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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Introducing my 1st new old "real" phone
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:46 PM --- Post#114208927040106093


Nokia 7260

Why "new" yet "old"? Simple, its a second hand. New to me, old to the previous owner. So how much did i pay for it? I got it free. Woah! Who is the santa who drop me a phone to celebrate March holidays? My dad....

Simple, my dad his company had some contract with Singtel and Nokia, and he had collected some $400 bonus somehow...from where i dunno, but i know most of his colleges had it too. And they selling my dad his Nokia N70 for $448....minus the bonus $400, my dad paid only $48 for his N70 3G phone...wah kao....obviously he is overjoyed...and he left me his Nokia 7260.

Nice keypad, but i think the chrome will come off

So whats a "real" phone? What i meant by a "real" phone is just any middle range phone with some useful features like camera, IR, bluetooth, more memory...My previous phones were all from the lower class....non colour, or really the bare basic features...

My Buddies
My first phone was the Nokia 5210 i got in Sec 3. Second hand from my dad again. Black and white screen, no poly tones...nothing...but there are some facinating features like a really shock/water/dust resistant casing, thermometer and IR (considered rare for such old phone). The user interface is nice, easy to navigate around, send mass messages, the keypad is nice to type on, and i throw my phone several times on the ground without any damage to it. The only fault was that there were a lot og lagging when composing sms.

Good and steady Nokia 5210!

Second phone i got was when 5210's battery connection and signal got a bit out of hand. And i got my Sony E J200i for $180+ in near end of 2005. This phone really sucks...

Sony E J200i? Go die...

#1 The key pad is ULTRA insensative. There is a lag between pressing the key and the test displaying on the screen, and if you pressed too soft or too hard the test wun appear...very fustrating....

#2 The screen sucks. 16bit colour was totally useless on that kinda screen. It cant even display pure colours correctly. There were a lot of colour nosies. Meaning if its supposed to display black, it will display a dark grey with grains of blue, red, green.

#3 Waste of memory by forcing to save all sent message. All sent messages WILL be saved...I want my received msg to be saved but not my sent messages! For what sia? Cannot disable...waste of memory...needa constantly clear it up...

#4 The joystick is again insensative. Be it navigation or playing game...its hard to control. It sucks

#5 Cannot remember the words i added to dictionaty, it can sometimes and cannot some other times...very inconsistant...

#6 No mass smsing....cannot sms to everyone...needa send one msg, then forward to another...VERY TEDIOUS...and since all sent msg were saved..u needa delete them again....

#7 Dunno is charger got prob or battery got prob, i needa push the charging connector so damn hard for 10000 tens before electricity flows to charge the phone...sometimes when the batt is toally dead u needa charge thru the external desktop pack, cos it wun get charge in the phone itself...charing is really a gret headache..esp w the ultra buggy connectors...

Other than that, this phone had got nice feature like looking out for numbers and dates in an sms

Restoring my 7260

Left: Cant be seen clearly in the photo, but the screen plastic is FLAKING.
I think due to heat whne my dad left his phone in his car
Right: Look @ the "wonderful" keypads....

I seriously dunno how my dad uses his phone. Be it the 5210 or this 7260...he had really defaced it "professionally" -_- . . . . I needa replace the casing for both 5210 and 7260.

Left: Its already hard to break a shock resistance phone.
My dad broke did it...
Right: Use you hand to "erase" all the letterings...

The 5210 casing is really...hard to find...no one using tt model evel 2 years ago....needa special order, it came to about $30.

For this 7260....i tot i would spent $30 again....and went round the island looking for casing...all shops tell me a fuck number: $58...FIFTY EIGHT for a CASING! i think u gimme $40 more i can buy a new phone liao! $58? SIAO!

Well its really all shop tt price...until i came to one in Bugis selling @ $50...he took out the casing...its anyhow packed...in lousy plastic bag....Sure tt one original anot? I rejected him n went off. I went to the second floor in Bugis Street and found another shop selling @ $58 again. He told me the Nokia 7260 is a limited edition phone...thats why its so exp for all the accessories. The casing is considered "casing", but "spare parts". Thus no Nokia packaging like the other casings. Crap? Maybe...That might explain for the previous shop selling that hastily packaged casing ba...

"Wei downstairs sell $50 leh...."
"Ok lah ok lah...$50, i inlcude help u fix oso"
"Why cannot i fix myself meh?"
"Orh...this phone to remove the front casing needa unscrew de"
Oh ya its using the Torx screws...i no have the Torx screw driver oso.

My dad unwillingly agreed to it and the guy open my phone up and using a small tooth brush and coth to carefully clean it. Then he used a scotch tape the stick the dust off my screen. Nice service!

My blade, laser and Mr P on my phone

I oso got a transparent hard casing for my dear dear phone! Mucks! Only $5! now i can rough out my phone w/o damaging it!

The cheap $5 hard casing

NEVER Buy pirated casing
Those cheapo $5 casing out there....never buy...I bought one for my 5210 before...the parts were held together using the normal double sided tape. Within one+ weeks, the rubbery layer started to PEEL OFF from the bottom hard plastic and the screen start comming off from the body...thats when i saw the double sided tape inside....The sides were ERODING! Tell you that $5 is WASTED.....

Left: bad pirated quality...the top part of the casing is really gone case...threw away le..
Right...Eroding like an eraser...

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