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Monday, February 06, 2006
Backing up my memory
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:45 PM --- Post#113923879821671045

Ya i found that my comp ins infected with welchia worm liao...removed it liao lah...no wonder my system is so damnn lag...welchia will post as one of the windows services (svc host) and take up all ur processor speed! WTF...now my system is more stable le...

Blogskin coming
Yup, i created the basic gfx of my new blog skin le, but i needa make it more zai...Chikage says it look same like my current. In fact its quite true lah...a variant of the same theme...unless i can come up w smthing that is totally non-glassy in future..all blog skins will be Glass Core base...haha liddat unique mah...

Chikage won her plush!!!
Unbelievable...she actually got a Poly friend w a debit card to bid for her on ebay...and when some fucker come and bid higher than her, i tot its like no hope le...Well she managed to ask her friend to bid like 1 hour just before the closing time...and (un)fortunately she got it!

Haha i will be paying i think $20...actually is i treat her to lunch de...but she dun want...she want plush...hahaha.

Angie saw me? No....
I saw angie in the canteen today buying Chicken Rice, then i guai lan go sms
"U buying chicken rice now!" ...then she kena shock...replied "ass. where are you?!"
Haha i was then sitting next to Ah Lam at the far end of the canteen...and i answered her "Yeo's"..
At first i tot there are mroe than one Yeo's vending machine in the canteen...if i dint look back she wun even noe...muahaha...but i doubt she noe who i am lah...

Too much le...
Ya...sad...as usual no one was sitting beside me during math lesson. But this time there wasnt enuff table...so Brad Pig refuse to move in to sit next to me...this evolved into everyone quarreling over which unlucky suay one will sit next to me...hey...they think im tranpsarent ah?
Some called out "ugly discrimintation" to another who refuse to sit...89757 was adding fuel to fire over there...later on i was told to leave my usual seat to save all the touble...haiz...ya lor..ugly no one sit w me lor, like i no feeling liddat...say until liddat...

Then during lecture...some kind soul willing to sit beside me...and another bastard come asking him wtf he dare to sit beside there and ask him get away frm me....

Well acutally..im numb liao...being more hated than December and Elvin i really have got nothing to say...Xue Hu told me "hold your nose high even when u are luffed at or made fun at...believe me, u will feel a sense of achievement..."..with that i noe why i respect December so much le...

Actually thinking of it...what had i done...i had been keeping quiet for long...i try to tok to them nicely if they would do so to me...fine...i must be the guai lan that dunno what i had done wrong...

A dying man will struggle in water to stay a live. A dead man (like me) will feel nothing and just go in the flow of current and let my body decompose...

Backing up my memory
I find that in fact....if im to lose my memory for this past 1+ years...i could recover them by simply reading my blog. I find blogging more and mroe meaningful...and its quite important oso...helps me release a lot of hatred...before i blew up and dies...

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