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Sunday, February 19, 2006
NOI - Lousy Day 3
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:03 AM --- Post#114033463991571698

NOI screen test - National Olypics of Infomatics @ NUS morning 9am.

The Tension
I entered #include ifstream.h (with the <> of course)

Hit F9 and waited for the slow P3 Windows to compile the program.....the HDD went clucking as Dev C++ returned an error: No such function or parameter found
Huh? WTF? Why cannot use File Stream to make an input/output file object???

Die liao lah...last minute then tell me need use input/output to text file....i tot all along when the program run user input value can liao mah....me last time use I/O file was like half a year ago lor...and why the fuck cannot put in the ifstream header file?

Meanwhile, all the pros in the surrounding were busy typing their codes....TAHATAHTTAH....irritating keyboard noise...summore there wrote "Dell Quiet Keyboard"....so much for being quiet hor...I tried ifstream without the .h, but still no go. Mr Kho told me compiler problem can ask then cos you are not asking them about how the solve the actual problem mah, i remembered he telling me something about telling them we were not familiar with the compiler. Though i tot its bullshit cos its a competition, I went ahead and ask them.

I waved my hands and asked "errr...whats the header file needed for input/outfile to file?". The guy looked at me strangely...and told me something about the questions paper stating that the input file was Morton.in. Huh? What crap he toking? Then i told him nevermind. I would work it out myself from the HELP file there.

From then on...those facilitators kept coming towards me and kept staring at me...as if they were luffing "wah kao, this guy chao noob still dare come NOI..." or "..this guy dunno a shit..he surely cheat one...look out...".

Me really feel stressed and uncomfortable lor. And cos the basic requirement was to look the final .exe file (ie the program that did the calcuation) and they will place different input files to test for the accuracy of the output file, not being able to even read in the input file is like....totally gone case even u could solve the problems. They not look at my algo (the workings to caculation) at all.

The Questions
So my heart sank...dun feel like doing le...keep staring at the two questions.
Q1: Morton number. Convert two given decimal number (x and y) into binary. Then put the interlace the binary. (ie x = 4 = 100, y = 5 = 101, interlace: 1 1 0 0 0 1 = 49) and convert back to decimal.

Q2: Suduko. Seriously i still dun fully understand the question till now. Its like they give u a grid:
1 2 3
2 0 1
3 1 2
And u suppose to find out the number of ways u can insert 1 to 9 in the zero position so that the numbers in each rows and columns of the grid is distinct.

Kao...isit some permuation or combination sia..there are lots and lots of ways lor..

In the end i spent the whole two hours on question 1 and i managed to solve it, but the user needs to type in the x and y value himself, but the requirement as i mentioned earlier needa read in frm a file and output to another file. The rest of the time i spent trying to read and write files...still no go...then suddenly one of the facilitator came and told me to use stdio.h header file and use FILE *inputFile to input file. POINTERS! NOOOO i hate pointers! Asteriks in programming means pointers, they are beri abstract and confusing, cos they point to another variable and i never understood why must point to another variable, why cannot access the variable just liddat....

Well in the end me still never mange to read from file. I read in morton.in and it reutrn "59", where the value in the text file is "4"...screwed up le lah...beri beri sad..

The Enlightenment
2 hours was up and me met Kai Yang and Wei Kait...they were both chattering about how to solve the second problem...and then i budge in...

"Eh how to input output file ah?"

They looked at me...nothing to say...and continued to discuss about question 2...Me never even attempt Q2, cant even really make out when they toking... I was damn upset liao, felt that me let down Mr Koh le...haiz..how could i be so stupid...i was rather quiet (but still quite noisy) when we walked to the bus stop. My heart like sawn into two liao, im so scared of programming now...may be never to touch computers ever ever...

Later on....
"Wah kao...me 4get hoe to input output file..., i put ifstream then they say no such header sia.."
"must put .h at the end leh!"
"I tried liao...oso cannot!"
"Eh eh...what ifstream...its fstream lah....ifstream is the subclass lah...."

Only of me typed in WITHOUT the 'i' . . . I would score full for question 1. I would have time to understand and solve question 2...

The Relapse
We parted when the bus reached the MRT...i was soo sad that i dun even noe which MRT it was.
I was alone then...thinking far far too much...my usual headache came back again. I thought i had a tumour, slowly eating my brain for the depression inside, making me more and more dumb. ARGGG...headache...plus the surrounding white noise made it worse...i cant seem to make out what the ppl around is toking about, even i treid to to distract myself...arggggg.....pain.

I closed my eyes, suddenly the image of yesterday's SPA came to me. Suddenly the scene of that person dao-ing me came to scene. Suddenly the scene of my teacher critising my GP Application Question came to scene. All the unhappy events all unleashed like pop-up ads on a porn site liddat....so many and irritating and unstopable.

I tried to stop these images....but they keep playing over and over in my head...scolding me..chiding me...nagging me...Why why why why why why....why i never made any success....my parents was rite, me 成事不足,败事有余. Destinated never to success in any form...why why why why why...me had never got such problems as writing wrong equation during SPA practise...and becos of my stupid mistake i screw the whole SPA...for the SECOND tIME! Last time was a sudden mental block on how to find the constants...and why why why i add in one more 'i' in fstream.h, which rendered my program totally useless???

Why....I felt like puking suddenly, yet it remined me of the phone call from my parents asking me to eat out myself...

The MRT trip home is really terrible, the hot weather, the images and sounds in my mind, plus my puking feeling and dizziness..totally brought me myself to a total halt...i would had just drop dead in the train...

The lunch
I arrived finally at Enous MRT...and struggled to walk out...and stumbled towards the coffee shop to makan. No matter how i still gotta eat. I ordered my fried chicken wing rice and sat alone...

Then a middle aged, English and dialect speaking couple approached me and asked if they could sit beside me. Im too depressed to tok, so i just nodded courteously. They look at me and asked which sch am i from, where i live, how i go to sch, how long the trip take, what im doing on a saturday blah blah blah...

I really dun feel like answering, but i tot it would be more polite to give them a one word answer ba...they dun mean any harm anyway...no fair for me to vent my depression on them lah..

I remembed one of then said, "My son ACJC leh, he veri stress leh. JC beri stress de hor. Sometimes must learn to shut down, if not cannot de! hahaha I keep telling ppl to relac, but i nag my son sooo much....very double standard hor..."

Well...ya must learn to shut down....and yes my mum is also double standard...keep saying study is not everything to everyone else, but at the back end she pushes me until i fall and die...

The End
I finish my rice fast...went home and drop dead on my bed....

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