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Thursday, February 23, 2006
The Letter - Raw Cut AGAIN!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:08 AM --- Post#114062654154987324

The Letter
Referrring to the video The Letter

Ohhh i heard from some lobert
-The video is a woo haa among the staff
-The video is rated M18
-Its a fake story
-Its filmed w/o permission

  • Matured 18?
There are no sex scenes in the video, nor sexual avocation, nor promotion of gay (They dint get married, the rest refused him, he commited suicide), nor voilence. Why M18? In NC16, we can get to see topless gals in films (Maribito to be exact), and for The Letter to be rated M18 is really jia lat...and bullshit...

  • Fake Story?
Ppl like it or hate it becos its touching or they wun want waste time see gay....not much cos its a real/fake story. Even u tell me its a real story, most ppl noe it can never be 100% real.

  • Filmed w/o permission?
This i dunno, i remember angie and december telling me they saw something about give credits to AJC for the only JC that allow them to film or that Mr Tan had allowed them in. Imagine a whole bunch of AJC ppl and camera crew filming in sch and no one noes...not that sensible isnt it? Remeber those secu at the gates? Unless they teleport in lor...

  • The good Stuff now
I personally like this video a lot, i find it very touching, esp the ending and it does bring me into the life of a gay, how they felt and stuff. Well it teaches me that we shld not treat ppl with different sexual behaviour differently, we shld help them instead.

Also the BGM is nice, even me who whole day hip hop and Techno oso find that old skool guitar slow song nice, means its not bad liao lor.

It raised the issue on suicide in SPUG. We did see how sad his mum is....but isit justifable he jumped down? Its really a good thinking issue for me.

Further, im so proud of the video, hey its made in AJC! Hey, AJC noe! Such a nice touching film from AJC, a singapore local SOHO prduction. Shldnt we be proud of it?

If ppl are condemning the video to uphold the sch reputation, then i think its not quite rite isnt it? Which sch no gays? Which sch no thief? Which sch no ah beng? Every sch got their own bad bunch of ppl, no need hide we oso noe. And oso gay are not bad ppl ok? U think they themself wanna be gay? U condemn the video someohow imply condemning gays noe..rite meh?

I mean i dunno lah, those are just my views. Did i offend anyone till now? did i? Did i force ideas down ppl's throat and discrimiate ppl? Did i use harsh tones? did i?

Meaty Blog
It seems that my blog is nice meaty target after a lot a lot of incident. I heard oso some higher authorities are reading AJCians' blog to noe about issues. U read the disclaimer? On the side there? U read? Fine. I can say i MIGHT discrimate and say bad things on my blog, but im sure its within control ok, the most is i scold two sentences thats it liao. And my blog is racist free till now ok?

We all noe we shld be like tok with sense, logical, give balanced points...blah blah blah...i noe that, but in true human nature, u think human are bias free? No...I unhappy i say, but i control what i say. Then later some crap come tell me "That blogger's view childish, immature, unbalanced...blah blha blah". Come one...its a BLOG, not GP ESSAY!

If i ever offend u, tag me or email me. See my blog buay song, then tag me lah. Rou Hua not happy i put her foto, she email me, i remove, i say sorry. Now ok le.

I scold Lily last yr, she not happy, i oso aplogise to her. Now ok liao.

Back In VS
Back in VS, everything song song, steady bom pi pi tok. In VS teacher damn good, i still remb Mr Maran, even he strict, i really respect him.

He never come and poison the well, he will talk to you nicely, giving you a chance to explain. And he DID listen, he will expalin logically, and he will give chance. He give his points striaght forward, and he knows when the sch rules apply and when we can heck care and have fun together. He dun force his way and weigh down his authority, he believes things needa be seen from all side to handle and he does take into account if u admit u ar wrong. He dun go law by laww all the time, he does noe how to be flexible.

This is the kinda disciplinary teacher i like. Strict yet flexible.

OMG, VS rocks! Im really trying to like AJC, really, there must be something here i can be proud of.

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