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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Sex Tok Response
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:48 PM --- Post#113940305731360243

Sex Tok Response
Anyway, AJC Principle had brought up this point yesterday.

SHe first said teachers are not professionals in sex tok and that the old syllabus by the MOE is too "childish". Therefore sch employ outside ppl to give sex tok. There was oso stats on the feedback showing that most ppl (50+%) like the sex tok and find it good and enrishing. Where 1/3 of them are on neutral. and the rest are "vocal minority". And that we shld learn to accept and expose to various view points by more ppl.

She said the sch had told them that this is a govt sch and the tok shld be secular...but she said it is hard to control what the facilitator was toking. And she aplogised.

Later on, she emphasised again on that premarital sex is bad and we are not emotionally prepared for that. And that thru her exp, those having pre marital sex often suffer alot. Well sounds credible....me myself will oso not have any pre marital sex...even u put on naked chio bu in front of me...

Then lastly, she sort of unhappy that we went to the press...and stated that all the press wants is news and exclusives, and that even we had to right to go to the press..the proper way is to tok to the organiser (the school).

She also admitted that certain viewpoints by the facilitators are too pin pointed and narrow, ie not givng a more general viewpoint...and will be fed back.

I never said the tok is bad, i only said they gave half truth and distorts and brainwash. Other than they i repeated myself the rest of the tok is FINE!

I DID NOT approach the PRESS! They came to me and i REJECTED their interview! The only place i refer this event to was SPUG here! The rest like tml.sg and yawning bread is ppl put there one! Not me! And SPUG is definitely a non-commercial organisation unlike the press.


True Life
In fact, the only moment in AJC that i like was during
1. Computing
2. cXtreme
Well...other perhaps oso during physics tutorial. Its only during these two moments that i need not hold back myself...

During cXtreme, i can just like tok freely to the peepz there...no need care anything, all the vulgarirites can woose out oso no one cares...all the sex and perservse stuff can oso be joked among the guys over there...im king! muahaha...haiz..

During computing, ani and kai yang will sit beside me and tok cock, never to worry no one will sit beside me or make fun of me. Again they are not posers that i feel very comfortable with...

Other than those times..well i am usually mistreated. I remember i was damn depressed last year, and things got worse now, well but i should feel sad...but i sort of gotten numb over then one year...thick skin ppl always wins...muahahhaa

Regulated lifestyle
Now im trying to get a more regualted lifestyle. I feel less like killing myself and all those stuff le. Trying to get my health back. Awaiting to enjoy once i get out of Another Junk College. Now i sleep latest at 12am and not later, and shit everyday and not accumalate for some one week. And i forbid myself to do homework at home. I will finsih everything during all my breaks. I dun care if i cant make it for A levels. Im underused!

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