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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Ahh i can see the light there!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:54 AM --- Post#114365290840642923

Complain @ JC
Principle come toked during the Mass Civics....she say what we must work hard...we all can get into JC means we damn smart liao, top 25% of all students same age summore sia! Really meh...look @ me...stupid like fuck, everything oso dunno. No talent. No IQ. no physical wellness. Everything no no. Even play computer game oso damn noob sia...Liddat i might as well jump down le...kao...

She show all the reuslts...wahhh AJC all above expectation sia...but then looking at the stats, like TONS of JC under expectation leh...wah kao...can de meh...she say we come JC we choose de...meaning we find outself more academically inclined..

For me no lor...its my parents eng eng FORCE me come JC de. After O level i damn tired liao...kena phobia for studies...I dun want JC...i want Poly! Even most of my DnT teacher tell me go Poly....haiz...shld had listened to them...Oso no use..my parents bull attitude...

"Must go JC, Poly all lousy ppl, Poly no hope de!"

Ya rite....dunno how many JC ppl failed to get a job after they grad...

"SO what? They sooner later find one job salary tons of zeros at the back de?"

Frm what i noe hor...those "salary tons of zeros at the back" job all like not for me de...what lawyer ah...accountant ah...doctor ah...dun want! Gimme i be artist, designer, photographer, sound enginner, computer technician or TAXI DRIVER! All those need skills JC seldom provide de...

My parents keep thinking go JC sure can go Uni, then go Poly sure cannot...crap..she dunno even i pass my A's with all C's its considered pass but cant take a shit course in Uni...I told her b4 liao...she never immediately tell me, "Go poly worse...10% ppl only". Ok lor...wait and see lor.

Seriously all the stuff i learning now i find quite useless...esp AJc no fun at all...the ppl here oso damn cold and unfriendly and muggish...haiz..too bad lor..i cant fit in...die lor...

Complain @ NPCC
Wah receive letter go NS check up liao...damn sian...i rather go sch (cos go sch i can slack see chio bu). Haiz...look @ me, fat fat weak weak...go what army? I doubt the army will change much of me lor. Lily say what his brother go army come out become better to her...sure anot...

Go army become MAN? Cock lah...last time NPCC...big big banner "Boys to Manz!". Fake one oso...Before i go NPCC, mum say me go in become slimmer and fitter, then become more obdient...

4 years passed me come out...WORSE. Fatter...uglier...and MORE rebelian. U go ask those my squad mate de...how rebellious am i? What Anti-NCO campaign, kao bei kao bu complains i flooded them. All my friends noe me...the more u force on me the more i resist. U noe how much i can shield myself...

NPCC those kinda millitary way of doing things...i hate the most. NCO can do whatever they like to tekan us, the always tok big...they always act boss fuck us around. Oi i hate unreasonable ppl like them to the max ok...punish ppl, make ppl do things all no reason de...they like they call u do...fuck lah...

They expect the total opposite from us, needa always on time, everything need need...then got lay all the damn rules what cannot walk in anti-clockwise direction during camp...Drills...for what sia...i never understood whats drills are for...waste time only...

4 years i still alive. 4 years I became more guai lan. I really see NPCC buay song...i see buay song i WILL guai lan them. I WILL. I SAY I WILL. FUCK man! The ting is i guai lan in NPCC they cant do a shit...i guai lan in NS i thrown to jail...kena canned...kena hung...different...

I mean why must we always contribute our physical strength...train become hacker go hack some other countrie's nuclear bomb cannot meh? Waste my two years, waste their food in the camp, breed a trouble maker throwing away all Singaporean's face...fuck...

No matter how i guai lan in my blog...no one cares...i doubt anyone really read my blog oso..fuck...KNNBCCB.

Ahh i can see the light there!
Ok after so much midnite complains...tok about smthing good. Today i asked Ms Lee.

"Errr...i fail Math can go where arh?"
"U cannot fail Math de lah..."
"Why cannot? I last year fail all the way sia!"
"U never listen Pirnciple say meh? Almost all pass de."
"I special case lah...."
"What special case....aiya u pass de lah, out sch paper different mah! Sure pass de"

First time a teacher tell me so confidently i will pass..suddenly i feel sparks of energy in my body....maybe i really can pass math sia!

Ok..ya can pass math...time to sleep...zzzzzzzzz

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