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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
AJC Total Defense Day
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:18 AM --- Post#114045391270170993

The NYP Scandal
Wooooo...another red chilli hot hot gossip. The NYP scandal! Read that an NYP female student filmed herself and her bf blowjobbing and having anal sex on her phone! Guess what, the phone was stolen and the thief (who is out on purpose for the video) and the video was broadcast to the whole campus! Unnatural sex is illegal de wor...

Wait....me not sure...told u is scandal liao..so nothing is comfirm lor...

Link here:

AJC Total Defense Day
Ya ya... TDD...nice name hor... What toilet all close, comp science lesson that time no air con, canteen only got 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯.

Kam lan lah...comp science in comp lab ventilation almost zero liao lor...comp science no comp how can sia? Ah nvm lah...only one hour elect cut off mah.

The canteen worst sia...all the 薯 only, wah kao...me hate to eat plain 番薯 and 木薯 de lor. 番薯 must cook soup cook porriage then nice the mah, then they go and cook the 番薯 and porriage SEPARATELY! Damn stupid sia...selling for $1.50, so damn exp, my dad cook the Jap 番薯 one big big wok only less than $5 sia....now here so small sell $1.50... na bei...

Where got ppl war eat 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯, imagine singapore got war, surely u stock the air raid shelter or house with dry food ah, buscuit ah, instant noodles ah... where got ppl war time go buy 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯 cramp up the store room de?

番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯 only last time JAp occupation ppl the house at the back there got some land then plant and eat de mah, or they go some jungle got hunt for 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯. Now singapore even during war where u go dig 番薯, 木薯, 马铃薯?

Aiya...end everyone chiong out of sch go eat....what KFC, Macdonal, Abalone noodle, bird nest, even got 马铃薯 Jump Over The Wall.

Me go buy one 马铃薯 try, ask auntie for some salt then rub on the 马铃薯, in the end all the water diffuse out, the whole bag filled with water sia! Then the 马铃薯 kiew zhui liao.

ZOMBiE Player
Finally manage to make the seek bar of my new blog mp3 player le! Yeah...but the bar still buggy...needa ment the codes more...but that i will leave till the last lah.

The next thing i will do is the XML engine to read a playlist frm xml. So i can change the songs easily. That one hard sia...needa look up some tutorials to get me cracking.

I tell u...in one tutorial, is like only noe 30%. Like me follow instruction to make the 1st ZOMBiE Player...kao...cant understand a single code...in the end needa look up what each functions meant...end up the working code is so different from the tutorial, well at least it works...

No more FrontPage
Yeah! Microsoft abandoning Front Page lor! Finally that junk is gone...Front page good in messing and adding redundant codes to ur html only...ppl like robert hand code all the way...me hand code in Dreamweaver put position of objects use the WISIWUG mode.

Life is never good
Ppl say life got uphill got downhill one....my life downhill all the way...summore stay down there being dragged on the ground all along...

Me almost failed my Comp Science database test...Sher Her got 27/30...fuck lah...lose to sher hern nvm, he hard workign and smart, i nothing to say.

BUT I LOST TO ELVIN OSO. Mr Kho say de...in fact i think i got the least in class...wan dan le...comp science liddat i might as well go Poly right now...

P&C Math test...FAIL! YEah...fail fail lor...expected.

If i really wanna write, i could come out with another "Lousy Day 4" entry...but it seems that all these failures in my life are all set in an infinite loop de...no use...dies....

Losing to Elvin is the greatest shame for any computing student.....

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