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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
#1 ZOMBiE Friendship Day Gifts
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:51 PM --- Post#113993266744997401

#1 HDD magnet

Left: One kinda oreintation u can have
Right: All taken apart

To girls who had never seen HDD magnets, the sheer magnetic power which is much much larger than those par magnets they had seen b4 simply amuses them. Muahaha cool sia. Well since its so powerful, can put and arrange any kind small metallic items on it. Note that the one i gave chikage was as ancient coin, not a spring like the one above. Me oso use toothpaste (no Brasso) to polish the magent to give shine shine.

There are only 2 (or isit 4?) magnets in a HDD, i 4got whats the use of them but there are beri beri de strong. Never put near electronic stuff esp diskette. Well when attatching any metal peices to it, becareful as the magnet will assert a sudden strong force and u might snap ur finger wor!

#2 Rubber Seeds

Queer cute little seeds that u can kope frm Botanical gardens. Yes its free, but u needa walk all the way inside and find the right rubber tree (there are only 5 of them in the whole garden i think) and sit and wait for the "pop". Then u go searching for them as they camoflouged nicely into the colour of the ground. After that u needa wash it and DRY properly, or else it will end up like my sis: all seiko liao.

Well with a magical Chicken Essence Bottle, u can deco it whatever u like. Saga seeds? Comeone man...old skoll liao, ZOMBiE says Rubber Seeds.....this is my another gift to Chikage.

#3 Dice

Flat on six sides, impartial on all throws, decorated dice is my another guai lan gift i had. This time for my BT Mato. Well...i was in Comics Collection choosing the most meaningful and inexpensive item, and...yup! This nice dice? The middle finger? Ya...vulgar like Mato's corrupted mind...

#4 Catus

"CyGiG, frm Mato, V'day 06" is written on the pot.

Mato's gift in return. Cheap and good. I generally prefer gifts with a life, yet easy to take care of. Another alternative are those air plants that need no water nor soil...just misted them once a while will do...u can hand them anwway of put them in bottles.

#5 Bread
Lol i was curious to see what robert had for his gf, i was expecting tons of flowers or chocolates...well all i saw on the table they were at was...a piece of....BREAD...LOL

Unique isnt it?

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