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Friday, March 10, 2006
I hate the nite
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:49 PM --- Post#114199006007567362

Big Momma's House 2
Went with Jeremy to watch show today. Same cheapo Princess theater. Today Friday so its $6. I actually wanted to watch I Not Stupid 2 or Final Destination or Dorm or some action...End up all the time slots incompatible. fuck lah...In the end the only time slot that we can make it was the 4.15pm Big Momma's House 2.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Princess 3 theater was HUGE, about 3/4 size that of Lido 1, for a cheapo theater. Only about like 15 ppl were in that huge theater. We choose a back middle nice nice seats and took out my shoes and socks and brought up my feet in the comfort of the air con. Nice sia...wah kao...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The movie was nice lah. The poster wrote "The Momma is back" smthing liddat. I tot its some lame ang moh style family comedy. I tot sure waste money one. Well in the end then I realised I watch Big Momma One b4. Its action + comedy. This FBI agent dress as a nanny then be spy while taking care of the children.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Half way movie no sound for 5 minutes....kao...nice theater sia...well....Everyone started to kao bei...

Nice day....

I hate the nite
Last night was terrible...again i was damn sleepy...i went straight home from school and slept at 9. I tot some classical music will sooth my sleep, therefore i played some Gu Zhen music frm my G3. I went to bed and close my eyes....As soon as my eyes were shut tight, my head began t hurt...Suddenly a lot of images flooded....No...not only about my friend's death...in fact its about all the series of bitter events. Comp screwing, friends leaving, one jumped, abt my class, about my ever failing subjects, worry about gek han and zhe hao and lim yun, my specs imperfection, Ms Tang showing us a letter on how a slack gal put on effort and how we MUST score for A's...All those images flooded in...

I saw Jun Rong, i saw Ms Tang and Mr Ng and Ms Lee, I saw *******, I saw all the bugs in my comp, I saw my blog and all the gloomy events, I saw R gua, I saw some betrayals, I saw next year getting F's for all my subs, I saw a 2 good friends fading off. . . . .

I saw too much....I cant hear a sound but i felt damn noisy....Virtual voices...I opened my eyes, looked at my watch, only 9.45pm. The moment i open my eyes my eye lids urge me to close it back again. The moment i close my eyes, all the images flood in. Maybe the counsellor is right, maybe its all becos of the side effect of what i saw during the funeral. Maybe its not...Maybe its stress, maybe im all along liddat. Recently i had as lot of gastric probs. I keep on feeling hungry, and when i start to eat, my appetite was totally lost.

The Gu Zhen music was adding fuel to fire, the plucking of every note was heard so damn clearly and its damn stressful. Fuck...Classic music sooth emotions? Bluff ppl one...I cant tahan! I flew out of my bed and fiddle with my player....Out came techno dance hits by Crazy Frog. Ahh...i feel so much better off now...The heavy beat covered my thoughts and my mind went away with the poly music. I feel asleep 10 minutes later....

J1 and J2 Class bonding.
Not bad. Quite fun. A lot of food. That's all.

I suddenly remembered about the PE on Tuesday. Must be the best PE ever, guys mix gals play Frisbee! Hahaha, in VS we always play Frisbee de! So huai nian wor....hahaha..first time i played sports game in AJC and 1st time guys mix gals!

Sorry, for TAF premium members only... MUAHAHAHA!

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