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Monday, February 13, 2006
Need for Sound Underground!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:20 PM --- Post#113983056247811585

Seriously...headache....i dunno why...i used to NOT have headache at all de...now i kena headache almost every few days...haiz...

Today is the same as any other day...seems the same after the counselling...though some ppl really behaved weirdly...well who cares...it seems that i had managed to block off all emotions le...thats why now everyday seem so cold so quiet...

I pass Chikage her $20 to buy her plushie le..well...she better let me hug (the plushie) when it arrives...or else.....hehehehehehehe......

Nah...tml not valentines...dun make a joke lah...Valentines...its call Friendship day or Frank 's Birthday! Yupp! I hope Sher Hern remember his fellow RI guy;s bday! Frank's bd so easy! Valentines! No no...Friendship's day...

Hmm what i did for last year's Frienship day? Damn dumb....i gave Chikage, Angela, Kuan Chuan the 3 of them each one a Rubber Seed! Muahahaha...I smuggle frm Botanical Gardens de...shhh dun tell....

Object Oreintated Prgramming is...well...cool. I still dun really understand why is there a need to make objects....well its liddat one...Last time i osos dunno why needa use functions mah...But OOP in ActionScript Flash is soooo much easier! U can draw one button and call it an object! Click on it and just write functions to it! Then all the different objects comes w various useful default member functiosn to control the colour, movement, size and all those.

Need for Sound Underground!
WTF, my Hi Fi spoil le! Right side speaker no sound. I told Robert wrongly le. My speaker is 3 drivers de, not four. My dad's that one is then 4. I reconnect the cables and tried out all the settings on my amp but no good...still dead...haiz...nice things dun last long...Im lucky to pick up this hi fi @ $0 cos its a second hand by my dad...well...thinking of it...if the amp and speakers are in good conditions, why would he bought this new one in the 1st place....must be got smthing wrong w the system de lor...haiz...

Oh ya, Bunny say he saw MC Hotdog's MV, 我爱台妹, on Taiwan Channel...WTF! I want! Its had even to get his album in Singapore lor...kena banned i think....I saw only once in AMK....$17.80... too exp...i want parallel import one.

Oh ya i bought Huo Yuan Chia Jay Chou's EP le! Yay! Parallel improt verison frm Bugis street, wanna trade w BT Mato's SHE MV DVD.

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