent. As she tripped over a
square root that was protruding from the erf and plunged
headlong down a steep gradient. When she rounded off once more,
she found herself inverted, apparently alone, in a non-Euclidean
She was being watched, however. That smooth operator,
Curly Pi, was lurking inner product. As his eyes devoured her
curvilinear coordinates, a singular expression crossed his face.
He wondered, "Was she still convergent?" He decided to
integrate properly at once.
Hearing a common fraction behind her, Polly rotated and
saw Curly Pi approaching with his power series extrapolated.
She could see at once by his degenerate conic and dissipative
that he was bent on no good.
"Arcsinh," she gasped.
"Ho, ho," he said, "What a symmetric little asymptote
you have I can see you angles have lots of secs."
"Oh sir," she protested, "keep away from me I haven't
got my brackets on."
"Calm yourself, my dear," said our suave operator, "your
fears are purely imaginary."
"I, I," she thought, "perhaps he's not normal but
"What order are you?" the brute demanded.
"Seventeen," replied Polly.
Curly leered "I suppose you've never been operated on."
"Of course not," Polly replied quite properly, "I'm
absolutely convergent."
"Come, come," said Curly, "let's off to a decimal place
I know and I'll take you to the limit."
"Never," gasped Polly.
"Abscissa," he swore, using the vilest oath he knew.
His patience was gone. Coshing her over the coefficient with a
log until she was powerless, Curly removed her discontinuities.
He stared at her significant places, and began smoothing out her
points of inflection. Poor Polly. The algorithmic method was
now her only hope. She felt his digits tending to her asymptotic
limit. Her convergence would soon be gone forever.
There was no mercy, for Curly was a heavyside operator.
Curly's radius squared itself; Polly's loci quivered. He
integrated by parts. He integrated by partial fractions. After
he cofactored, he performed runge - kutta on her. The complex
beast even went all the way around and did a contour
integration. What an indignity - to be multiply connected on
her first integration. Curly went on operating until he
completely satisfied her hypothesis, then he exponentiated and
became completely orthogonal.
When Polly got home that night, her mother noticed that
she was no longer piecewise continuous, but had been truncated
in several places But it was to late to differentiate now. As
the months went by, Polly's denominator increased monotonically.
Finally she went to L'Hopital and generated a small but
pathological function which left surds all over the place and
drove Polly to deviation.
The moral of our sad story is this: "If you want to
keep your expressions convergent, never allow them a single
degree of freedom."

The nun
A guy gets on a bus and notices a nun sitting over in a corner. Through her heavy head piece he just spots a glimmer of her face. Gorgeous! She moves, and her vestments cannot hide the fact she has a truly phenomenal body. The guy gets more and more excited until he finally approaches the nun and tells "Sister, I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I think I love you. Can we get together some time?"

The nun leaves the bus in a huff.

Later as the guy is about to leave the bus himself, the bus driver asks the guy if he was the one who was bothering the nun. The guy again apologizes, explaining once again that he seldom did this sort of thing, but the bus driver says: "No, don't apologize, I was checking her out myself. In fact, let me do you a favour. Did you see where she got off? There's a little park there, and every day she goes there to pray at the same time. Go there tomorrow, and maybe....."

The guy thanks him and leaves.

Sure enough, the guy goes to the park and there's the little nun in a secluded spot by some trees. He goes off into the bushes, and comes back a few minutes later in a long white robe, a long blond wig with beard and a crown of thorns. The nun is flabbergasted, and asks what she can do for him. He says that every couple of thousand years, he likes to come back to earth to get laid. The nun says that she'd love to help him, but that she was on her period, and would the back door be OK?

He says fine, and they commence their activities.

A few minutes into it, he is suddenly overcome with a blast of guilt, and says, panting, "Sister, I have to tell you something. I'm not really Jesus, I'm actually the guy who was annoying you on the bus yesterday.

The nun says, "Oh, that's OK. In fact, I'm not really a nun. I'm actually the bus driver."

Military work rules

1. Sickness: No excuses will be acceptable. We will no longer accept the Medical Officer's statement as proof of illness as we believe that if you are able to go on sick parade, you are able to come to work.

2. Leave of Absence for an Operation: We are no longer allowing this practice. We hired you as you are, and to have anything removed certainly makes you less than we bargained for.

3. Death, Other than Your Own: This is no excuse. If you can arrange the funeral services to be held late in the afternoon, however, we can let you off an hour early, provided all your work is up to date.

4. Death, Your Own: This will be accepted as an excuse, but we would like at least two weeks notice, as we feel it is your duty to teach someone else your job.

5. Quantity of Work: No matter how much you do, you'll never do enough.

6. Quality of Work: The minimum acceptable level is perfection.

7. Advice from the Commanding Officer: Eat a live toad first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.

8. The senior officer is Always Right.

9. When the senior officer is Wrong, Refer to Rule 8.

Questions to ponder about
Can you cry under water?
How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?
Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?
Why do you have to "put your two cents in"...but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to?
Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?
Why does a round pizza come in a square box?
What did cured ham actually have?
How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?
Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours?
If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?
Why are you IN a movie, but you are ON TV?
Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?
How come we choose from just two people for President and fifty for Miss America?
Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.
If a 995 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call?
Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

Three engineers and three accountants
Three engineers and three accountants are traveling by train to a conference.

At the station, the three accountants each buy tickets and watch as the three engineers buy only a single ticket.

"How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?" asks an accountant.

"Watch and you'll see," answers an engineer. They all board the train.

The accountants take their respective seats but all three engineers cram into a restroom and close the door behind them.

Shortly after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the restroom door and says, "Ticket, please."

The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on.

The accountants saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea.

So after the conference, the accountants decide to copy the engineers on the return trip and save some money (being clever with money, and all).

When they get to the station they buy a single ticket for the return trip.

To their astonishment, the engineers don't buy a ticket at all.

"How are you going to travel without a ticket?" says one perplexed accountant.

"Watch and you'll see," answers an engineer.

When they board the train the three accountants cram into a restroom and the three engineers cram into another one nearby. The train departs.

Shortly afterward, one of the engineers leaves his restroom and walks over to the restroom where the accountants are hiding.

He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket, please."


About a century or two ago, the Pope decided that all the Chinese
had to leave Italy. Naturally there was a big uproar from the Chinese
community. So the Pope made a deal. He would have a religious debate with a
member of the Chinese community. If the Chinese win, they could stay. If the
Pope wins, the Chinese would leave.

The Chinese realized that they had no other choice. So they picked
an Ah Pek to represent them. Ah Pek asked for one condition to be added to the debate. "To make it more interesting", he said, "Neither side would be allowed to talk".

The Pope agreed. The day of the great debate came.

Ah Pek and the Pope sat opposite each other for a full minute.
Then the Pope raised his hand and showed three fingers.
Ah Pek looked back at him and raised one finger.
The Pope waved his fingers in a circle around his head.
Ah Pek pointed to the ground at where he sat.
The Pope pulled out a loaf and a glass of wine.
Ah Pek pull out an apple.
The Pope stood up and said: "I give up. This man is too good. The
Chinese can stay."

An hour later, the cardinals were all around The Pope asking him
what happened?. The Pope said, "First I held up three fingers to
represent the holy trinity. He responded by holding up one finger to remind me
that there was still one God common to both our religions."
"Then I waved my finger around me to show him that God was all
around us."
He responded by pointing to the ground and showing that God was
also right here with us."
"I pulled out the wine and loaf to show that God absolves all sin. He
showed me an apple to remind us of the original sin. He had an answer for
What could I do?"

Meanwhile, the Chinese community had crowded around Ah Pek.
"What happened?" they asked.
"Well," said Ah Peh, "First he indicated to me that all Chinese had 3
days to get out of here.
I replied to him f*@k off and not one of us was leaving."
"Then he pointed that this whole city would be cleared of Chinese.
I showed him that we are staying right here."
"Yes, and then???" asked the crowd.
"I don't know", said Ah Pek, "He took out his lunch, and I took out

when viagra was not invented..
Pencil in penis backfires

A Serbian man needed emergency surgery after sticking a pencil inside his penis to keep it stiff during sex.

Zeljko Tupic, from Belgrade, told doctors he had experienced erectile difficulties in the past.

So as he prepared for a night with his new lover, he decided to insert a thin pencil into his penis.

Tupic had to cut his sex session short when the pencil shifted and became lodged in his bladder, forcing him to call an ambulance, the daily Kurir reported.

Doctor Aleksandar Milosevic from Belgrade's Zvezdara hospital, who succesfully removed the pencil, said: "At first the patient did not tell us what really happened, but x-rays proved the truth.

"Tupic said he had no idea there were things like Viagra available but agreed that in future he will try pills before he takes any more chances with pencils."


Mother Nature
On the 16th hole of the golf course, Fred had hit his ball into the woods. Harry, his partner had laughed and poked fun, but then somehow managed to hit his ball into the woods, just a few yards beyond. Fred looked for a long time, getting angrier every minute. Finally, in a patch of pretty yellow buttercups, he found his ball. Instead of just continuing the game, he took his club and thrashed every single buttercup in that patch.

Suddenly, in a flash and puff of smoke, a little old woman appeared. She said, "I'm Mother Nature! Do you know how long it took me to make those buttercups? Just for that, you won't have any butter for your popcorn the rest of your life.....better still; you won't have any butter for your toast for the rest of your life.....as a matter of fact, you won't have any butter for anything the rest of your life!"

Then POOF!...she was gone.

After Fred got a hold of himself, he hollered for his friend, "Harry!... Harry!... where are you?"

Harry yells, "I'm over here, in the pussy willows."

Fred screams back..... "DON'T SWING!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE!! DON'T SWING!!!"

The red shirt
In the days where tall, wooden ships sailed the high seas, there was this one ship sailing during a war. That morning, the lookout shouted, "enemy ship on the horizon." The captain said to his ensign, "Get me my red shirt." The ensign, rather bewilder ed from this odd request, did as his captain ordered. Thought he battle was a long one, the captain and his crew managed to fend off the enemy ship.

Later that day, the lookout shouted, "two enemy ships on the horizon." As before, the captain said to his ensign, "Get me my red shirt." And, as before, the ensign did as his captain asked. The battle took the rest of the day to fight, and managed to defeat the two enemy ships.

That evening, the ensign asked his captain, "Sir, Why, before every battle, do you ask for your red shirt." The captain replied, "Well, if I am wounded in battle, the blood will not show and the crew will continue to fight." The crew was listening, and they were impressed. They had a brave captain.

The next morning, the lookout sho uted, "Ten enemy ships on the horizon." The ensign looked at his captain, waiting for the usual orders. The captain said to his ensign, "Ensign, get me my brown pants."

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zB Text
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:11 AM --- Post#114071495402400620

The above is one of the zB Blog tools me gonna have in my new blog, which is still far far away from now. Its written in Flash and u can just paste or type text inside and it will stay there even u naviagte away. Nope, i dint use any javascript cookies, me dunno jscript!

By default it will store only 100kb of stuff...there is a setting to allow it to store more in Flash...just wait up and see if i can make it.

I had some prob displaying it on Firefox frm my blog...dunno why...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
The Letter - Raw Cut AGAIN!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:08 AM --- Post#114062654154987324

The Letter
Referrring to the video The Letter

Ohhh i heard from some lobert
-The video is a woo haa among the staff
-The video is rated M18
-Its a fake story
-Its filmed w/o permission

  • Matured 18?
There are no sex scenes in the video, nor sexual avocation, nor promotion of gay (They dint get married, the rest refused him, he commited suicide), nor voilence. Why M18? In NC16, we can get to see topless gals in films (Maribito to be exact), and for The Letter to be rated M18 is really jia lat...and bullshit...

  • Fake Story?
Ppl like it or hate it becos its touching or they wun want waste time see gay....not much cos its a real/fake story. Even u tell me its a real story, most ppl noe it can never be 100% real.

  • Filmed w/o permission?
This i dunno, i remember angie and december telling me they saw something about give credits to AJC for the only JC that allow them to film or that Mr Tan had allowed them in. Imagine a whole bunch of AJC ppl and camera crew filming in sch and no one noes...not that sensible isnt it? Remeber those secu at the gates? Unless they teleport in lor...

  • The good Stuff now
I personally like this video a lot, i find it very touching, esp the ending and it does bring me into the life of a gay, how they felt and stuff. Well it teaches me that we shld not treat ppl with different sexual behaviour differently, we shld help them instead.

Also the BGM is nice, even me who whole day hip hop and Techno oso find that old skool guitar slow song nice, means its not bad liao lor.

It raised the issue on suicide in SPUG. We did see how sad his mum is....but isit justifable he jumped down? Its really a good thinking issue for me.

Further, im so proud of the video, hey its made in AJC! Hey, AJC noe! Such a nice touching film from AJC, a singapore local SOHO prduction. Shldnt we be proud of it?

If ppl are condemning the video to uphold the sch reputation, then i think its not quite rite isnt it? Which sch no gays? Which sch no thief? Which sch no ah beng? Every sch got their own bad bunch of ppl, no need hide we oso noe. And oso gay are not bad ppl ok? U think they themself wanna be gay? U condemn the video someohow imply condemning gays noe..rite meh?

I mean i dunno lah, those are just my views. Did i offend anyone till now? did i? Did i force ideas down ppl's throat and discrimiate ppl? Did i use harsh tones? did i?

Meaty Blog
It seems that my blog is nice meaty target after a lot a lot of incident. I heard oso some higher authorities are reading AJCians' blog to noe about issues. U read the disclaimer? On the side there? U read? Fine. I can say i MIGHT discrimate and say bad things on my blog, but im sure its within control ok, the most is i scold two sentences thats it liao. And my blog is racist free till now ok?

We all noe we shld be like tok with sense, logical, give balanced points...blah blah blah...i noe that, but in true human nature, u think human are bias free? No...I unhappy i say, but i control what i say. Then later some crap come tell me "That blogger's view childish, immature, unbalanced...blah blha blah". Come one...its a BLOG, not GP ESSAY!

If i ever offend u, tag me or email me. See my blog buay song, then tag me lah. Rou Hua not happy i put her foto, she email me, i remove, i say sorry. Now ok le.

I scold Lily last yr, she not happy, i oso aplogise to her. Now ok liao.

Back In VS
Back in VS, everything song song, steady bom pi pi tok. In VS teacher damn good, i still remb Mr Maran, even he strict, i really respect him.

He never come and poison the well, he will talk to you nicely, giving you a chance to explain. And he DID listen, he will expalin logically, and he will give chance. He give his points striaght forward, and he knows when the sch rules apply and when we can heck care and have fun together. He dun force his way and weigh down his authority, he believes things needa be seen from all side to handle and he does take into account if u admit u ar wrong. He dun go law by laww all the time, he does noe how to be flexible.

This is the kinda disciplinary teacher i like. Strict yet flexible.

OMG, VS rocks! Im really trying to like AJC, really, there must be something here i can be proud of.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
AJC Total Defense Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:18 AM --- Post#114045391270170993

The NYP Scandal
Wooooo...another red chilli hot hot gossip. The NYP scandal! Read that an NYP female student filmed herself and her bf blowjobbing and having anal sex on her phone! Guess what, the phone was stolen and the thief (who is out on purpose for the video) and the video was broadcast to the whole campus! Unnatural sex is illegal de wor...

Wait....me not sure...told u is scandal liao..so nothing is comfirm lor...

Link here:

AJC Total Defense Day
Ya ya... TDD...nice name hor... What toilet all close, comp science lesson that time no air con, canteen only got 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯.

Kam lan lah...comp science in comp lab ventilation almost zero liao lor...comp science no comp how can sia? Ah nvm lah...only one hour elect cut off mah.

The canteen worst sia...all the 薯 only, wah kao...me hate to eat plain 番薯 and 木薯 de lor. 番薯 must cook soup cook porriage then nice the mah, then they go and cook the 番薯 and porriage SEPARATELY! Damn stupid sia...selling for $1.50, so damn exp, my dad cook the Jap 番薯 one big big wok only less than $5 sia....now here so small sell $1.50... na bei...

Where got ppl war eat 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯, imagine singapore got war, surely u stock the air raid shelter or house with dry food ah, buscuit ah, instant noodles ah... where got ppl war time go buy 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯 cramp up the store room de?

番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯 only last time JAp occupation ppl the house at the back there got some land then plant and eat de mah, or they go some jungle got hunt for 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯. Now singapore even during war where u go dig 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯?

Aiya...end everyone chiong out of sch go eat....what KFC, Macdonal, Abalone noodle, bird nest, even got 马铃薯 Jump Over The Wall.

Me go buy one 马铃薯 try, ask auntie for some salt then rub on the 马铃薯, in the end all the water diffuse out, the whole bag filled with water sia! Then the 马铃薯 kiew zhui liao.

ZOMBiE Player
Finally manage to make the seek bar of my new blog mp3 player le! Yeah...but the bar still buggy...needa ment the codes more...but that i will leave till the last lah.

The next thing i will do is the XML engine to read a playlist frm xml. So i can change the songs easily. That one hard sia...needa look up some tutorials to get me cracking.

I tell u...in one tutorial, is like only noe 30%. Like me follow instruction to make the 1st ZOMBiE Player...kao...cant understand a single code...in the end needa look up what each functions meant...end up the working code is so different from the tutorial, well at least it works...

No more FrontPage
Yeah! Microsoft abandoning Front Page lor! Finally that junk is gone...Front page good in messing and adding redundant codes to ur html only...ppl like robert hand code all the way...me hand code in Dreamweaver put position of objects use the WISIWUG mode.

Life is never good
Ppl say life got uphill got downhill one....my life downhill all the way...summore stay down there being dragged on the ground all along...

Me almost failed my Comp Science database test...Sher Her got 27/30...fuck lah...lose to sher hern nvm, he hard workign and smart, i nothing to say.

BUT I LOST TO ELVIN OSO. Mr Kho say de...in fact i think i got the least in class...wan dan le...comp science liddat i might as well go Poly right now...

P&C Math test...FAIL! YEah...fail fail lor...expected.

If i really wanna write, i could come out with another "Lousy Day 4" entry...but it seems that all these failures in my life are all set in an infinite loop de...no use...dies....

Losing to Elvin is the greatest shame for any computing student.....

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Sunday, February 19, 2006
NOI - Lousy Day 3
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:03 AM --- Post#114033463991571698

NOI screen test - National Olypics of Infomatics @ NUS morning 9am.

The Tension
I entered #include ifstream.h (with the <> of course)

Hit F9 and waited for the slow P3 Windows to compile the program.....the HDD went clucking as Dev C++ returned an error: No such function or parameter found
Huh? WTF? Why cannot use File Stream to make an input/output file object???

Die liao lah...last minute then tell me need use input/output to text file....i tot all along when the program run user input value can liao mah....me last time use I/O file was like half a year ago lor...and why the fuck cannot put in the ifstream header file?

Meanwhile, all the pros in the surrounding were busy typing their codes....TAHATAHTTAH....irritating keyboard noise...summore there wrote "Dell Quiet Keyboard"....so much for being quiet hor...I tried ifstream without the .h, but still no go. Mr Kho told me compiler problem can ask then cos you are not asking them about how the solve the actual problem mah, i remembered he telling me something about telling them we were not familiar with the compiler. Though i tot its bullshit cos its a competition, I went ahead and ask them.

I waved my hands and asked "errr...whats the header file needed for input/outfile to file?". The guy looked at me strangely...and told me something about the questions paper stating that the input file was Morton.in. Huh? What crap he toking? Then i told him nevermind. I would work it out myself from the HELP file there.

From then on...those facilitators kept coming towards me and kept staring at me...as if they were luffing "wah kao, this guy chao noob still dare come NOI..." or "..this guy dunno a shit..he surely cheat one...look out...".

Me really feel stressed and uncomfortable lor. And cos the basic requirement was to look the final .exe file (ie the program that did the calcuation) and they will place different input files to test for the accuracy of the output file, not being able to even read in the input file is like....totally gone case even u could solve the problems. They not look at my algo (the workings to caculation) at all.

The Questions
So my heart sank...dun feel like doing le...keep staring at the two questions.
Q1: Morton number. Convert two given decimal number (x and y) into binary. Then put the interlace the binary. (ie x = 4 = 100, y = 5 = 101, interlace: 1 1 0 0 0 1 = 49) and convert back to decimal.

Q2: Suduko. Seriously i still dun fully understand the question till now. Its like they give u a grid:
1 2 3
2 0 1
3 1 2
And u suppose to find out the number of ways u can insert 1 to 9 in the zero position so that the numbers in each rows and columns of the grid is distinct.

Kao...isit some permuation or combination sia..there are lots and lots of ways lor..

In the end i spent the whole two hours on question 1 and i managed to solve it, but the user needs to type in the x and y value himself, but the requirement as i mentioned earlier needa read in frm a file and output to another file. The rest of the time i spent trying to read and write files...still no go...then suddenly one of the facilitator came and told me to use stdio.h header file and use FILE *inputFile to input file. POINTERS! NOOOO i hate pointers! Asteriks in programming means pointers, they are beri abstract and confusing, cos they point to another variable and i never understood why must point to another variable, why cannot access the variable just liddat....

Well in the end me still never mange to read from file. I read in morton.in and it reutrn "59", where the value in the text file is "4"...screwed up le lah...beri beri sad..

The Enlightenment
2 hours was up and me met Kai Yang and Wei Kait...they were both chattering about how to solve the second problem...and then i budge in...

"Eh how to input output file ah?"

They looked at me...nothing to say...and continued to discuss about question 2...Me never even attempt Q2, cant even really make out when they toking... I was damn upset liao, felt that me let down Mr Koh le...haiz..how could i be so stupid...i was rather quiet (but still quite noisy) when we walked to the bus stop. My heart like sawn into two liao, im so scared of programming now...may be never to touch computers ever ever...

Later on....
"Wah kao...me 4get hoe to input output file..., i put ifstream then they say no such header sia.."
"must put .h at the end leh!"
"I tried liao...oso cannot!"
"Eh eh...what ifstream...its fstream lah....ifstream is the subclass lah...."

Only of me typed in WITHOUT the 'i' . . . I would score full for question 1. I would have time to understand and solve question 2...

The Relapse
We parted when the bus reached the MRT...i was soo sad that i dun even noe which MRT it was.
I was alone then...thinking far far too much...my usual headache came back again. I thought i had a tumour, slowly eating my brain for the depression inside, making me more and more dumb. ARGGG...headache...plus the surrounding white noise made it worse...i cant seem to make out what the ppl around is toking about, even i treid to to distract myself...arggggg.....pain.

I closed my eyes, suddenly the image of yesterday's SPA came to me. Suddenly the scene of that person dao-ing me came to scene. Suddenly the scene of my teacher critising my GP Application Question came to scene. All the unhappy events all unleashed like pop-up ads on a porn site liddat....so many and irritating and unstopable.

I tried to stop these images....but they keep playing over and over in my head...scolding me..chiding me...nagging me...Why why why why why why....why i never made any success....my parents was rite, me 成事不足,败事有余. Destinated never to success in any form...why why why why why...me had never got such problems as writing wrong equation during SPA practise...and becos of my stupid mistake i screw the whole SPA...for the SECOND tIME! Last time was a sudden mental block on how to find the constants...and why why why i add in one more 'i' in fstream.h, which rendered my program totally useless???

Why....I felt like puking suddenly, yet it remined me of the phone call from my parents asking me to eat out myself...

The MRT trip home is really terrible, the hot weather, the images and sounds in my mind, plus my puking feeling and dizziness..totally brought me myself to a total halt...i would had just drop dead in the train...

The lunch
I arrived finally at Enous MRT...and struggled to walk out...and stumbled towards the coffee shop to makan. No matter how i still gotta eat. I ordered my fried chicken wing rice and sat alone...

Then a middle aged, English and dialect speaking couple approached me and asked if they could sit beside me. Im too depressed to tok, so i just nodded courteously. They look at me and asked which sch am i from, where i live, how i go to sch, how long the trip take, what im doing on a saturday blah blah blah...

I really dun feel like answering, but i tot it would be more polite to give them a one word answer ba...they dun mean any harm anyway...no fair for me to vent my depression on them lah..

I remembed one of then said, "My son ACJC leh, he veri stress leh. JC beri stress de hor. Sometimes must learn to shut down, if not cannot de! hahaha I keep telling ppl to relac, but i nag my son sooo much....very double standard hor..."

Well...ya must learn to shut down....and yes my mum is also double standard...keep saying study is not everything to everyone else, but at the back end she pushes me until i fall and die...

The End
I finish my rice fast...went home and drop dead on my bed....

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Saturday, February 18, 2006
The Letter - Raw Cut
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:58 AM --- Post#114019672201834812


Not to spoil your appitite, this show is about gay. This guy who fell in love with another guy, who is straight. Summore setting is in none other than AJC. But i heard this true story happened in PJC, not AJC. But the director seemed to have contacts with AJC to allow him to film the video.

I receive both very positive and very negative feedback from others. Some say its bad...and never mention why. The rest agree with me that its really a touching show.

U have read about gays...on the internet or when u tok to your friends, or when u watch some ang moh movie...Well this short film tells you not just any gay, but a SINGAPOREAN JC gay. Something close to my heart (no im not gay).

The camera is generally considered good, occasional angles that i find inapporapiate. The BGM is damn nice and touching, again the BGM is by another singaporean. Cool isnt it? But the prob is that the BGM wasnt very professionally record. I could hear some "hard impact" where the singer blows too much air out when he sings and the air "brushes" the mic, causing the "whoooo" noise on impact.

Some actors are the 04 batch ppl frm AJC, while the main characters are frm the director's team. Well the acting to me ok, but the speech sound hard...they shld had use Singlish to make it more relistic. The way they tok sound obvious they were reciting the very well structured scripts.

Logical error seems to occur here and then...the actors looking too old for JC2 and the opening of the shirts are too wide for students and the skirt is definitely too long for the girls.

In this 25 minutes, it shows how the forbidden love evolves and how his friends find out, and then how the other guy react and how he react, follow by how his family react. It shows the struggle both on the gay and straight side. The fact that the scene where the gay was hugging and pestering non stop makes me feel disgusting already meant the video had done a good job in portraying feelings.

The ending was short but its the most touching part of the story. I shall not say more or it will destory your enjoyment when u watch.

Overall for a SOHO production video, it is very good. Both technically and in terms of story line.

I was thinking of embedding the flash video but well..i dun wanna leg my blog, so i place a link to YouTube. To download the video, u can go here:
After than rename to extension to .flv

.FLV is a Flash Video, which can convert several video files into one single extension that could be recognise and treated as any other object by Flash. Seems there are more support for FLV in Flash 8. So for Flash 8 users, simply open Flash and then make a FLV player frm the Component window. Then under the Component Inspector, fill in the content path to the path of thr FLV. Now run the movie to view it. Alternatively, there are instircutions on javimoya to DL the video decoder.

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Lousy Day 2
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:33 AM --- Post#114019508582145064

Wow...today is equally lousy as thursday

GP compre test
Both the passage and the questions are fucking hard to understand...the use of chim vocab in the passage really gonna make me faint liao lor...kaoz...Me finally found out my mistake for the past AQ questions liao...I always tot there is a strict specifice formt to follow...last minute then i realised i just need to meet the 4 criteria and the rest flows like any essay depending on the question. But then oso no time do...

I wrote "He says Reality TV is appealing as it creates tension to the viewer, just like the Project Superstar, u will never know how the they will defeat the other opponents in the next episode. Since its creates suspense, familay and friends tends to discuss and tok more about these issuse. This in turn promote family bonding"

Damn crap...is Project Superstar a reality TV show in the 1st place?

Me just wrote that for the second point in AQ....no time le... haiz..fail lor

Physics SPA....dun mention le...total flop. Me did the equation wrongly. It shld be h square instead of h , then the whole calculation, graph and EVERYTHING wrong liao lor...FUCK LAH...i think level MINUS ONE liao lar...minus one level for being stupid and careless lor.. I got a CURVE lor....then i anyhow 硬硬 draw a straight line say equation valid...

Then Skill D part...me regeretate everything out...dunno got points anot leh

Depression again
Again i fell into depression like last time i went of the exam hall. Haiz...that pang of sadness is really hurting in my heart lor...me went home alone at once and try to calm and recover myself down in the MRT train.

To make me feel better i bought myself a cup of bubble tea frm the shop i like a lot in Toa Payoh. One cup cost $1.20 but still ok lah. Those $1 bubble tea either damn bland or perls small like pea. Me add 30 cent perls summore...Kao the perls damn lot lor...damn chewy damn nice.

Now me oso remembered that time my mum trying to make her own bubble tea...save money as usual...its fucking disgusting lor....the perl she use saga seed...the drink is just peppermint water...damn gross...

Well by the time me go home...i feel better le lah...haiz...sad sad sad...

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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Lousy Day 1
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:15 PM --- Post#114019089551735668

Today is really...lousy...

Killer 1 - Computing Test
I mug like till 2.30am (i started printing the notes on 2.00am...) on the database shit...kao in the end come out the question all thinking common sense, no need study one...wah lao...this kinda qn is like the teacher targeting on Elvin liddat.

Though the questions are all common sense...its not that easy oso...me after the test, energy drained like left only 40% le.

Killer 2 - Math Test
What probability...my brain is too tired to do the math test after the CS test liao lah...wah kao...both oso heavy logic..its not i dun understand the questions...its like when i saw the harder 4 marks question...my brain totally give up le...never even bother to think... too tired le.
Left 30% power...

Killer 3 - Physics Timed Practice
Ok after the breaks...me feel better le...still...cant reall be bothered with all the equations about oscialations...

Killer 4 - PE
As usual...TAF lor...run 6+2. Well again me kena cramp when i reach down to tie my laces...haiz...imagine having a cramp in the middle of the track...then u see one whole bunch of ppl runnung towards u then oso dunno what to do....needa forcefully shift urself out of the way...

Then every time cramp i dunno which muscle of my leg cramp, dunno how to stretch to pull the muscle. Damn pain....

Then my PE teacher told me my ideal weight is 64 kg...wah kao..last year tell me is 66kg...now 2 kg less...siao siao lah...just cos me shrunk 3 cm sia...

Killer 5 - Bridge
剑桥...stupid 剑桥 (Bridge)....me got C5 then put me in the top band grade...siao siao...so tired liao by the end of the day...But its quite nice lah, Mr Larry Lee mah, tok cock damn lot, then me study about Cults. Damn interesting i must say...one of the most interesting courses happening the the old skool boring AJC sia...miracle..

Mr Lee really noe how to make boring stuff funny, frm his way of speech to his queer expression...well...

I reached home at about 8.45....cos beri tired and leg pain so walk damn slowly....

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
#1 ZOMBiE Friendship Day Gifts
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:51 PM --- Post#113993266744997401

#1 HDD magnet

Left: One kinda oreintation u can have
Right: All taken apart

To girls who had never seen HDD magnets, the sheer magnetic power which is much much larger than those par magnets they had seen b4 simply amuses them. Muahaha cool sia. Well since its so powerful, can put and arrange any kind small metallic items on it. Note that the one i gave chikage was as ancient coin, not a spring like the one above. Me oso use toothpaste (no Brasso) to polish the magent to give shine shine.

There are only 2 (or isit 4?) magnets in a HDD, i 4got whats the use of them but there are beri beri de strong. Never put near electronic stuff esp diskette. Well when attatching any metal peices to it, becareful as the magnet will assert a sudden strong force and u might snap ur finger wor!

#2 Rubber Seeds

Queer cute little seeds that u can kope frm Botanical gardens. Yes its free, but u needa walk all the way inside and find the right rubber tree (there are only 5 of them in the whole garden i think) and sit and wait for the "pop". Then u go searching for them as they camoflouged nicely into the colour of the ground. After that u needa wash it and DRY properly, or else it will end up like my sis: all seiko liao.

Well with a magical Chicken Essence Bottle, u can deco it whatever u like. Saga seeds? Comeone man...old skoll liao, ZOMBiE says Rubber Seeds.....this is my another gift to Chikage.

#3 Dice

Flat on six sides, impartial on all throws, decorated dice is my another guai lan gift i had. This time for my BT Mato. Well...i was in Comics Collection choosing the most meaningful and inexpensive item, and...yup! This nice dice? The middle finger? Ya...vulgar like Mato's corrupted mind...

#4 Catus

"CyGiG, frm Mato, V'day 06" is written on the pot.

Mato's gift in return. Cheap and good. I generally prefer gifts with a life, yet easy to take care of. Another alternative are those air plants that need no water nor soil...just misted them once a while will do...u can hand them anwway of put them in bottles.

#5 Bread
Lol i was curious to see what robert had for his gf, i was expecting tons of flowers or chocolates...well all i saw on the table they were at was...a piece of....BREAD...LOL

Unique isnt it?

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Monday, February 13, 2006
Need for Sound Underground!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:20 PM --- Post#113983056247811585

Seriously...headache....i dunno why...i used to NOT have headache at all de...now i kena headache almost every few days...haiz...

Today is the same as any other day...seems the same after the counselling...though some ppl really behaved weirdly...well who cares...it seems that i had managed to block off all emotions le...thats why now everyday seem so cold so quiet...

I pass Chikage her $20 to buy her plushie le..well...she better let me hug (the plushie) when it arrives...or else.....hehehehehehehe......

Nah...tml not valentines...dun make a joke lah...Valentines...its call Friendship day or Frank 's Birthday! Yupp! I hope Sher Hern remember his fellow RI guy;s bday! Frank's bd so easy! Valentines! No no...Friendship's day...

Hmm what i did for last year's Frienship day? Damn dumb....i gave Chikage, Angela, Kuan Chuan the 3 of them each one a Rubber Seed! Muahahaha...I smuggle frm Botanical Gardens de...shhh dun tell....

Object Oreintated Prgramming is...well...cool. I still dun really understand why is there a need to make objects....well its liddat one...Last time i osos dunno why needa use functions mah...But OOP in ActionScript Flash is soooo much easier! U can draw one button and call it an object! Click on it and just write functions to it! Then all the different objects comes w various useful default member functiosn to control the colour, movement, size and all those.

Need for Sound Underground!
WTF, my Hi Fi spoil le! Right side speaker no sound. I told Robert wrongly le. My speaker is 3 drivers de, not four. My dad's that one is then 4. I reconnect the cables and tried out all the settings on my amp but no good...still dead...haiz...nice things dun last long...Im lucky to pick up this hi fi @ $0 cos its a second hand by my dad...well...thinking of it...if the amp and speakers are in good conditions, why would he bought this new one in the 1st place....must be got smthing wrong w the system de lor...haiz...

Oh ya, Bunny say he saw MC Hotdog's MV, 我爱台妹, on Taiwan Channel...WTF! I want! Its had even to get his album in Singapore lor...kena banned i think....I saw only once in AMK....$17.80... too exp...i want parallel import one.

Oh ya i bought Huo Yuan Chia Jay Chou's EP le! Yay! Parallel improt verison frm Bugis street, wanna trade w BT Mato's SHE MV DVD.

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Friday, February 10, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:59 PM --- Post#113956940841227798

I was.....loss....All i remembered was Miss Tang telling me that she will speak to me after that period. I was walking towards to canteen, blurred...puzzled...and...feared!

Yes im afraid...i was taken out form the whole class was would be counselled personally later...i remebered going to the canteen, talked to Kai Yang and Decembered and at my most desperate time i talked to someone whom i should be angry with for mugging and not talking to me. I could almost feel some tears coming out...as i searched my mind for what would happen.

I went back to my comp lab to meet tsun lam...its freezing cold...


and finally 12.45...i silently set off to look for Ms Tang...

I saw JJ and An Laing and promptly asked them what happened...the way JJ speaks to me...i knew smthing is not quite right..And i met up w Ms tang just above, when she was carrying a pack of nasi lemak...

"Oh ya...how amny free period u have? Can i have my lunch first?"
"Err....no...just this period..."
"Ok i better tok to you...."

Yup, i expected what she was saying...the class dun like me...isolate me...blah blah blah...but she phrased it in such a nice way lah...the feeling was similar to the 1st three months where i was sent to the Principle's office.

Well she said i might did something unconsiously to put them off and she told the class about it...she said it might be my blog...but hey...unless some bastard come stirring trouble with me, i wun go offend ppl just liddat! Mayeb they refering to me scold Lily that long long time ago? But for that i said sorry liao. Why would i scold someone who had never offended me? Even it is, it might be some national figures of perhaps some other "adults", teachers...which i dun really see the connection to be worth being THAT put off! As my term and condition says, those are only my views! No happy then dun read lah! Im not forcing ideas down ppl's throat or anything! But in case i really do offend ppl unintentionally through my blog, then i really sorry liao.

She also mentioned im too willful. She said im too defensive in my language, that i like to assume and think before what someone has to say and defend myself when that party has no intention of attacking at all. Ya...perhaps...well u noe my bull-like parents...inheritence mah...well at least im not 100% rock hard....

Ya...and she convince me that the Principle is not pointing at me saying that im the one who go alert the Straits Time. Seems that they knew its the Straits Time who approached me.

Thats about it liao...and then i went back to practical....

JJ then came bside me...asking in an unusal nice tone what Ms Tang told me...well i told him to ask miss tang himself...the rest...seems ok...though i feel really uncomforty...

Logically, i shld feel upset for this..but im feeling nothing...emotion numbness? Becoming another Joel Chan? Perhaps? How will my future like? Im dunno...i beri luan now...beri beir luan...

BIG QUESTION: Who is the one who told Ms Tang about all this? She said it was someone who told how i was "abused" to her...who is the mystery guy? Or perhaps Ms tang has her own way to find out??? My math teacher?

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Sex Tok Response
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:48 PM --- Post#113940305731360243

Sex Tok Response
Anyway, AJC Principle had brought up this point yesterday.

SHe first said teachers are not professionals in sex tok and that the old syllabus by the MOE is too "childish". Therefore sch employ outside ppl to give sex tok. There was oso stats on the feedback showing that most ppl (50+%) like the sex tok and find it good and enrishing. Where 1/3 of them are on neutral. and the rest are "vocal minority". And that we shld learn to accept and expose to various view points by more ppl.

She said the sch had told them that this is a govt sch and the tok shld be secular...but she said it is hard to control what the facilitator was toking. And she aplogised.

Later on, she emphasised again on that premarital sex is bad and we are not emotionally prepared for that. And that thru her exp, those having pre marital sex often suffer alot. Well sounds credible....me myself will oso not have any pre marital sex...even u put on naked chio bu in front of me...

Then lastly, she sort of unhappy that we went to the press...and stated that all the press wants is news and exclusives, and that even we had to right to go to the press..the proper way is to tok to the organiser (the school).

She also admitted that certain viewpoints by the facilitators are too pin pointed and narrow, ie not givng a more general viewpoint...and will be fed back.

I never said the tok is bad, i only said they gave half truth and distorts and brainwash. Other than they i repeated myself the rest of the tok is FINE!

I DID NOT approach the PRESS! They came to me and i REJECTED their interview! The only place i refer this event to was SPUG here! The rest like tml.sg and yawning bread is ppl put there one! Not me! And SPUG is definitely a non-commercial organisation unlike the press.


True Life
In fact, the only moment in AJC that i like was during
1. Computing
2. cXtreme
Well...other perhaps oso during physics tutorial. Its only during these two moments that i need not hold back myself...

During cXtreme, i can just like tok freely to the peepz there...no need care anything, all the vulgarirites can woose out oso no one cares...all the sex and perservse stuff can oso be joked among the guys over there...im king! muahaha...haiz..

During computing, ani and kai yang will sit beside me and tok cock, never to worry no one will sit beside me or make fun of me. Again they are not posers that i feel very comfortable with...

Other than those times..well i am usually mistreated. I remember i was damn depressed last year, and things got worse now, well but i should feel sad...but i sort of gotten numb over then one year...thick skin ppl always wins...muahahhaa

Regulated lifestyle
Now im trying to get a more regualted lifestyle. I feel less like killing myself and all those stuff le. Trying to get my health back. Awaiting to enjoy once i get out of Another Junk College. Now i sleep latest at 12am and not later, and shit everyday and not accumalate for some one week. And i forbid myself to do homework at home. I will finsih everything during all my breaks. I dun care if i cant make it for A levels. Im underused!

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Monday, February 06, 2006
Backing up my memory
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:45 PM --- Post#113923879821671045

Ya i found that my comp ins infected with welchia worm liao...removed it liao lah...no wonder my system is so damnn lag...welchia will post as one of the windows services (svc host) and take up all ur processor speed! WTF...now my system is more stable le...

Blogskin coming
Yup, i created the basic gfx of my new blog skin le, but i needa make it more zai...Chikage says it look same like my current. In fact its quite true lah...a variant of the same theme...unless i can come up w smthing that is totally non-glassy in future..all blog skins will be Glass Core base...haha liddat unique mah...

Chikage won her plush!!!
Unbelievable...she actually got a Poly friend w a debit card to bid for her on ebay...and when some fucker come and bid higher than her, i tot its like no hope le...Well she managed to ask her friend to bid like 1 hour just before the closing time...and (un)fortunately she got it!

Haha i will be paying i think $20...actually is i treat her to lunch de...but she dun want...she want plush...hahaha.

Angie saw me? No....
I saw angie in the canteen today buying Chicken Rice, then i guai lan go sms
"U buying chicken rice now!" ...then she kena shock...replied "ass. where are you?!"
Haha i was then sitting next to Ah Lam at the far end of the canteen...and i answered her "Yeo's"..
At first i tot there are mroe than one Yeo's vending machine in the canteen...if i dint look back she wun even noe...muahaha...but i doubt she noe who i am lah...

Too much le...
Ya...sad...as usual no one was sitting beside me during math lesson. But this time there wasnt enuff table...so Brad Pig refuse to move in to sit next to me...this evolved into everyone quarreling over which unlucky suay one will sit next to me...hey...they think im tranpsarent ah?
Some called out "ugly discrimintation" to another who refuse to sit...89757 was adding fuel to fire over there...later on i was told to leave my usual seat to save all the touble...haiz...ya lor..ugly no one sit w me lor, like i no feeling liddat...say until liddat...

Then during lecture...some kind soul willing to sit beside me...and another bastard come asking him wtf he dare to sit beside there and ask him get away frm me....

Well acutally..im numb liao...being more hated than December and Elvin i really have got nothing to say...Xue Hu told me "hold your nose high even when u are luffed at or made fun at...believe me, u will feel a sense of achievement..."..with that i noe why i respect December so much le...

Actually thinking of it...what had i done...i had been keeping quiet for long...i try to tok to them nicely if they would do so to me...fine...i must be the guai lan that dunno what i had done wrong...

A dying man will struggle in water to stay a live. A dead man (like me) will feel nothing and just go in the flow of current and let my body decompose...

Backing up my memory
I find that in fact....if im to lose my memory for this past 1+ years...i could recover them by simply reading my blog. I find blogging more and mroe meaningful...and its quite important oso...helps me release a lot of hatred...before i blew up and dies...

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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Im into porno photoshooting! (Just happened that the toad was naked!)
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:26 PM --- Post#113923250765408973

Stupid BBQ Yesterday
Yup, was having a stupid BBQ yesterday...motherside relatives...ppl there mroe friendly and comforty..i tot we suppose to be closer to father side relatives? Haiz...im a guai lan mah...anyway...Uncle was angry w my mum for dunno what reason..smthing about my grandma in hospital then no mood come...dunno lah...what they say is always not the truth..grandma was getting better le...and she oso no need visit 24/7. Must have some other complication lah...

Anyway...the year end bbq is fun cos i get to play around w Tomato...i remembed last year, me and Tomato was grouping the the dark @ downtown east Escape theme park there...sooo fun...the shop never close at nite and its really happening to explore the downtown east in the nite. Well she is not here means no fun...haiz...

Im into porno photoshooting! (Just happened that the toad was naked!)

Follow up this discussion here:

During a bbq, i was damn bored as the "adults" discuss their stuff and we "kids" have absolutely nothing to do (there was only me and my sis and 2 other teens whom i dunno).

Anyway, me and my sis was strolling near the bbq pit as we saw a... toad. Those common toad u see in gardens. Me and my sis being HDBers who had never had close contact with even such a common fauna decided to...well catch it. I use a polythere flim and gently cup it up and place it in a container and poke holes.

Well here comes the trouble, my mum came rattling at me and my sis as soon as she saw the toad. She was chiding us for disgracing her in front of the relatives, even though non of them were really afrad if toad...furthmore its in a container. Nope im not handling food that time, cos i had finsihed bbqing long ago.

My mum was nagging me non stop even i simply left the toad in its container w moisture at a conter. Me and my sis heck care and brought it home.

In the car...again my mum was roaring at me how dirty and disgusting toads are. But i told her i just wanna take a closer look the next day and pracitce foto shooting and i will return it 1 or 2 days after.

My dad told me how poisonous toads are, but I tot toads though have a whitish venom but seldom secret and its hardly dangerous unless u eat the poison. And my mum went off with how dangerous lizard tails are as they could jump into your ear.....

She tired after all her naggings...and the next day i went straight to explorer on the toad. I was extra gentle with it and made sure it dun dry up...Its kawii neh! I dun understand why ppl call toads ugly, its CUTE! I love the warts and the large beamy eyes and the rippling large jaw of its.

As usual i set up my equipment to foto shoot, i have no studio of any sort and i dint wanna anger my mum further by bring it to my room where i got more table lamps.

I took basins, cardbord, chairs, and all the supports i could find to place the toad on a higher briter place. Well then my mum was shouting at me for POISONING the whole house.

My sister yearns to feel it but my mum threatened that if she touches the toad her skin will rot. So being afriad she only dare to sit next to me and watch me.

The toad was extremely hard to shoot, cos it keeps jumping off all around. After like 3 hours i manged to get some shots, but was disappointed as a lot are off focus and the toad was covered w dirt as it hops to some dirty dusty area on my floor.

So i took it and wash it briefly and waited for it to pang sia in the basin. And i set off to foto shoot it again...

Now my mum was furious and threw me out of the house and slam the door (though she never locked it ). She purposely snaped one of the styrofoam platform i had and i told her its dad's, and she said "how the hell what this dirty and poisonous piece of ****?" And she threatened to throw the toad away DOWN THE RUBBISH CHUTE. Believe me she means what she says, she had thrown a snail i took home off 4 storey and she purposely stretched her ears when it crashes off w a loud "PLAK!".

Fine after all cuddling w this tiny creature, i seemed to had made my sunday quite fulfiling, and nope i dun see any whitish liquid coming out. And i do wash my hands after everything.

So...question...are toads really that poisonous that could made my parents think that im poision all the chairs and camera and tripod of the whole house????

Why do i have such uncaring parents?
Well...even im a city dweller, im never afraid to touch lizards, snails, toads and anything...i dun mind touching the tree, stroke stray cats (as long as it hads no unusual wounds or rots)...I meand even im a Beng Geek...dun mean i cant like animals rite...

Pok Pok my pet chicken!

Dunno why my parents are soo damn different frm me...they like to torture animals while i like to come in touch and play w them.

My dad was yelling and making a big fuss over some cats that sleept on his car and leave bunch of fur there...comeone...thet few strands of fur will fly away while the car is moving...and summore its not a new car and everyone has the same prob.

My mum likes to torture my chicken last time when im young, whne i refuse to let my pet chicken go, she will torture them everyday, using umbrella to poke and trap the chicken at the edge of the cage until it keeps makign squiling sound or use stick to wack the head.

Yup my dad had thrown several snails down the 4th sotrey and my mum can make my pets disappear over nite and i still dunno why. I once had two rabbit, one was given by my neighbour (uglier one)and the other my mum bough herself(nicer one). The uglier one kena scabies and my parents let it die dun care...and its painful to see it rotting away...and i cant do a **** about it...in the end my parent dint even wanna tend to its death and let it go. little did they know scabies is infectious, the more beatutiful one later on oso kena scabies....and my sista beg n beg b4 my parents willing to sent it to a vet...my mum nagged and got angry cos the medical fee cost mroe than the price of the rabbit.

There are a lot of cases that my parents torture and disrespect animals..which me and my sista really hate. If they dun love it then dun buy...till now they still treat my chicken as "smthing born to eaten" rather than a nice pet bird of mine.

They keep having misconception that chicken are not birds cos they are ugly and cant fly...and that lizard tail will jump into ears...so much for my parents being JUNIOR COLLEGE students...even my sista knows more and cares more about animals than my parents...To my parents...anitmals are just worthless junk...

I really hate that...dunno why i have got such a a parent

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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Memoirs of Geisha
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:57 AM --- Post#113903281817582823

CNY delayed post
This post is suppose to be much earlier....but well...

Ya on 初一, same thing lah as most years, but dunno why i feel extreme attitude....The 1st thing was to go to Tomato house....and as usual she haven woke up...that lesb sleeps the same time as me last nite and she haven woke up? Crap.

Then went to my dad's side grandparents house. Dunno why i dun like the ppl there...all damn fake! Fuckers... I was like wearing BLACK shirt and brown pants and BLACK crocs and its like im perfect for any burial ceremony. I listen to my G3 on my Koss and was sleeping all the way in one corner. Then when i woke up i start to sms Angie and bean sprout nonsense to her as usual.

After about 5 hours of fucking agony time there i managed to bug my mum to go.

初二 was when i went to Flowers 2006, that one was in the previous post.

Yup December and Samuel asked me to watch Geisha the next day! Two different ppl on the same day same movie! Wah kao....in the end me pick lots and choose Samuel...well...really sorry December.

Memoirs of Geisha

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

On 初三, watched Geisha with Samuel. Last minute he told me that Darren Woo is coming along. Again im lazy to do a review on Geisha. There is nothing much to review on. Its like a documentary but told is a story-like way. Its interesting because I noe nuts about Geisha and ya its like 100% fresh new stuffs to me.

Its basically about a child and her sista who was sold ,cos her family had no money, to a Geisha house. Then there she was suppose to be a geisha but run into a lot of trouble and the Mama decide to use her as slaves to repay all her debts. Later on, another geisha decide to let her be her disciple cos she foresaw talent in her. And ya ther goes all her life story.

The movie is basically divided into 3 parts, when she was a young gal, when she was trainng to be a geisha and when after the war. It kinda reminds me of Harrry potter, where they squeese everything into that 2+ hours. The show was ok, but the speech was weird, it seems like the prginal script was in Jap, then translated into English, and now the actors try to speak English in the Jap slang. But December told me the original author was an ang moh wor!

Nice movie lah, i got the friendly version and i wanna watch again!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Drifting....and drifting
Samuel...darren....samuel....darren...samuel....darren....both are my 4B friends...but why i cant seem to reach to them? There seems to be a mental firewall that prevents me from reaching them...or isit that i am the noe being the hermit that seems to fend out the world to protect myself? Why? Strange, the whole trip w samuel and darren to watch geisha and later on in Bugis seems like...kinda cold. I was like not toking much, even id im toking i sounded so formal. That isnt ZOMBiE/CyGiG. Well i guess is myself. After being thru soo much, I had become overly sensative to people around me and arm myself heavily against them, even when both of them are being kind to me. Even i noe they will not suan me or verbably attack me like 89757 and his gang, Im still on Red Alert preparing to take blows that they might give me. Of course they dint. All i want to say is sorry.

Im fucking well known
"Oh ya...it says 'some online blogger or smthing called CyGiG'...that name a bit familiar ah!" -Darren Woo

"eh eh u went on papers isit?" - Yue Han

"oh i saw ur nick on papers this mornig" -December

"I was reading the paper and was thinking who started it all and the name was soo familiar" -Selina

"Hi CYGIG!" -Ani and Kai Yang in the canteen and Frank poh outside the comp lab

"Try wring that on ur blog then it will appear on the newspaper thingy again" -Yi Yu

and ya a lot a lot more. Win liao lor, everyone noes me le lor...happy le lor...My blog has over 2000 views now, just for weeks...haiz...Sometimes i wonder if my class ppl noe anot, if they noe they surely make fun de mah. I noe VS everyone noe liao lah....who dunno cygig sia...

I owe her one
Ya i own Chikage one in asking her to review my webby for the Mr Koh course work, now she keep bugging me to buy her her plushie lor...At first she no credit card, then before she went Penang she call her friend bid on eBay for her. Yes that plushie is not available in Singapore. Then her friend forgot...and she was looking into some $60 plushie! Wah kao i got so much money meh??? In the end her friend really bif for her...OMG...Singapore snowing liao!!!! Pig fly up the tree liao!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Friday, February 03, 2006
The Perfect Mp3 Solution!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:19 PM --- Post#113912853325105583

The Perfect Mp3 Solution!
Yes, Friday is the stupid X country...and u expect me to run...or rather walk and walk so sianz? Nope. Me gonna listen to music on the move?

Haha, introdcuing th Perfect Mp3 Solution! Its basically binding my G3 to my wrist watch...
1. Take out a pin on my watch so that the wrist strap could be opened

2. Slot in my G3 with the cover given

3. Now put the pin back

4. Use scotch tape to stop the player from swinigng frm side to side

With the KSC75 on my ears....im now free to go on music!

It says we are suppose to report on 2.30 sharp and wtf...yet the race starts at about 4! Fuck lah...waste time only....

I was intending to walk with Shaun or Robert.....but they are walking FAR TOO SLOW....even w my uber heavy bad on i dun walk that slow de....

Of course everyone is looking at my werid guai lan mp3 player hooked on my watch and yup im the only guy w eaphones on! Muahaha, yes everyone was staring at me as i attitude attitude walk past the check pointes. Slowly proceeding each step on each beat....

Well of course i won shit....I got 511 position.

And the Milo is FREE FOR ALL, i drank....2 or 3 cups and brought a lot over for Bunny and Eat Shit (Ishita) on the Security bay...hahaha Ishita was still as noisy as before and so coincidentally Jerry was there oso. Everyone sick sia...i oso sick...i sick in my MIND....Muahahaha kkekekekekeke...

Guess what...the next day...4D open my tag number! THREE TWO THREE FIVE! But its jumbled number and my mum bought iBet...in the end won only $6.....just enuff to cover the cost....

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