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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Doctor Doctor, i need MC!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:28 PM --- Post#114304054454835881

Start of the freaking school terms...haiz...things was quite normal until after assembly when me went to the library to start doing my pile of untouched-at-all hols homework.

I got this tingling feeling in my mind...i tot it was because I dint sleep enuff the previous night, but thinking back me slept about 6 hours le mah. Strange leh. Argghh dun care lah, me began to finish up my Superposition worksheet.

Things got worse and worse, the terrible headache came....WTF...argggg....i managed to finish up a few questionsed before falling asleep. CMI le...

Later on during computing lessons, me decide to tell sher hern about it, in case me sudden death, then oso no one noes! I measure...wtf...37.6 degress....not high enuff....Later on me meaured temperature every one hour...it keeps increasing...reaching a peak of 38.3 degrees.

Me got back my GP score...OMFG...i rembered teacher wrote "your standard had deteriorated". End of the world....my head was really spinning then....

The headache was like siao siao...at first the back of my head pain, then later the side pain...side pain finish the front pain. then later top pain....then later down there pain....ehhh..^^ WTF....me and sher hern decided to hit the kopitiam lim teh jiak peng, cos canteen de food really buay sai, the nice one all eat until sian liao. Me enthu enthu walk out in the big brite sun, wahh feeling better. Sher Hern said me sat in front comp play too much "games" le...thats why liddat, ya lor...maybe lor..

Then we went there, cos me morning neber eat recess, so me decided to eat ABALONE NOO! Mucks~~~ a-ba-lon-ee sia! $3 only sia! But only a few pieces...summore not much taste...like rubberband liddat.

"What more u want..." sher hern said.

Me no appetite, haiz...but still finished my bowl of a-ba-lon-ee. Lim peh lim teh-o-bing, increased ten cents liao nia! Haiz...

Go back me measure temperature again! NOOOOOO....still 38+.....But me still can tahan...manged to survive until end of class....then take taxi home see doctor take mc....go home rest....

Open eyes...aiya! Can see sunlight means late le...Eh....oooo today MC. Relac relac...Ya tuesday so was damn nice day...one word - tranquility.

Gonna rain...admiring the
catus Mato gave me

Dad and sis went to work and school, mum not bothering me busy with her housework. My fever subsided le lah, actually last nite already ok le, but still decided to go on MC.

#1 - Better to take good rest...later die....
#2 - Time to finish up my hols hw....

My house was so damn peaceful, no naggings, screamings, braggings....only got the sound of birds outside and pok pok pacing in her cage. Me again take a long long time to settle down to finish up my homework. Later on it started to rain, woooo cygig loves rain....(sounds familiar...i think i said it before in one of my earliest post.)

The nite was so nice too, watched tv, eat dinner, everything seemed perfect! Yeah nice day! Work till 3am for my new cutting...cos i was thinking of a lot of things before that...I was thinking of zB BlogLock's algorithm and some photoshop stuff.

School again....tired...only 3 hours of sleep. Haiz...Same old school day.
Hmm i was like sharpening my penknife, cos its really blunt after yesterday's newcuttting...i felt so weird...as if im so psycohpath preparing to kill someone...

That paper below i use to test my knife on...
looks like my math hw hor...
>> Video <<

I actually passed my Math continuous random dunno what variables crap...wow...i remb i was gong gong when i took the test. I tot sure fail de! U see i told you, not having enuff speel, being negative and pessimisitc will reduce anxiety and aids in exams!

The cxtreme today was..well...nothing out of expectation....got quite a lot of gals...got wanna join photoshop de...and well....Ah Lam's NOSE JOB was certainly...entertaining....Summore got the stupid Flash project needa do...haiz...

On the way home...some fucker come cheat my money...say what donate money for ppl with broken family...he tok so fast oso dunno what he toking about...he stinks like shit lah...full of cigar smell...confirm fake ppl donate money then go buy drugs one...aiya...gave him $5 lah.. stupid me...

Then me buy my fav "Only" bubble tea + extra pearls...then 1st time the bus driver dun let me bring up bus...his face like ten days never wash liddat....threatened if i dun throw away then i must leave the bus. I sleep 3 hours last nite only nia...blur blur, i tot he wanna confiscate then i stretched out my arms handed him my tea lor. He tot i dao him or trying be funny. His voice become so xiong...then me smile smile...asked throw where, he pointed to a bin far out there, then me go drink as much as i can as i run there ...still about half a cup wasted lor...extra pearl summore leh...

Stupid lah...why cannot drink in bus. Me never make dirty, always throw away after eating. Then me next time ask auntie pour the tea into my water bottle...then the bus driver surely nothing to say. Then a lot of ppl oso bring up the bus then open up their KFC or Mac to eat...then never say...haiz...drink bubble tea oso cannot...


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