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Thursday, March 30, 2006
The new couple
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:35 PM --- Post#114371970670605265

Nothing much escapes rVision. Of all the BRG rumours in my class...none are real. But recently i spotted a couple. Of course i wun say who lah...later come wack me i die liao.

Love is sweet isnt it? Though i still hate gals I still think love is maybe...nice? cute? The breakup is equally harsh...Ya. No. Of course i dint have a breakup before because I never liked any gal before...I hate them mah...

I wish them happiness....

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Ahh i can see the light there!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:54 AM --- Post#114365290840642923

Complain @ JC
Principle come toked during the Mass Civics....she say what we must work hard...we all can get into JC means we damn smart liao, top 25% of all students same age summore sia! Really meh...look @ me...stupid like fuck, everything oso dunno. No talent. No IQ. no physical wellness. Everything no no. Even play computer game oso damn noob sia...Liddat i might as well jump down le...kao...

She show all the reuslts...wahhh AJC all above expectation sia...but then looking at the stats, like TONS of JC under expectation leh...wah kao...can de meh...she say we come JC we choose de...meaning we find outself more academically inclined..

For me no lor...its my parents eng eng FORCE me come JC de. After O level i damn tired liao...kena phobia for studies...I dun want JC...i want Poly! Even most of my DnT teacher tell me go Poly....haiz...shld had listened to them...Oso no use..my parents bull attitude...

"Must go JC, Poly all lousy ppl, Poly no hope de!"

Ya rite....dunno how many JC ppl failed to get a job after they grad...

"SO what? They sooner later find one job salary tons of zeros at the back de?"

Frm what i noe hor...those "salary tons of zeros at the back" job all like not for me de...what lawyer ah...accountant ah...doctor ah...dun want! Gimme i be artist, designer, photographer, sound enginner, computer technician or TAXI DRIVER! All those need skills JC seldom provide de...

My parents keep thinking go JC sure can go Uni, then go Poly sure cannot...crap..she dunno even i pass my A's with all C's its considered pass but cant take a shit course in Uni...I told her b4 liao...she never immediately tell me, "Go poly worse...10% ppl only". Ok lor...wait and see lor.

Seriously all the stuff i learning now i find quite useless...esp AJc no fun at all...the ppl here oso damn cold and unfriendly and muggish...haiz..too bad lor..i cant fit in...die lor...

Complain @ NPCC
Wah receive letter go NS check up liao...damn sian...i rather go sch (cos go sch i can slack see chio bu). Haiz...look @ me, fat fat weak weak...go what army? I doubt the army will change much of me lor. Lily say what his brother go army come out become better to her...sure anot...

Go army become MAN? Cock lah...last time NPCC...big big banner "Boys to Manz!". Fake one oso...Before i go NPCC, mum say me go in become slimmer and fitter, then become more obdient...

4 years passed me come out...WORSE. Fatter...uglier...and MORE rebelian. U go ask those my squad mate de...how rebellious am i? What Anti-NCO campaign, kao bei kao bu complains i flooded them. All my friends noe me...the more u force on me the more i resist. U noe how much i can shield myself...

NPCC those kinda millitary way of doing things...i hate the most. NCO can do whatever they like to tekan us, the always tok big...they always act boss fuck us around. Oi i hate unreasonable ppl like them to the max ok...punish ppl, make ppl do things all no reason de...they like they call u do...fuck lah...

They expect the total opposite from us, needa always on time, everything need need...then got lay all the damn rules what cannot walk in anti-clockwise direction during camp...Drills...for what sia...i never understood whats drills are for...waste time only...

4 years i still alive. 4 years I became more guai lan. I really see NPCC buay song...i see buay song i WILL guai lan them. I WILL. I SAY I WILL. FUCK man! The ting is i guai lan in NPCC they cant do a shit...i guai lan in NS i thrown to jail...kena canned...kena hung...different...

I mean why must we always contribute our physical strength...train become hacker go hack some other countrie's nuclear bomb cannot meh? Waste my two years, waste their food in the camp, breed a trouble maker throwing away all Singaporean's face...fuck...

No matter how i guai lan in my blog...no one cares...i doubt anyone really read my blog oso..fuck...KNNBCCB.

Ahh i can see the light there!
Ok after so much midnite complains...tok about smthing good. Today i asked Ms Lee.

"Errr...i fail Math can go where arh?"
"U cannot fail Math de lah..."
"Why cannot? I last year fail all the way sia!"
"U never listen Pirnciple say meh? Almost all pass de."
"I special case lah...."
"What special case....aiya u pass de lah, out sch paper different mah! Sure pass de"

First time a teacher tell me so confidently i will pass..suddenly i feel sparks of energy in my body....maybe i really can pass math sia!

Ok..ya can pass math...time to sleep...zzzzzzzzz

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XXX Asian Amature Blowjob Uncensored Hardcore
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:28 AM --- Post#114365122196038637

New Hideout
The place outside the library, in front of the Elementz lab is no longer the best place to settle down. Its getting hotter and hotter and too many ppl are walking around esp in the morning out of the FAR... I need somewhere even deserted to do my stuff when my class are having Econs. So i found this place on the 4th floor...next to some...dunno...choir room? I rarely went up to the 4th floor so i dunno lor... It does seem very empty with benches long enuff for me to lie down and snore away. Its facing the track and its accessible from the PE dept, but i dun think ppl normally go up there from PE. I hope this place is really the new heaven for me...AJC really tt small meh...in VS we got tons of unused classrooms, wanna get high go canteen, wanna do things alone got plenty of free space oso...haiz...

Left: facing field
Right: A window gate leading to somewhere...

Left: pipes outside the window gate
Right: Benches for me to snore on...

XXX Asian Amature Blowjob Uncensored Hardcore
I found this pic! OMFG! Whats tt? Another sex video? Featuring AJC! Hahaha....lame lah...of course one sight see then noe thats not a dick liao....

Thats the new CHEESE hotdoggie the Western Food Xiao Jie (canot call "auntie") selling. Extreme oily and fatty..selling for 80 cents...quite nice lah..soft soft de!

WTF is this? My middle finger lah....LOL Damn right...grown longer le..I think one day it will grow to 18 inches like what Tomato said...

Nice work!

Another bo liao yet nice vandalism near my house! Yeah Yeah Yo!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Pics of Guai Lan
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:46 AM --- Post#114348543783302081

Me no time blog...haiz...I only got time now to post some pics.I just finished my Flash evalution test...haiz...suppose to take only 1 hour...but ended up i took the whole nite making some crap...

Pics of Guai Lan

Science lab retort stand levitation....I managed to put one retort stant on top of each other and let them swing about with only a small contact on the table...only way to kill time during SPA...

This is what i call Water Art

Are this alone in AMK on last thurs...the weather is so damn hot that my sweat keep dripping into the soup

Nothing more guai lan than cutting up my own pills for nothing...

Math lesson: Calculator Art!

What i ate today...its call "我很饿"..from top going clockwise: Pork chop, beef steak, fish fillet, chicken chop, egg, ham, hotdog and a big mash potato in the middle...$4...damn nice...

The wall painting of the kindergarden at my viod deck...damn nice!

My knife with my blood...i cut myself...alot of blood...

Surprise math test in LT..of course i did not not copy...

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Monday, March 27, 2006
Why i keep bumping into her?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:34 AM --- Post#114339104549806291

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Friday, March 24, 2006
zB BlogLock
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:07 AM --- Post#114313014047215559

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

To decrypt:
1. copy and paste the above scrambled text in between and exclusive of the [START] and [END] tags into BlogLock
2. set the password to 'cygig', without quotes.

In practical use, keep the password to only those whom u wish to see the entry.

zB BlogLock is a freeware by me. Its a Flash application that encrypt text. It can in fact encrypt any plain text given, but since it is an embeddable swf file, it could integrate into your blog easily.

To use:
-Enter some text into the text box
-Set a password, the default pass is "default"
-check "Save Password" to remember your password
-Now click "Encrypt"
-The text should now appear as scrambled letters
-You may select different options from the drop down menu to choose the way to copy the text in the text box
-"HTML form" copies the encrypted text with a
tag for easy display on blog
-"Forum Quote" copies with [quote] tags for forum
-Now with the encrypted text, go to your blog (eg blogger) and post it.
-Now the encrypted text will then of course appear on your blog since you posted it
-You can choose to give your password to certain people or keep it confidential
-Only those with the correct pass may then select, copy and paste the encrypted text into bloglock (which maybe embed into your blog), enter the correct pass and hit "Decrypt"
-If the correct pass is entered, the original text will show, else an error message pops up

So..whats the big deal?
Well, no big deal. I made this because Blogger has no way to hide entries. Also other blogging sites offer encryption to the entire blog, either that or you need to sign up with them to view the entries. What happen if i only have some entries that i wish not to let certain people read? BlogLock comes into place to encrypt that only post, and having it embedded or linked into your blog makes things even easier. What if i want multi levels of hiding my blog? I can encrypt different text with different password, i can use one password for entries that only my friends have and can view, mean while i can have another personal pass that i will encrypt entries i want no one to read. Since its a swf, its cross platform, all you need is the latest Flash player.

To put on your blog
Host the swf somewhere. Do a google search on image hosting. I would recommend www.letmehost.com or www.files.bz. Get the link URL and then insert the following code:
<embed src="URL" wmode="transparent" height="400" width="240">
into where ever you want to put it. It could be a table or a <div> layer.

The following create a layer, u can change the top and left values to position BlogLock.

<div style="left=100px; top=100px; width=240; height=400px">
<embed src="URL" wmode="transparent" height="400" width="240"></div>

Video Aid

Change Log
0.5 Beta 09/04/06
-Added password checking to display pop up if pass is wrong
-Changed encryption algo
-added forum quote option

0.1 Beta 30/3/06
-added save password feature
-added Copy as Html to generate form and instructions
-added button to mask/unmask password

0.2 Alpha 26/3/06
-Speed up the encrypting process. 40,000 characters takes 5 seconds. The decrypting process is slightly faster.

I will bear no responsibility on any harm by or caused by zB BlogLock. The encryption is not foolproof, rely on security of the encrypted text at your own risk, although it should be good enough for normal usage.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Doctor Doctor, i need MC!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:28 PM --- Post#114304054454835881

Start of the freaking school terms...haiz...things was quite normal until after assembly when me went to the library to start doing my pile of untouched-at-all hols homework.

I got this tingling feeling in my mind...i tot it was because I dint sleep enuff the previous night, but thinking back me slept about 6 hours le mah. Strange leh. Argghh dun care lah, me began to finish up my Superposition worksheet.

Things got worse and worse, the terrible headache came....WTF...argggg....i managed to finish up a few questionsed before falling asleep. CMI le...

Later on during computing lessons, me decide to tell sher hern about it, in case me sudden death, then oso no one noes! I measure...wtf...37.6 degress....not high enuff....Later on me meaured temperature every one hour...it keeps increasing...reaching a peak of 38.3 degrees.

Me got back my GP score...OMFG...i rembered teacher wrote "your standard had deteriorated". End of the world....my head was really spinning then....

The headache was like siao siao...at first the back of my head pain, then later the side pain...side pain finish the front pain. then later top pain....then later down there pain....ehhh..^^ WTF....me and sher hern decided to hit the kopitiam lim teh jiak peng, cos canteen de food really buay sai, the nice one all eat until sian liao. Me enthu enthu walk out in the big brite sun, wahh feeling better. Sher Hern said me sat in front comp play too much "games" le...thats why liddat, ya lor...maybe lor..

Then we went there, cos me morning neber eat recess, so me decided to eat ABALONE NOO! Mucks~~~ a-ba-lon-ee sia! $3 only sia! But only a few pieces...summore not much taste...like rubberband liddat.

"What more u want..." sher hern said.

Me no appetite, haiz...but still finished my bowl of a-ba-lon-ee. Lim peh lim teh-o-bing, increased ten cents liao nia! Haiz...

Go back me measure temperature again! NOOOOOO....still 38+.....But me still can tahan...manged to survive until end of class....then take taxi home see doctor take mc....go home rest....

Open eyes...aiya! Can see sunlight means late le...Eh....oooo today MC. Relac relac...Ya tuesday so was damn nice day...one word - tranquility.

Gonna rain...admiring the
catus Mato gave me

Dad and sis went to work and school, mum not bothering me busy with her housework. My fever subsided le lah, actually last nite already ok le, but still decided to go on MC.

#1 - Better to take good rest...later die....
#2 - Time to finish up my hols hw....

My house was so damn peaceful, no naggings, screamings, braggings....only got the sound of birds outside and pok pok pacing in her cage. Me again take a long long time to settle down to finish up my homework. Later on it started to rain, woooo cygig loves rain....(sounds familiar...i think i said it before in one of my earliest post.)

The nite was so nice too, watched tv, eat dinner, everything seemed perfect! Yeah nice day! Work till 3am for my new cutting...cos i was thinking of a lot of things before that...I was thinking of zB BlogLock's algorithm and some photoshop stuff.

School again....tired...only 3 hours of sleep. Haiz...Same old school day.
Hmm i was like sharpening my penknife, cos its really blunt after yesterday's newcuttting...i felt so weird...as if im so psycohpath preparing to kill someone...

That paper below i use to test my knife on...
looks like my math hw hor...
>> Video <<

I actually passed my Math continuous random dunno what variables crap...wow...i remb i was gong gong when i took the test. I tot sure fail de! U see i told you, not having enuff speel, being negative and pessimisitc will reduce anxiety and aids in exams!

The cxtreme today was..well...nothing out of expectation....got quite a lot of gals...got wanna join photoshop de...and well....Ah Lam's NOSE JOB was certainly...entertaining....Summore got the stupid Flash project needa do...haiz...

On the way home...some fucker come cheat my money...say what donate money for ppl with broken family...he tok so fast oso dunno what he toking about...he stinks like shit lah...full of cigar smell...confirm fake ppl donate money then go buy drugs one...aiya...gave him $5 lah.. stupid me...

Then me buy my fav "Only" bubble tea + extra pearls...then 1st time the bus driver dun let me bring up bus...his face like ten days never wash liddat....threatened if i dun throw away then i must leave the bus. I sleep 3 hours last nite only nia...blur blur, i tot he wanna confiscate then i stretched out my arms handed him my tea lor. He tot i dao him or trying be funny. His voice become so xiong...then me smile smile...asked throw where, he pointed to a bin far out there, then me go drink as much as i can as i run there ...still about half a cup wasted lor...extra pearl summore leh...

Stupid lah...why cannot drink in bus. Me never make dirty, always throw away after eating. Then me next time ask auntie pour the tea into my water bottle...then the bus driver surely nothing to say. Then a lot of ppl oso bring up the bus then open up their KFC or Mac to eat...then never say...haiz...drink bubble tea oso cannot...


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:12 PM --- Post#114294673892975176

Hehehe...guess who's fingers are those!

What are hypermobile joints

Hypermobile joints are joints that move beyond the normal range with little effort. The joints that are most commonly hypermobile are the elbows, wrists, fingers, and knees.

Hypermobile joints occur in some very rare medical conditions, but can also occur in otherwise healthy and normal children. Children generally tend to be more flexible than adults, but those with hypermobile joints are capable of flexing and extending beyond normally observed limits for that particular joint. The movement is accomplished without undue force and without discomfort. Children with hypermobile joints also frequently have flat feet.

Flexible Hands May Be Less Prone to Arthritis

People with unusually flexible fingers may be able to dodge hand arthritis, a study suggests.

Researchers found that among 1,043 adults with a family history of hand arthritis, the roughly 4% with extremely flexible, or "hypermobile,” joints were two thirds less likely than less-flexible men and women to have osteoarthritis in the middle joint of the finger.

The findings are somewhat unexpected because hypermobility has been suspected of promoting osteoarthritis; extreme range of motion in a joint may place it under abnormal patterns of stress and possibly raise the odds of injury—two factors that can predispose to arthritis. But in this study, flexibility appeared protective against hand arthritis, even though participants were at elevated risk for the disorder owing to family history.

Researchers used standard tests to measure flexibility, including two that looked at how far backward the little finger and thumb could bend. An analysis of a subgroup of participants showed that all with hypermobility had highly flexible fingers. According to the researchers, hypermobility may alter the stress that gripping and pinching motions place on the hand joints.

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Monday, March 20, 2006
Watch This Video, You Pok!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:41 PM --- Post#114285507244344318

Wait patiently for the video to load,. Just leave this page here and go take a snack or a bath. Might appear not loading and then suddenly all load at the same time.

It shows pok pok, in the middle when i let the rabbit out, i shove pok pok away from her cage and she grew furious and attacked me. Next up when the rabbit and chicken meet, pok pok pecked the rabbit frightened her away towards my door. When i came back lousy pok pok shitted on the floor, and i chased both of them back into their cages.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006
Darkness March....RESUMED
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:21 PM --- Post#114277466445577660

Yes tml end of hols le... S A D.

I shld be blogging on a lot of things now, but me needa do at least a bit of hw rite....

Next few posts coming up:
- My air plant blooming
- My new sofa damn nice
- My grandma in Old Folks home
- New anti-mugging art work: Stopp Mugg Noww
- The White Chamber walk through

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Saturday, March 18, 2006
Way Of Life
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:01 AM --- Post#114265137809013673

So the holidays are almost over le...yes u had yet to do any homework....haiz....

But say this holiday is quite...say special? Or rather more relaxing. Why neh? Usually during holidays:
-I would lock myself up at home and keeping oneself at home whole day is really torturous
-Think too much
-Stress myself up my thinking about all the homework, the more I think the more i stay away from them and in the end still never do anything
-Fearing that the holiday will end and the hatred to go back to school comes in

Well but this time i noe le. I continue my life, just relax, i dint even think about my homework at all. Even if i stress myself about them, the more i stress the more fearful and unwilling i would be. And i dun really keep track of date and time, so i oso dint realised holiday is ending until now. I just wanna spend time with family, relax, do some photoshop, watch TV, tok cock online, p;ay with my sis, talk to Mato on the phone....

No worries. And im still wondering, did I really let things go, gave up on myself or am i too numb already? Dunno. All i noe is that if i dun enjoy now, i will die faster from depression. Anyway i will die sooner or later...A level? NS? Hu noes...i might not die of the physical torture in NS, maybe bullied to death, maybe PR problems? It wun be nice.

Ppl always say there are ups and downs in life. But seriously, tell me the "ups" in my life? I wun say absolute dun have lah, but really pathetic. Then very common, ppl come tell me "at least u not like XXX disease pateients, no need undergo XXX treatment"...please lah, those disease patients at least more or less ppl give way to them, support them. And if its terminal disease, they get to die w/o a need for sucide or watever. ok ok ok ok enufff...

I everytime got problem always pour at my friends...and i find that i will never except what they say...well its like those "life is good", "always look on the brite side of life", "study is not everything", "dun care what the others say", "just be yourself" is like useless to me le. Becos i noe most of those "correct way of life" after all these...i found to be mostly fake de...they are merely words of encouragement ba. I cannot totally dun care what others say, or totally take what they say too harsh, imagine 1000 ppl say they wanna mug, and me 1 person say i wanna slack and be taxi driver...then there must be smthing wrong w me rite? If 1000 ppl hate me, then there must be smthing wrong w me rite... I oso dunno, thats why i now try to be more happy if i have got the chance...i oso dun wanna spend too much time thinking about all these....very mind taxing de..

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Friday, March 17, 2006
Lots of The Rings
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:00 PM --- Post#114268112167587344

DORM or Shaggy? Mato suggested that we flip a coin to decide. I took a a FIVE cents coin and threw it in the air. Down came the coin that determined my fate....heads...

NOOOOO.....Mato danced around and i was crying my ass off...WHY!!!! Haiz....must watch Shaggy Dog le...me wanna watch action/horror for sooo long le...never had the chance. We went over to the old woman with huge glasses.

"SHAGGY 三张! 坐后面中间的!" She punched smthing into that old comp and the dusty 15" CRT came out with a overhead sitting plan of the theater. Then the big big dot matrix printer printed out the tickets.

Its only 11 sia...show @ 1.15pm. Haiz... We went over to the "HUGE" Comics Connection at the far end of Bedok center. Its really damn "huge"...until Mato got and me got stuck inside. She found a dunno what Vigara or Vigro keychain and i found a “我爱老婆” one, but cos the keychain was too rusty le so i nv buy lor. Actually wanna buy for my dad de...hehehehe. We saw this silver pellets...me saw them long long ago, but dunno whats its for, until Mato told me can eat one...then we share one whole box.

“每天一粒,强身健体!” LOL....

We went one round Bedok center then we found this shop selling rings, But i dunno its guy de or gal de, then the CB shop owner toking on phone heck us....KNN....Mato and CC found themselves wonders in Royal Sporting House. The butch looked for her shoes, sports pants, soccer ball, basket ball, tennis racket, dunno what crap....While me was looking at the neighbouring shop thinking to drag Mato to buy one of those tubes and tanks or one of those tennis ultra mini skirt.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mato's 17 years old birthday presents....

We walked one round slowly...really slowly...why they walk so damn slow de? Me needa keep pushing Mato to make her walk faster...in the end im the one getting tired out first...haiz...We went back to the auntie selling rings, only $3, hmm then i bought one lor. All the ring so damn small...my fingers cant even fit...Only found like one or two that i could stuff it on. I gave my previous ring to Mato le...cos again its too tight for my fingers le. This ring the center part could rotate de.

I took like 60+ shots...this
happen to be the only presentable
one..the rest either the edges of the
ring is so overposed or its out of focus....

We ate at the food center there, there we talked about fingers i think. Cos tt morning i let her try my Crocs, her feet so damn small lah! Her palm oso so small! My palm was like twice her size. I told her my middle finger was 8cm damn long (Its actually 9cm, i just measured). Then she told me smthing about what is 8cm, i so blur, i told her finger lah, she said she tot 12 inches.

Suddenly me 恍然大悟, "U think really got 12 inches one meh! U noe 12 inches how long anot?"

"Not long lah 30cm ONLY!"

I stared at her..."wei...me drinking tau huay noe...!"

"So? Me eating rice!"

OMG...conclusion: ppl frm TKGS are perversed....

We rushed to NTUC buy our snacks for the show right after lunch. Wah 1.00pm liao! 15 minutes to go! We ran to NTUC and got ourselves the Salt and Vinegar potato chips and rush back to Princess.

The show was nice lah. The Shaggy Dog about a lawyer who was fighting a case with some drug company that was tot to do cruel animal testing. The company actually caught this 300 years old dog from Tibet, and it managed to run away, coincidentally the layer's daughter found it, brought it home, called it Shaggy. He was about to chase Shaggy away when Shaggy bit him. He started to inherit the behaviour of a dog and eventually turned into one. And he would morph back into human when he was resting or meditating. So from there he went into the research lab and saw all the weird failures of the animal testing. The ending was that he managed to prove to the court that the company was indeed doing animal research and flew away on hols w Shaggy and his family that he had neglected over the years.

Its acutally quite a nice movie...maybe DORM will be nicer...

This is the 1st time CC watching movie sia, he was asking me why the sound so weird de, fly here and there de...i was just luffing n luffing, and enjoying the uber sour venigar chips...nice choice Mato!


Its already 3pm by then le, we rushed down to Orchard. We went Far East. Sianz...all the zhar bo accessories...dun have guys one...77th Street got some, but no $$ buy le. There got another Comics Connection, me bought a crystal key chain for my sis. Its actually glass lah, inside got some liquid, when u turn it over inside the sequins will slowly sink.

We look for the whole building we saw this shop call "He and She", then inside, rings ah, pendants ah a lot 3 for $10 only. Got some guy design de. I bought one dragon head necklace, Mato bought a bullet necklace and a wacky design ring. Ya the dragon head look stupid on me lah, maybe i go mod become smthing else...who noes...might end up on my handphone or sch bag zip.

Its a bit short around my think neck....
The metal looks of low quality...

By that time we found out the silver pellet sweet we bought was gone!!! OMFG....must had thrown it away some how accidentally. I owe Mato quite some money...really broke...needa spend carefully liao...

We went Mac had snack and took train home from there. By then quite tired le...all so quiet, still needa walk that 2km of road back home.

home sweet home!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Wasting Away My March Holidays
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:28 AM --- Post#114247889709156293

So what had i done till now in the March Holidays? Well....nothing...Oh ya thanks to yuko-ogura, my headache is gone! Dun ask who yuko-ogura is...go goole it. Actually i wanna rest well and spend more time with my family this holiday. Tot that running away from my pool of friends for the moment would be healing to me.

I went out with my parents look for my Nokia 7260 phone cover. Also bought Mei Mei's 不怕不怕 @ Bugis. Ya i love that album. Mei Mei so kawaii neh! (LOL, remind me of Mato's Hawaii Gu story). Her eyes so damn big big sia. A lot of singer or 明星 the eyes big then use those seductive eyes to hook men. But Mei Mei's one isnt lor. Its just natural big eyes. Not seductive, which i like. But her eyes does lack a bit of expression as Angie told me.

SUSHI! Yeah, my parents on leave again, took me to Sake. Hmmm the buffet is from 3 to 6pm, and student is $15 i think. Me Suay Ku mah...1st time go...this kinda exp exp place i where got $ go de... Then go in me start to chiong le...wah kao cannot eat the red plates de...not included in buffet...KNN...One plate in Sake usually $1.90, meaning i needa eat like 7 to 8 to be able to retrieve my cost. So me keep stuffing myself and keep ordering those hot de from the menu that isnt on the belt. Eeee...handroll...nice meh...never order handroll.

CCB....me in the end only ate like 15 plates and one bowl of soup only lor...damn full le. The buffet still got include one bowl of Udon mee i havenb eat yet...kao...DAMN full liao. Immediately ate two Emzymplex to aid digestion, else later got some stomach prob die le.

Mom went to get her annual checkup on her dunno what liver, kidney n stuff. She told me every year the report is the same de....what a bit high but still good.

Before that we went to 四马路, I said le, me wanna be free thinker, but since my parents insisted that i go pray then i go pray lor. Down there me saw another couple cry...everytime i come here i see zhar bo crying over their boyfriend...pathetic...Then later on go SLS bought my dad's HDD and my IRDA.

The Infared Red Desktop Accessory to make
my phone commnuicate w my comp

Back home i helped my dad upgrade our spare P3 computer at home. Added SD RAM and a 40GB HDD (formally only 4GB). Then everytime same prob...RAM never press in tight enuff. Then wun start at all. My dad used his bull strength and pull ALL THE WAY..Hehehehe... Inside the cables i saw like quite cock up. The IDE1 (There is only IDE1 and IDE2, what happen to 0?) Master was at the CD ROM, and the same IDE 1 Slave was at the HDD....huh? Where got liddat? I re-cabled them so that IDE1 Master is at HDD and IDE2 Master is at CD ROM. No need for slave mah.

Still things dun work well. Install Windows halfway hang....wun proceed....how neh?

Slack Slack Slack Slack....haiz.....Me from morning do my computing assignment on AI until evening...the hot weather...stuffy air and long hours of sitting in front of my comp caused me to get uber fed up...not to mention my mum's consistent nagging and nagging...wah biang...so unwell...

Same thing happen, once i stay in my poorly lit room for too long, i well get depressed....along with all the back pain and headache make it Hell...really feel like banging my head on the table...I wanna go bath, my sis will ALWAYS fight with me for the bath room, and my mum will ALWAYS let my sis go first, even i had put my clothes and was closing the door liao.

Then she came rushing in and slam her body on the door, i pushed as she used all her might to force her way in...BIAK! The door broke...Not the whole door, but cos my door is if two paritions, imagine a normal door, in between u can fold it again. So there is this small lock that holds the two partitions together cos when the door is closed, u can actually peek in if push in the middle. Ya that small lock broke. Fuck...adding to my fustration...

My mum came rushing out and of course chided us...and said that me being so big dunno the door will break, say what me top in DnT this kinda thing oso dunno. Please lor...its not entirely my fault lor....Im inside already le lor...my sis is the one who came rushing in de!

Haiz...told your le...this world is bais against guys de...all the fault always go to the guys....all the responibility oso go to the guys...

NS, earn money, be women's credit card and all are men's reponsibility. Even cannot bear child first thing is oso think of men got problem...Then father come home mother expect my dad to do house work with her...wah kao...what society is this...its worse than discrimination...its making use sia!...fuck lah...

Haiz...me more and more fustrated by then...but i REN...at nite me got a friendly version of Windows for my dad, but using back the same orginal serial. Wah can install le...the original disc gone le lah....Got time then go replace the spoilt original disc..

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:57 PM --- Post#114243130989531490

Today i sat down the whole day to complete my comptuting assignment...researching on AI. The weather is unbearable...so stuffy and hot...sitting in front of my comp make me feel so sick...my head is spinning now...and i have got a lot to settle...Wen Yan last minute say cannot go out tml...now i asking Jeremy and others...i had been stuck in my home for how long le...

Stupid NS....fuck ask me go for checkup....my death day drawing nearer and nearer...argggg....stupid mato not replying me on msn....fuck....i still got my dad's comp to settle...

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Monday, March 13, 2006
How many times must i say im guai lan?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:09 AM --- Post#114221587514128220

You are 50% Weird
Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

You Are Creepy
Serial killers would run away from you in a flash.

In a Past Life...
You Were: A Diseased Magician.
Where You Lived: Germany.
How You Died: Buried alive.

You Are 56% Open Minded
You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.
Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.
You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

Your Porn Star Name Is...
Michael J. Cox

You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish
You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006
ZOMBiE Destinee Version 5.0
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:25 PM --- Post#114217626341600832

My Tears
Haiz...this blog took me more blood and tears than my last one. It took me THREE months. Why? Cos i needa make all my Flash apps and design and everything. If im not wrong, expect for the Gear skin bg image (the bg image only, not the gfx framing & other designs), the shout box, site counter and blog rolling, the rest are pretty much by me (~ 90%?). I feel thati will have more pride in my blog if i DIY as much as i can. Esp this blog which had gone thru so much rain and shine. From the Sex tok saga to knowing Angie from my blog...this blog shall never go down..even a lot of ppl urge me to stop crapping and change my blog address.

I met up with too much upsets in this three months of school terms, which indirectly affected my progress in blog skinning. Things like probs w my class, studies, certain ppl leaving, emotional unbalance and a lot more...

This blog will still continue to be developed as it goes along...now my heart is at ease...im so proud of cygig.blogspot! Muahahaha!

Today marks the long awaited final version of my blog. After one week of beta, I ironed out some bugs and added some new features.

Here is a summary on whats new in this blog:
- Glass Core Metal Blog skin
Built over the previous blog skin, this concept was taken from the Brushed Metal background from Mac OSX and the transparent edges of Windows Vista. From then i make them according to my own likes.

- More organised
Reviewed Terms and conditions, clean HTML, better compatibility...generally more organised.

- More friendly skin.
I repeat the body image to save loading time and matched the theme colour with a grey background colour, so that when scaled to a larger resolution, it wun appear too awkard.

- Dynamic link list
It was formally zB Link, a swf that reads in xml and display a link list. Later scraped and use Blog Rolling's service instead.

- Classic Entries
Created a "Check it out!" section on the sidebar to display links to special pages like certain enteries, poems, stories...etc...

- Make use of links
I made use of certain post in my blog to put my Terms and Conditions, links, quotes, blogger profile to eliminate external files.

- Faster
I cleaned the codes, and looked for a good hosts and the blog now should load faster. Files.bz is currently under maintence and this point of writing, thus im using Let Me Host (not tt fast) for the moment

- Free Music
Music from zB player are free distributed music under Creative Commons

- zB Player
I spent most of the time remaking Zombie Player. I cleaned up, reskined and added more funtionalities to the player. Its suppose to read in XML as a playlist, but there were some bugs that could not be resolved, this its only 0.9 Beta. Other than that, i fixed the song list bug that wun play of there are less than 3 songs in the song list. I added the function to seek parts of the songs as well.

- zB Info
Another zB Blog utilities, it displays the information about your comp and stores the last time u access my blog

-zB Text
Using NO cookies, it stores text u type in on that particular comp

-zB Search n Clock
Simply a search bar and clock

Special Thanks
The same old ppl: tomato, chikage, selina, angie, december, Mr Garett Chen. And of course anyone i miss out who help me here and there. If you wish your name here, just tell me k!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Introducing my 1st new old "real" phone
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:46 PM --- Post#114208927040106093


Nokia 7260

Why "new" yet "old"? Simple, its a second hand. New to me, old to the previous owner. So how much did i pay for it? I got it free. Woah! Who is the santa who drop me a phone to celebrate March holidays? My dad....

Simple, my dad his company had some contract with Singtel and Nokia, and he had collected some $400 bonus somehow...from where i dunno, but i know most of his colleges had it too. And they selling my dad his Nokia N70 for $448....minus the bonus $400, my dad paid only $48 for his N70 3G phone...wah kao....obviously he is overjoyed...and he left me his Nokia 7260.

Nice keypad, but i think the chrome will come off

So whats a "real" phone? What i meant by a "real" phone is just any middle range phone with some useful features like camera, IR, bluetooth, more memory...My previous phones were all from the lower class....non colour, or really the bare basic features...

My Buddies
My first phone was the Nokia 5210 i got in Sec 3. Second hand from my dad again. Black and white screen, no poly tones...nothing...but there are some facinating features like a really shock/water/dust resistant casing, thermometer and IR (considered rare for such old phone). The user interface is nice, easy to navigate around, send mass messages, the keypad is nice to type on, and i throw my phone several times on the ground without any damage to it. The only fault was that there were a lot og lagging when composing sms.

Good and steady Nokia 5210!

Second phone i got was when 5210's battery connection and signal got a bit out of hand. And i got my Sony E J200i for $180+ in near end of 2005. This phone really sucks...

Sony E J200i? Go die...

#1 The key pad is ULTRA insensative. There is a lag between pressing the key and the test displaying on the screen, and if you pressed too soft or too hard the test wun appear...very fustrating....

#2 The screen sucks. 16bit colour was totally useless on that kinda screen. It cant even display pure colours correctly. There were a lot of colour nosies. Meaning if its supposed to display black, it will display a dark grey with grains of blue, red, green.

#3 Waste of memory by forcing to save all sent message. All sent messages WILL be saved...I want my received msg to be saved but not my sent messages! For what sia? Cannot disable...waste of memory...needa constantly clear it up...

#4 The joystick is again insensative. Be it navigation or playing game...its hard to control. It sucks

#5 Cannot remember the words i added to dictionaty, it can sometimes and cannot some other times...very inconsistant...

#6 No mass smsing....cannot sms to everyone...needa send one msg, then forward to another...VERY TEDIOUS...and since all sent msg were saved..u needa delete them again....

#7 Dunno is charger got prob or battery got prob, i needa push the charging connector so damn hard for 10000 tens before electricity flows to charge the phone...sometimes when the batt is toally dead u needa charge thru the external desktop pack, cos it wun get charge in the phone itself...charing is really a gret headache..esp w the ultra buggy connectors...

Other than that, this phone had got nice feature like looking out for numbers and dates in an sms

Restoring my 7260

Left: Cant be seen clearly in the photo, but the screen plastic is FLAKING.
I think due to heat whne my dad left his phone in his car
Right: Look @ the "wonderful" keypads....

I seriously dunno how my dad uses his phone. Be it the 5210 or this 7260...he had really defaced it "professionally" -_- . . . . I needa replace the casing for both 5210 and 7260.

Left: Its already hard to break a shock resistance phone.
My dad broke did it...
Right: Use you hand to "erase" all the letterings...

The 5210 casing is really...hard to find...no one using tt model evel 2 years ago....needa special order, it came to about $30.

For this 7260....i tot i would spent $30 again....and went round the island looking for casing...all shops tell me a fuck number: $58...FIFTY EIGHT for a CASING! i think u gimme $40 more i can buy a new phone liao! $58? SIAO!

Well its really all shop tt price...until i came to one in Bugis selling @ $50...he took out the casing...its anyhow packed...in lousy plastic bag....Sure tt one original anot? I rejected him n went off. I went to the second floor in Bugis Street and found another shop selling @ $58 again. He told me the Nokia 7260 is a limited edition phone...thats why its so exp for all the accessories. The casing is considered "casing", but "spare parts". Thus no Nokia packaging like the other casings. Crap? Maybe...That might explain for the previous shop selling that hastily packaged casing ba...

"Wei downstairs sell $50 leh...."
"Ok lah ok lah...$50, i inlcude help u fix oso"
"Why cannot i fix myself meh?"
"Orh...this phone to remove the front casing needa unscrew de"
Oh ya its using the Torx screws...i no have the Torx screw driver oso.

My dad unwillingly agreed to it and the guy open my phone up and using a small tooth brush and coth to carefully clean it. Then he used a scotch tape the stick the dust off my screen. Nice service!

My blade, laser and Mr P on my phone

I oso got a transparent hard casing for my dear dear phone! Mucks! Only $5! now i can rough out my phone w/o damaging it!

The cheap $5 hard casing

NEVER Buy pirated casing
Those cheapo $5 casing out there....never buy...I bought one for my 5210 before...the parts were held together using the normal double sided tape. Within one+ weeks, the rubbery layer started to PEEL OFF from the bottom hard plastic and the screen start comming off from the body...thats when i saw the double sided tape inside....The sides were ERODING! Tell you that $5 is WASTED.....

Left: bad pirated quality...the top part of the casing is really gone case...threw away le..
Right...Eroding like an eraser...

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