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Friday, March 03, 2006
MC HotDog - Wake Up!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:28 PM --- Post#114138350134228337

This thursday I bought MC Hotdog's Wake Up! YEah! Muahahha! I Love Hotdog! Well i went sooo many places but cant find, i had yet to try HMV cos surely damn exp de...chop carrot cake....

I so qiao found a little stall by the roadside in AMK selling mainly Parallel Import CDs. Well...I saw my hotdog there and picked it up...and saw that its $17! OMFG! parallel import CD so exp? Wait...there is no this "XY" shiny sticker on the cover. I doubt its pirated too. Well since i think Singapore dun really welcome vulgar rappers like MC HD, perhaps there is no "Singapore Version" and this happens to be the only direct import version.

Well since this album is so rare, nvm just buy lah.

Later i hurried back to AJC (cos i went out to eat during my 3 hours break) and showed it off to everyone! Muahahha....but most ppl dunno who he is lah. Fine then letme give u a brief intro ba. MC Ba Gua is Taiwan #1 underground rapper. He portrayed this society (more on Taiwan) in his raps with tons of hokkien vulgarities. I do agree with some of this view points, other than that i admire his use of vulgarirites (as much as i like Xue Hu's style of cursing, its damn artistic). More than that...i like guai lan stuffs! Muahahaha Hip hop sia...one of the best mando hip hop lor.

I read on a taiwan site about his 签唱会 in Taiwan for this new album: Wake Up. He was cursing everyone right from the start sia. The first line was "谁想听张栋粱的可以回家了!” If im not wrong the 主打歌 is 我爱台妹. He rapped about he flirting with his taiwan girls basically lah...then the last lines of the songs are something like “把双手举起来,把衣服线起来,把奶罩丢上来!” Then there were really fans throwing bras up to the air sia...wah kao...when will singapore ever allow this sia....

Well in case you want the lyrics, i got it scanned....but scanner no good...so well...

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