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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Wasting Away My March Holidays
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:28 AM --- Post#114247889709156293

So what had i done till now in the March Holidays? Well....nothing...Oh ya thanks to yuko-ogura, my headache is gone! Dun ask who yuko-ogura is...go goole it. Actually i wanna rest well and spend more time with my family this holiday. Tot that running away from my pool of friends for the moment would be healing to me.

I went out with my parents look for my Nokia 7260 phone cover. Also bought Mei Mei's 不怕不怕 @ Bugis. Ya i love that album. Mei Mei so kawaii neh! (LOL, remind me of Mato's Hawaii Gu story). Her eyes so damn big big sia. A lot of singer or 明星 the eyes big then use those seductive eyes to hook men. But Mei Mei's one isnt lor. Its just natural big eyes. Not seductive, which i like. But her eyes does lack a bit of expression as Angie told me.

SUSHI! Yeah, my parents on leave again, took me to Sake. Hmmm the buffet is from 3 to 6pm, and student is $15 i think. Me Suay Ku mah...1st time go...this kinda exp exp place i where got $ go de... Then go in me start to chiong le...wah kao cannot eat the red plates de...not included in buffet...KNN...One plate in Sake usually $1.90, meaning i needa eat like 7 to 8 to be able to retrieve my cost. So me keep stuffing myself and keep ordering those hot de from the menu that isnt on the belt. Eeee...handroll...nice meh...never order handroll.

CCB....me in the end only ate like 15 plates and one bowl of soup only lor...damn full le. The buffet still got include one bowl of Udon mee i havenb eat yet...kao...DAMN full liao. Immediately ate two Emzymplex to aid digestion, else later got some stomach prob die le.

Mom went to get her annual checkup on her dunno what liver, kidney n stuff. She told me every year the report is the same de....what a bit high but still good.

Before that we went to 四马路, I said le, me wanna be free thinker, but since my parents insisted that i go pray then i go pray lor. Down there me saw another couple cry...everytime i come here i see zhar bo crying over their boyfriend...pathetic...Then later on go SLS bought my dad's HDD and my IRDA.

The Infared Red Desktop Accessory to make
my phone commnuicate w my comp

Back home i helped my dad upgrade our spare P3 computer at home. Added SD RAM and a 40GB HDD (formally only 4GB). Then everytime same prob...RAM never press in tight enuff. Then wun start at all. My dad used his bull strength and pull ALL THE WAY..Hehehehe... Inside the cables i saw like quite cock up. The IDE1 (There is only IDE1 and IDE2, what happen to 0?) Master was at the CD ROM, and the same IDE 1 Slave was at the HDD....huh? Where got liddat? I re-cabled them so that IDE1 Master is at HDD and IDE2 Master is at CD ROM. No need for slave mah.

Still things dun work well. Install Windows halfway hang....wun proceed....how neh?

Slack Slack Slack Slack....haiz.....Me from morning do my computing assignment on AI until evening...the hot weather...stuffy air and long hours of sitting in front of my comp caused me to get uber fed up...not to mention my mum's consistent nagging and nagging...wah biang...so unwell...

Same thing happen, once i stay in my poorly lit room for too long, i well get depressed....along with all the back pain and headache make it Hell...really feel like banging my head on the table...I wanna go bath, my sis will ALWAYS fight with me for the bath room, and my mum will ALWAYS let my sis go first, even i had put my clothes and was closing the door liao.

Then she came rushing in and slam her body on the door, i pushed as she used all her might to force her way in...BIAK! The door broke...Not the whole door, but cos my door is if two paritions, imagine a normal door, in between u can fold it again. So there is this small lock that holds the two partitions together cos when the door is closed, u can actually peek in if push in the middle. Ya that small lock broke. Fuck...adding to my fustration...

My mum came rushing out and of course chided us...and said that me being so big dunno the door will break, say what me top in DnT this kinda thing oso dunno. Please lor...its not entirely my fault lor....Im inside already le lor...my sis is the one who came rushing in de!

Haiz...told your le...this world is bais against guys de...all the fault always go to the guys....all the responibility oso go to the guys...

NS, earn money, be women's credit card and all are men's reponsibility. Even cannot bear child first thing is oso think of men got problem...Then father come home mother expect my dad to do house work with her...wah kao...what society is this...its worse than discrimination...its making use sia!...fuck lah...

Haiz...me more and more fustrated by then...but i REN...at nite me got a friendly version of Windows for my dad, but using back the same orginal serial. Wah can install le...the original disc gone le lah....Got time then go replace the spoilt original disc..

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