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Friday, February 10, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:59 PM --- Post#113956940841227798

I was.....loss....All i remembered was Miss Tang telling me that she will speak to me after that period. I was walking towards to canteen, blurred...puzzled...and...feared!

Yes im afraid...i was taken out form the whole class was would be counselled personally later...i remebered going to the canteen, talked to Kai Yang and Decembered and at my most desperate time i talked to someone whom i should be angry with for mugging and not talking to me. I could almost feel some tears coming out...as i searched my mind for what would happen.

I went back to my comp lab to meet tsun lam...its freezing cold...


and finally 12.45...i silently set off to look for Ms Tang...

I saw JJ and An Laing and promptly asked them what happened...the way JJ speaks to me...i knew smthing is not quite right..And i met up w Ms tang just above, when she was carrying a pack of nasi lemak...

"Oh ya...how amny free period u have? Can i have my lunch first?"
"Err....no...just this period..."
"Ok i better tok to you...."

Yup, i expected what she was saying...the class dun like me...isolate me...blah blah blah...but she phrased it in such a nice way lah...the feeling was similar to the 1st three months where i was sent to the Principle's office.

Well she said i might did something unconsiously to put them off and she told the class about it...she said it might be my blog...but hey...unless some bastard come stirring trouble with me, i wun go offend ppl just liddat! Mayeb they refering to me scold Lily that long long time ago? But for that i said sorry liao. Why would i scold someone who had never offended me? Even it is, it might be some national figures of perhaps some other "adults", teachers...which i dun really see the connection to be worth being THAT put off! As my term and condition says, those are only my views! No happy then dun read lah! Im not forcing ideas down ppl's throat or anything! But in case i really do offend ppl unintentionally through my blog, then i really sorry liao.

She also mentioned im too willful. She said im too defensive in my language, that i like to assume and think before what someone has to say and defend myself when that party has no intention of attacking at all. Ya...perhaps...well u noe my bull-like parents...inheritence mah...well at least im not 100% rock hard....

Ya...and she convince me that the Principle is not pointing at me saying that im the one who go alert the Straits Time. Seems that they knew its the Straits Time who approached me.

Thats about it liao...and then i went back to practical....

JJ then came bside me...asking in an unusal nice tone what Ms Tang told me...well i told him to ask miss tang himself...the rest...seems ok...though i feel really uncomforty...

Logically, i shld feel upset for this..but im feeling nothing...emotion numbness? Becoming another Joel Chan? Perhaps? How will my future like? Im dunno...i beri luan now...beri beir luan...

BIG QUESTION: Who is the one who told Ms Tang about all this? She said it was someone who told how i was "abused" to her...who is the mystery guy? Or perhaps Ms tang has her own way to find out??? My math teacher?

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