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Saturday, February 18, 2006
The Letter - Raw Cut
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:58 AM --- Post#114019672201834812


Not to spoil your appitite, this show is about gay. This guy who fell in love with another guy, who is straight. Summore setting is in none other than AJC. But i heard this true story happened in PJC, not AJC. But the director seemed to have contacts with AJC to allow him to film the video.

I receive both very positive and very negative feedback from others. Some say its bad...and never mention why. The rest agree with me that its really a touching show.

U have read about gays...on the internet or when u tok to your friends, or when u watch some ang moh movie...Well this short film tells you not just any gay, but a SINGAPOREAN JC gay. Something close to my heart (no im not gay).

The camera is generally considered good, occasional angles that i find inapporapiate. The BGM is damn nice and touching, again the BGM is by another singaporean. Cool isnt it? But the prob is that the BGM wasnt very professionally record. I could hear some "hard impact" where the singer blows too much air out when he sings and the air "brushes" the mic, causing the "whoooo" noise on impact.

Some actors are the 04 batch ppl frm AJC, while the main characters are frm the director's team. Well the acting to me ok, but the speech sound hard...they shld had use Singlish to make it more relistic. The way they tok sound obvious they were reciting the very well structured scripts.

Logical error seems to occur here and then...the actors looking too old for JC2 and the opening of the shirts are too wide for students and the skirt is definitely too long for the girls.

In this 25 minutes, it shows how the forbidden love evolves and how his friends find out, and then how the other guy react and how he react, follow by how his family react. It shows the struggle both on the gay and straight side. The fact that the scene where the gay was hugging and pestering non stop makes me feel disgusting already meant the video had done a good job in portraying feelings.

The ending was short but its the most touching part of the story. I shall not say more or it will destory your enjoyment when u watch.

Overall for a SOHO production video, it is very good. Both technically and in terms of story line.

I was thinking of embedding the flash video but well..i dun wanna leg my blog, so i place a link to YouTube. To download the video, u can go here:
After than rename to extension to .flv

.FLV is a Flash Video, which can convert several video files into one single extension that could be recognise and treated as any other object by Flash. Seems there are more support for FLV in Flash 8. So for Flash 8 users, simply open Flash and then make a FLV player frm the Component window. Then under the Component Inspector, fill in the content path to the path of thr FLV. Now run the movie to view it. Alternatively, there are instircutions on javimoya to DL the video decoder.

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