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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Lousy Day 2
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:33 AM --- Post#114019508582145064

Wow...today is equally lousy as thursday

GP compre test
Both the passage and the questions are fucking hard to understand...the use of chim vocab in the passage really gonna make me faint liao lor...kaoz...Me finally found out my mistake for the past AQ questions liao...I always tot there is a strict specifice formt to follow...last minute then i realised i just need to meet the 4 criteria and the rest flows like any essay depending on the question. But then oso no time do...

I wrote "He says Reality TV is appealing as it creates tension to the viewer, just like the Project Superstar, u will never know how the they will defeat the other opponents in the next episode. Since its creates suspense, familay and friends tends to discuss and tok more about these issuse. This in turn promote family bonding"

Damn crap...is Project Superstar a reality TV show in the 1st place?

Me just wrote that for the second point in AQ....no time le... haiz..fail lor

Physics SPA....dun mention le...total flop. Me did the equation wrongly. It shld be h square instead of h , then the whole calculation, graph and EVERYTHING wrong liao lor...FUCK LAH...i think level MINUS ONE liao lar...minus one level for being stupid and careless lor.. I got a CURVE lor....then i anyhow 硬硬 draw a straight line say equation valid...

Then Skill D part...me regeretate everything out...dunno got points anot leh

Depression again
Again i fell into depression like last time i went of the exam hall. Haiz...that pang of sadness is really hurting in my heart lor...me went home alone at once and try to calm and recover myself down in the MRT train.

To make me feel better i bought myself a cup of bubble tea frm the shop i like a lot in Toa Payoh. One cup cost $1.20 but still ok lah. Those $1 bubble tea either damn bland or perls small like pea. Me add 30 cent perls summore...Kao the perls damn lot lor...damn chewy damn nice.

Now me oso remembered that time my mum trying to make her own bubble tea...save money as usual...its fucking disgusting lor....the perl she use saga seed...the drink is just peppermint water...damn gross...

Well by the time me go home...i feel better le lah...haiz...sad sad sad...

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