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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Memoirs of Geisha
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:57 AM --- Post#113903281817582823

CNY delayed post
This post is suppose to be much earlier....but well...

Ya on 初一, same thing lah as most years, but dunno why i feel extreme attitude....The 1st thing was to go to Tomato house....and as usual she haven woke up...that lesb sleeps the same time as me last nite and she haven woke up? Crap.

Then went to my dad's side grandparents house. Dunno why i dun like the ppl there...all damn fake! Fuckers... I was like wearing BLACK shirt and brown pants and BLACK crocs and its like im perfect for any burial ceremony. I listen to my G3 on my Koss and was sleeping all the way in one corner. Then when i woke up i start to sms Angie and bean sprout nonsense to her as usual.

After about 5 hours of fucking agony time there i managed to bug my mum to go.

初二 was when i went to Flowers 2006, that one was in the previous post.

Yup December and Samuel asked me to watch Geisha the next day! Two different ppl on the same day same movie! Wah kao....in the end me pick lots and choose Samuel...well...really sorry December.

Memoirs of Geisha

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

On 初三, watched Geisha with Samuel. Last minute he told me that Darren Woo is coming along. Again im lazy to do a review on Geisha. There is nothing much to review on. Its like a documentary but told is a story-like way. Its interesting because I noe nuts about Geisha and ya its like 100% fresh new stuffs to me.

Its basically about a child and her sista who was sold ,cos her family had no money, to a Geisha house. Then there she was suppose to be a geisha but run into a lot of trouble and the Mama decide to use her as slaves to repay all her debts. Later on, another geisha decide to let her be her disciple cos she foresaw talent in her. And ya ther goes all her life story.

The movie is basically divided into 3 parts, when she was a young gal, when she was trainng to be a geisha and when after the war. It kinda reminds me of Harrry potter, where they squeese everything into that 2+ hours. The show was ok, but the speech was weird, it seems like the prginal script was in Jap, then translated into English, and now the actors try to speak English in the Jap slang. But December told me the original author was an ang moh wor!

Nice movie lah, i got the friendly version and i wanna watch again!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Drifting....and drifting
Samuel...darren....samuel....darren...samuel....darren....both are my 4B friends...but why i cant seem to reach to them? There seems to be a mental firewall that prevents me from reaching them...or isit that i am the noe being the hermit that seems to fend out the world to protect myself? Why? Strange, the whole trip w samuel and darren to watch geisha and later on in Bugis seems like...kinda cold. I was like not toking much, even id im toking i sounded so formal. That isnt ZOMBiE/CyGiG. Well i guess is myself. After being thru soo much, I had become overly sensative to people around me and arm myself heavily against them, even when both of them are being kind to me. Even i noe they will not suan me or verbably attack me like 89757 and his gang, Im still on Red Alert preparing to take blows that they might give me. Of course they dint. All i want to say is sorry.

Im fucking well known
"Oh ya...it says 'some online blogger or smthing called CyGiG'...that name a bit familiar ah!" -Darren Woo

"eh eh u went on papers isit?" - Yue Han

"oh i saw ur nick on papers this mornig" -December

"I was reading the paper and was thinking who started it all and the name was soo familiar" -Selina

"Hi CYGIG!" -Ani and Kai Yang in the canteen and Frank poh outside the comp lab

"Try wring that on ur blog then it will appear on the newspaper thingy again" -Yi Yu

and ya a lot a lot more. Win liao lor, everyone noes me le lor...happy le lor...My blog has over 2000 views now, just for weeks...haiz...Sometimes i wonder if my class ppl noe anot, if they noe they surely make fun de mah. I noe VS everyone noe liao lah....who dunno cygig sia...

I owe her one
Ya i own Chikage one in asking her to review my webby for the Mr Koh course work, now she keep bugging me to buy her her plushie lor...At first she no credit card, then before she went Penang she call her friend bid on eBay for her. Yes that plushie is not available in Singapore. Then her friend forgot...and she was looking into some $60 plushie! Wah kao i got so much money meh??? In the end her friend really bif for her...OMG...Singapore snowing liao!!!! Pig fly up the tree liao!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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