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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Scary Experience: Almost Blind!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:19 PM --- Post#114113776424732346

Scary Experience: Almost Blind!
I was yawning as i dragged myself out of my dad's car, and crawled over to the area outside AJ's library facing the Elementz lab. As usual i would take a 25 minutes nap till 7.25am when we all would proceed to the AJ square for morning assembly.

I dumped my bag on one of the 4-seats table there and rested my left arm on the table, put my head down with my eyes pressing against my left arm and instantly fell asleep. Well i do that often as if i put my head down on the table using my arm to support my forehead, there will be a red mark on my forehead after a long time. That place is usually dark, but soneone on the light and i rest my eyes on my arm face down on the table to shield off the light.

After 25 minutes, the bell range and i forcefully woke up and put on my specs...I open my eyes and...EVERYTHING WAS BLUR! Huh? isit my specs is dirty? I wipe my specs a few times and my vision is still very blur.

I closed my eyes and then blinked deeply several times and none helped. My vision was something like wearing a specs filled with scratches and never wash for 10 years...more precisely it looks like a 200 degree shortsightedness and 100 degree astigmatism. I tot it would go off in a few minutes time but it dint. I could make out the general shape of stuffs but cant focus on them. I cant even focus on near stuff like my watch.

OMG....what happened???? Am i blind? I never experience this before. I was...shocked...what is i become blind? Should i tell teacher? Would my teacher believe me? What if they send me to hospital and i recover halfway? Would they think im pranking?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Simulated image

My head is spinning, cos i stayed up later last nite making my blog. I dizzily stumbled to AJ square for my assembly. Out in there, i tried to focus on ppl waking past me, i could recognise some, the rest was just blurry. I saw the lamps in AJC, they are glowing in a strange halo. I was really really afraid, but was acting cool as if nothing happened.

I reached my class, by then i was rubbing my eyes and hoping this is all a dream. Could it be cos i rest my eyes on my arm and my cornea came loose or out of posiiton? OMG...

I sang the national anthem in the world of blurness. After about fifteen minutes, i start to see some signs of improvement, i could see sharper image now if i squint my eyes and focus, but just for that second only.

At the end of the assembly, i could see the hair strands of the girl in front of me, but it seems that only the center is getting clearer, the edge around is still muffled.

Since the 1st two lessons were econs and i dropped the darn subject for good, i went to the gardens and walked around. By 30 minutes, my vision was significantly better, but i need to focus with strength to see sharp images....

By 45 minutes my eyes are darn tired and by one hour everything was back...

Its so scary...what happened?

My Bubble Tea...
Too tired today le...i dint sleep for nites to develop my blog...almost everything is DIY de, i try to kope as little think as possible. Haiz...until today i really too tired le...brain like dying...

I was @ ToaPayoh as usual, buy bubble tea frm that shop. $1.20 for bubble tea is not quite cheap, but those $1 bubble tea i drank either taste like shit or the perls small like pea. I bought the Special "Only" (cost 10cent more cos its SPECIAL. Its choc+mint, my fav) and added 30cent more perls..I held it tightly as i kept my change and suddenly...

My brain froze...I dunno why, the drink was not say very wet or slippery...Its just that my hands just let go. And it took me 3 seconds to realised it feel to the ground. And i keep thinking if it wun spill cos its tightly sealed. Another 3 seconds pasted as i saw the tea bursting out all ways on the ground and only after that 3 seconds than i realised it actually spills. By then i pick the cup up, only like 3 sips were left.

I tot i would be embarassed and scurried away. Strangely, if on a normal day, i would buy another cup or curse myself for being careless...instead...i felt nothing at all...(it is now that im blogging i start to crave for the bubble tea i never drank today...)

Signs of brain malfunction...losing focus...dying le...

From a good friend leaving...
U might

Maybe not

Maybe not

But if ever, e

ven 4 just
a sec



I'll b here 4 u

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