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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Lousy Day 1
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:15 PM --- Post#114019089551735668

Today is really...lousy...

Killer 1 - Computing Test
I mug like till 2.30am (i started printing the notes on 2.00am...) on the database shit...kao in the end come out the question all thinking common sense, no need study one...wah lao...this kinda qn is like the teacher targeting on Elvin liddat.

Though the questions are all common sense...its not that easy oso...me after the test, energy drained like left only 40% le.

Killer 2 - Math Test
What probability...my brain is too tired to do the math test after the CS test liao lah...wah kao...both oso heavy logic..its not i dun understand the questions...its like when i saw the harder 4 marks question...my brain totally give up le...never even bother to think... too tired le.
Left 30% power...

Killer 3 - Physics Timed Practice
Ok after the breaks...me feel better le...still...cant reall be bothered with all the equations about oscialations...

Killer 4 - PE
As usual...TAF lor...run 6+2. Well again me kena cramp when i reach down to tie my laces...haiz...imagine having a cramp in the middle of the track...then u see one whole bunch of ppl runnung towards u then oso dunno what to do....needa forcefully shift urself out of the way...

Then every time cramp i dunno which muscle of my leg cramp, dunno how to stretch to pull the muscle. Damn pain....

Then my PE teacher told me my ideal weight is 64 kg...wah kao..last year tell me is 66kg...now 2 kg less...siao siao lah...just cos me shrunk 3 cm sia...

Killer 5 - Bridge
剑桥...stupid 剑桥 (Bridge)....me got C5 then put me in the top band grade...siao siao...so tired liao by the end of the day...But its quite nice lah, Mr Larry Lee mah, tok cock damn lot, then me study about Cults. Damn interesting i must say...one of the most interesting courses happening the the old skool boring AJC sia...miracle..

Mr Lee really noe how to make boring stuff funny, frm his way of speech to his queer expression...well...

I reached home at about 8.45....cos beri tired and leg pain so walk damn slowly....

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