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Sunday, March 12, 2006
ZOMBiE Destinee Version 5.0
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:25 PM --- Post#114217626341600832

My Tears
Haiz...this blog took me more blood and tears than my last one. It took me THREE months. Why? Cos i needa make all my Flash apps and design and everything. If im not wrong, expect for the Gear skin bg image (the bg image only, not the gfx framing & other designs), the shout box, site counter and blog rolling, the rest are pretty much by me (~ 90%?). I feel thati will have more pride in my blog if i DIY as much as i can. Esp this blog which had gone thru so much rain and shine. From the Sex tok saga to knowing Angie from my blog...this blog shall never go down..even a lot of ppl urge me to stop crapping and change my blog address.

I met up with too much upsets in this three months of school terms, which indirectly affected my progress in blog skinning. Things like probs w my class, studies, certain ppl leaving, emotional unbalance and a lot more...

This blog will still continue to be developed as it goes along...now my heart is at ease...im so proud of cygig.blogspot! Muahahaha!

Today marks the long awaited final version of my blog. After one week of beta, I ironed out some bugs and added some new features.

Here is a summary on whats new in this blog:
- Glass Core Metal Blog skin
Built over the previous blog skin, this concept was taken from the Brushed Metal background from Mac OSX and the transparent edges of Windows Vista. From then i make them according to my own likes.

- More organised
Reviewed Terms and conditions, clean HTML, better compatibility...generally more organised.

- More friendly skin.
I repeat the body image to save loading time and matched the theme colour with a grey background colour, so that when scaled to a larger resolution, it wun appear too awkard.

- Dynamic link list
It was formally zB Link, a swf that reads in xml and display a link list. Later scraped and use Blog Rolling's service instead.

- Classic Entries
Created a "Check it out!" section on the sidebar to display links to special pages like certain enteries, poems, stories...etc...

- Make use of links
I made use of certain post in my blog to put my Terms and Conditions, links, quotes, blogger profile to eliminate external files.

- Faster
I cleaned the codes, and looked for a good hosts and the blog now should load faster. Files.bz is currently under maintence and this point of writing, thus im using Let Me Host (not tt fast) for the moment

- Free Music
Music from zB player are free distributed music under Creative Commons

- zB Player
I spent most of the time remaking Zombie Player. I cleaned up, reskined and added more funtionalities to the player. Its suppose to read in XML as a playlist, but there were some bugs that could not be resolved, this its only 0.9 Beta. Other than that, i fixed the song list bug that wun play of there are less than 3 songs in the song list. I added the function to seek parts of the songs as well.

- zB Info
Another zB Blog utilities, it displays the information about your comp and stores the last time u access my blog

-zB Text
Using NO cookies, it stores text u type in on that particular comp

-zB Search n Clock
Simply a search bar and clock

Special Thanks
The same old ppl: tomato, chikage, selina, angie, december, Mr Garett Chen. And of course anyone i miss out who help me here and there. If you wish your name here, just tell me k!

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