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Friday, March 17, 2006
Lots of The Rings
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:00 PM --- Post#114268112167587344

DORM or Shaggy? Mato suggested that we flip a coin to decide. I took a a FIVE cents coin and threw it in the air. Down came the coin that determined my fate....heads...

NOOOOO.....Mato danced around and i was crying my ass off...WHY!!!! Haiz....must watch Shaggy Dog le...me wanna watch action/horror for sooo long le...never had the chance. We went over to the old woman with huge glasses.

"SHAGGY 三张! 坐后面中间的!" She punched smthing into that old comp and the dusty 15" CRT came out with a overhead sitting plan of the theater. Then the big big dot matrix printer printed out the tickets.

Its only 11 sia...show @ 1.15pm. Haiz... We went over to the "HUGE" Comics Connection at the far end of Bedok center. Its really damn "huge"...until Mato got and me got stuck inside. She found a dunno what Vigara or Vigro keychain and i found a “我爱老婆” one, but cos the keychain was too rusty le so i nv buy lor. Actually wanna buy for my dad de...hehehehe. We saw this silver pellets...me saw them long long ago, but dunno whats its for, until Mato told me can eat one...then we share one whole box.

“每天一粒,强身健体!” LOL....

We went one round Bedok center then we found this shop selling rings, But i dunno its guy de or gal de, then the CB shop owner toking on phone heck us....KNN....Mato and CC found themselves wonders in Royal Sporting House. The butch looked for her shoes, sports pants, soccer ball, basket ball, tennis racket, dunno what crap....While me was looking at the neighbouring shop thinking to drag Mato to buy one of those tubes and tanks or one of those tennis ultra mini skirt.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mato's 17 years old birthday presents....

We walked one round slowly...really slowly...why they walk so damn slow de? Me needa keep pushing Mato to make her walk faster...in the end im the one getting tired out first...haiz...We went back to the auntie selling rings, only $3, hmm then i bought one lor. All the ring so damn small...my fingers cant even fit...Only found like one or two that i could stuff it on. I gave my previous ring to Mato le...cos again its too tight for my fingers le. This ring the center part could rotate de.

I took like 60+ shots...this
happen to be the only presentable
one..the rest either the edges of the
ring is so overposed or its out of focus....

We ate at the food center there, there we talked about fingers i think. Cos tt morning i let her try my Crocs, her feet so damn small lah! Her palm oso so small! My palm was like twice her size. I told her my middle finger was 8cm damn long (Its actually 9cm, i just measured). Then she told me smthing about what is 8cm, i so blur, i told her finger lah, she said she tot 12 inches.

Suddenly me 恍然大悟, "U think really got 12 inches one meh! U noe 12 inches how long anot?"

"Not long lah 30cm ONLY!"

I stared at her..."wei...me drinking tau huay noe...!"

"So? Me eating rice!"

OMG...conclusion: ppl frm TKGS are perversed....

We rushed to NTUC buy our snacks for the show right after lunch. Wah 1.00pm liao! 15 minutes to go! We ran to NTUC and got ourselves the Salt and Vinegar potato chips and rush back to Princess.

The show was nice lah. The Shaggy Dog about a lawyer who was fighting a case with some drug company that was tot to do cruel animal testing. The company actually caught this 300 years old dog from Tibet, and it managed to run away, coincidentally the layer's daughter found it, brought it home, called it Shaggy. He was about to chase Shaggy away when Shaggy bit him. He started to inherit the behaviour of a dog and eventually turned into one. And he would morph back into human when he was resting or meditating. So from there he went into the research lab and saw all the weird failures of the animal testing. The ending was that he managed to prove to the court that the company was indeed doing animal research and flew away on hols w Shaggy and his family that he had neglected over the years.

Its acutally quite a nice movie...maybe DORM will be nicer...

This is the 1st time CC watching movie sia, he was asking me why the sound so weird de, fly here and there de...i was just luffing n luffing, and enjoying the uber sour venigar chips...nice choice Mato!


Its already 3pm by then le, we rushed down to Orchard. We went Far East. Sianz...all the zhar bo accessories...dun have guys one...77th Street got some, but no $$ buy le. There got another Comics Connection, me bought a crystal key chain for my sis. Its actually glass lah, inside got some liquid, when u turn it over inside the sequins will slowly sink.

We look for the whole building we saw this shop call "He and She", then inside, rings ah, pendants ah a lot 3 for $10 only. Got some guy design de. I bought one dragon head necklace, Mato bought a bullet necklace and a wacky design ring. Ya the dragon head look stupid on me lah, maybe i go mod become smthing else...who noes...might end up on my handphone or sch bag zip.

Its a bit short around my think neck....
The metal looks of low quality...

By that time we found out the silver pellet sweet we bought was gone!!! OMFG....must had thrown it away some how accidentally. I owe Mato quite some money...really broke...needa spend carefully liao...

We went Mac had snack and took train home from there. By then quite tired le...all so quiet, still needa walk that 2km of road back home.

home sweet home!

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