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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Double disaster
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:56 PM --- Post#114638122792119890

Last nite i was renovating my room lah, cos my mum bought new tables for my comp and stuff. So i was rewiring my comp, hi fi, tv and network. Then i was climbing up and down, and all of a sudden, BOOM! My already injured left foot gave way and i fell to the ground.

I tot only a fall, but i saw tons of blood around! I saw my same left foot got a hole! OWWWW. The hole wasnt' too big lah, but dunno why so painful leh. Best is i dunno what went in! Looking at the size, i suspect its one of those charging jacks, maybe even the 3.5mm audio jack.
Imagine now u can plug in a earphone into my left sole and listen to my heartbeat! Hahahaha..owwoowowowow...ouch...

Swollen feet

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Quite a small hole but dunno why so painful, must be quite deep.

So i limp downstairs and eat dinner, leaving a trail of blood...my mum was damn shocked lah! Keep scolding me "why ge kiang go climb lah! See lah..." Fuck lah, i pain liao still liddat. This time REALLY cannot walk le. Last Wed i twisted my foot still can walk, now really cannot. Imagine u punch a hole in your sole, see can walk anot!

This morning i went to see doc again. the doc tot i went back to 复诊, dint expect me to fall again. Gave me anti-biotics, painkiller, antiseptic oilment and 2 days MC (Tues and Wed, Mon is Labour day nia). He say one week later if still pain, means THERE IS SOMETHING INSIDE! Then needa go for operation le nia!

Sian! 2 days MC! CANNOT WALK! Meaning me goona spend 2 days in my room...OMFG...haiz....

Mean while i shall play with Koromon!

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Friday, April 28, 2006
GP Act Sei
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:42 PM --- Post#114623327347922816

Seriously, i neber understand the reason for studying General Paper lor. In fact its one of the most hated subject on the student's black list lah. It does not contribute much to the score in A levels, yet you MUST pass in order to go uni. Wah kao, why liddat one....

If im not wrong, one of GP's aim is to develop thinking skills and how we express ourselves!

Ok today, i compare for you to see Blogging VS General Paper! Hahahahaha! I find blogging a muchi better way to "develop thinking skills" and "express ourselves"!

When a student does GP, most likely he is being pressured and force to do so! (all JC students have to go through it! Why Poly no need???). Just becos he wants to come JC, he MUST take GP. Sounds a bit unreasonable sia. Then why Poly student why no need nia? I tot its supposed to be a life skill?

I can really assume most of the sudents when given a chance will NOT take GP. Cos they dun like it! Whats the use of forcing smthing down the students' throat nia??? Teacher say "do newspaper cutting", then we do lor. Teacher say "memorise this!", then we memorise lor. Teacher say "Must use this structure!", then we use lor.

This is like totally different from blogging lah! When we blog, we do it OUR style, we do it OUR way, we do it OURSELVES! Look at the number of students having blogs. A lot de lor, inside got a lot of REAL opinions that we REALLY FEEL. Unlike GP essay where the stand is more or less standard one de.

In a GP essay, there is this fixed structure, fixed way of argument, fixed way of presenting your point...blah blah blah...According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition:


1. (*s'*') a. A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author.

Ya, its sooooooo PERSONAL hor...so personal until we have to stick so close to everything. A lot of teachers tell the students to memorise facts, learn the structure that the examiners like and all those stuff. Plus a lot of students dun really favour GP liao. It ended up being something that is "faked up" by the students lor.

U see ppl blog, got what say what. No fixed format. Ok lah, you may say we write in Singlish no one understand, that one might be a problem lah. But overall, a lot of blogs are not that foreign-unreadable mah. Furthermore, the targets of blogs are at local ppl. When im posting in foreign forums, i will use standard english one! Like in http://iaudio.com, iAudio's webby, i used simple and good enlglish to talk to those foreigners, they understood me perfectly. Also, a lot of them have their own style of writing as well, like american slang or french accent, some cant even write in English well. But overall, we are still able to communicate!

Talk about forums, GP essay is dead. Its written in ink and paper then handed in. But when we post in blogs, we get feedback and opinions from other ppl. At times i will link some posts to forums like SPUG.net. Then ppl can come and discuss in the fourms or through the Comments function most web log engine offers. Isnt this a lot more interactive?

Doing all these online also reduces the problem of "cannot assume the reader knows". In a GP essay, we gotta explain EVERYTHING. A lot are really redundant, we write them for the sake of "showing off we do know facts". We gotta give details on a lot of examples. Say we mention about views on certain environmental issues, we needa memorise all the facts in the GP essay. But when we blog, we have the internet, we can simply do a link to Wikipedia! Easy as that! Readers whom already know about, maybe the Kyoto Protocol, need not re read stuffs that he already know, while the rest can click on the link to get far more details than we can memorise in a GP essay!

Lastly, things get more interesting when there is some entertaining value in it. Who will actually read a GP essay other than for examination sake? I haven read one essay that is really interesting de lor. Same perfect and formal english. Compare this to Rockson's blog! All the vugalrities and feeling and cock brings his point out much much muchi more effectively sia!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006
My Leg Ah....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:53 PM --- Post#114615417827246211

Dun ask me how i injured my foot...i seriously dunno. I was walking out of room 112, going to the canteen and BOOM, i stepped and fell into the lang kao! I dint really fall, since i managed to support myself by the sides of the pavement. I had NO briuse, NO cuts...NOTHING.

When i got up i felt that i should return to my classroom. By then my left foot was already in great pain. I tot its only a small drain, so i dint really bother. But one thing fo r sure: I cant walk properly.

So bad, everyone tot i faked my injury. All so heartless....everyone was thinking...how bad can a fall into a small drain be? I oso dunno, but its worse than i imagined. I managed to limp my way though the day, its really surprising...from 10ma to 4pm of pain...Well perhaps i keep telling myself its actually not painful or rather i love to torture myself....

I tot walking more would help, but the more i walked the more painful it gets, it got swollen also, i had to loosen my shoe laces in the end...arggg....

After cXtreme at about 4pm, Ah Lam and Yan helped me over to take a cab. Actually i wanna take train home de, but when i told that to my mum, she screamed her head off...force me take cab...take cab lor...cab so exp nia..

My mum was waiting for me when i alighted my cab...WHEEL CHAIR...she actually brought over grandma's WHEEL CHAIR...and she insisted on wheeling me over to the clinic. Wah kao chao embarassing lah, but the feeling of someone pushing you and everyone giving way is really nice nia! Hahahahaha.

Doctor press press press....i ouch ouch ouch....he said might have fracture since the injured part is near my toe joint. He gave nothing but pain killer and some oily balm. My mum told me that if by Sun haven recover...needa go xray le. Haiz...I was given a day of MC, since i needa go to school on Friday to take my SPA nia.

The expected recovering time is around 3 weeks ba...but i was only given 1 week off PE!...eh not fair....I was being wheel chaired back home...my mum cant even push me over the road curb sia! end up i needa hop around so that she can get the wheels up. Siao Siao...

Today lah...do what neh? MC at home wor...nothing to do lor...homework? Mad lah...i was slacking the whole day. I can walk better le! Maybe tml can run liao! No more pain but dunno why i cant walk properly...haiz...

Slack Slack Slack Slack...nutting to do....AJC today having Sports Day nia, i dint have the chance to see the chio bu do cheer leading! WASTED! Arggg....

Till now, im still wondering how the fuck i fell, and how the fuck a small fall liddat got that serious...Fuck lah...ahhh tml got SPA!!!!

Ah...yawn...sleep le...cout << PeAcE!

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iAudio G-Style
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:41 PM --- Post#114614256914993182

Artwork Info
Software: Photoshop CS2

Its modelled after my iAudio G3, this is my imaginary player. Hahaha, its when GP releases their 5000mAh battery that gives it 100 hours of battery life, and when Toshiba releases their 32GB flash chip. It has an 2.5" OLED screen, it can take

Audio: mp3, ogg, wma, asf, wav, flac, ape
Video: DviX, Xvid, MPEG, mov, rmvb, wmv
Text: txt, doc
Pic: jpeg, bmp, png, gif, swf

Other than that, it provides the same good sound quality like the other players from iAudio. Instead of 3D surround, its replaced with the BBE ViVa and Dolby for video playback. It has a multipurpose high quality single port of video input/output with audio line out. The single port is then spilt out into various output jack (S-Video, Composite, Phono...) through an adapter. It has OTG (USB Host) too!

The OS is modular, meaning u can write plugins and add codec pack to it! Thus gaming is also possible! It has Java Virtual Machine and the OS is Linux based.

LOL....i day dream too much le lah! Hahaha

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:10 PM --- Post#114612943748796413


Artwork Info
Name: 寂寞边界 (Expanding Horizons)
Medium: A5 Sketchpad
Sketched in: Pilot Dr. Grip 0.5
Coloured in: Adobe Photoshop digitally coloured

Yep, another artwork by me. This time handdrawn then digitally coloured. Its not nice, but it doesnt matter, becos it describes what i feel now. Yes, it reflects my feeling...dun ask anymore. Thanks to Bunny aka Kian Tiong for the chinese title and Blue_Quartz for the Enlgish one!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
"Is She the one?"
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:37 PM --- Post#114606440319018069

肉瓜 is a fictitious gal i hate from this fictitious ABC Junior College.
The following is merely story cocked up by me and any coincidence is purely coincidental!

While Wei Kiat thinks December is disgusting, i dun think so, cos he proves to me his attitude and character. But there are TWO other ppl which i think are far more retarded....

Monday 24th of a certain month certain year, me, sher hern and Elvin finished our lesson and me went to the book shop to get my Power Tank Uniball pen and some correction tape. As i went in, i saw this familiar sexy figure standing back facing me, i was like "OMFG, not her again!" I actually wanted to walk away but i tot why should i do that? So i turned around and informed my two good friends about some doubtful character in the book shop. Sherhern saw her and was similing all along.

This Elvin, mouth damn big, keep toking nonsense...ignore him for the moment.

So i kao pei to the bookshop Uncle and asked for my correction tape and stuff, wow...i was standing damn near to 肉瓜 noe. I looked at her and tested her reaction, negative. She knew i was avoiding her all along, and kiat told me she got some kinda fetish attitude that makes her so damn high when she see ppl siam her.

So i slowly turned my head and looked at her. I saw a smile! Wow! 笑里藏刀!Wah Kao...good good! The smile was so damn fake lah, then i slowly turn back again. My mum use to tell me now to look at other's funeral at the void deck, cos unlucky nia! Same her, later i see too much my eye ball pop out like Happy Tree Friends die liao! Hahahahaha!

"Uncle 谢谢!" she thanked the uncle and went out. So fast for what, stay longer lah!

Now Elvin was really toking nonsense, "你是不是喜欢她?". LOL, OF COURSE...... That idiot really need some spanking and wacking....

I took my Power Tank and stabbed Elvin for quite some time, he cannt tahan and ran out of the bookshop...he even went near 肉瓜 and pointed at her! Elvin was really courageousto be near some doubtful character!

I continued to give chase as Elvin fleed out of the school, while then 肉瓜 was slowing taking her own sweet time to open up her umbrella to shield her beauty from the rain! Awwww.....

Who noes Elvin was so hum chee to make a U-turn and OMFG! He was hiding behind 肉瓜 as she came out! OMFG! Poor Elvin! Maybe its time for him to change his glasses! Who cares man, i took my Power Tank and chiong towards them!

I was like CB, KNNB, LJ all the way. Imagine we are in the Matrix, 肉瓜 saw me charging at Elvin, who was behind her...and pulled her bag and umbrella so tight! And attempt to make her escape put of the sticky situation (together with her fake smile of course). Guess she dint really though that would happen...She ran forward as i nabbed Elvin and jabbed him several times (dunno why he neber feel the pain...). The traffic light was green and there was only 10 seconds left to cross, 肉瓜 pushed her limit and dashed across the street, siaming all the other pedestrains along the way! Just imagine all those in slow mo.

Things got calmed down as Sher Hern catched up with us. "She look so desperate to get away from you huh!" Isit? I tot i should be the one instead?

At the traffic light Elvin shouted "你喜欢她就讲出来啦!". Poor Elvin, he cant really differentiate between Pok Pok and 肉瓜...Everyone noes how much i liked Pok Pok, and i always told Pok Pok how much i like her! Im an animal lover! Erm Wei Kiat, please help me take Elvin to the optician! Thanks!

Wow! Nice action story i had written!

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Monday, April 24, 2006
AJC Family Day 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:29 PM --- Post#114589259198586241

Harmoc Concert
I was the first to buy the tix frm Lily i think, then somehow Sher Hern was forced to go too. That day was tired lah, we were preparing for next day's Family Day. At first got a lot of ppl de, later on left only me, sher hern and si hui only. I was damn surprised Kiat dint go lah. I ask why, he say harmoc performance damn lousy.

Perhaps he was talking about the skills and AV system and all those freak techy stuff. For me i dun think its lousy performance lah, cos got the 气氛. Imagine a concert with the best systems and the best performers. But only you there. How nice...

Actually harmonica is a "noisy" instrument, the notes produced are not pure. If i not wrong, a pure note is a nice sine wave, while a noisy note is a sine wave with jagged edges. Me personally like solo harmonica performance, cos in a band, the noise will be even more. Despite having the huge bass harmoc, the overall did not sound tight and deep enuff. Maybe they can add in a extra keyboard other than the piano to play the bass.

The conductor's solo was marvy. U can notice the significant broad range of tones, brighter treble and purer notes from him, as compared to the much more dull sound from the student. Just my 2 cents.

Well as i said, the fun and cheering and seeing Elvin's team cock up on stage far over ridden the sound aspect le.

The Gladiator
This should be one of the most happening day in AJC ba. Well, our class did the Gladiator.

GamePlay #1: Hit the ball attached using masking tape off your opponent's helmet
GamePlay #2: Free for all
Pricing: $1.00

Tournament: Three V Three in three different rounds. Then Winner 3V3 again.
Pricing: $2.00

I was helping out the previous day and on the actual day, cos i noe there is nothing much nice to play de. I remembered last year everything was damn exp and well...unprofessional. The disco was a mere flash-light filled Nexus with ppl shaking their butts. But, it was really pure fun lah.

I was requested to be fought with twice in The Gladiator...aiyo...i lost both times! I really dunno how to control the noodle stick lah. At 1st the business really cold, its until the last hour then business became much better lah. But then too late liao, out earning is a mere $20, while attractions like the Haunted House got $200+ profit lah!

This year was well better, why? Cos i have got a better class compared to last year.

Su Yee VS Lily!

The Final battle among sher hern, his bro's friend and Elvin. I dint manage to record the whole thing cos no memory liao.

My old friend Potato (shen yean) came to AJC, i suppose he was here to make fun of Wei Liang and some Stella ba. I was tending my booth as he shouted my name from the side....

Potato: *shouts my name*

Me: *turn around and walk to him*

Me: eh eh come play!

Potato: 不要啦。。。*beamed at our class ppl playing* 做么你们的班这样。。。(opps 08 ppl no offence)

Me: 玩啦玩啦!

Potato: 你们 AJC 的 zhar bo 怎么这个样子的!哇靠!

Me: 哎呀,她们今天扮丑啦!

Potato: 我今天 dick 还扮小 neh!

Me: *stretch out my arm* 喂喂喂!不要跳楼!哈哈哈哈!

Potato: chee bye, 那个真的是。。。你懂他以前很喜欢骂人家 “bo lan cheow”, 这个叫 karma! 所以以后要骂 “你 lan cheow jin dua!”


Me: 我们的 band 唱歌真的超好听!你去楼下听啦!

Potato: Wah Lao! 上次来你们的 open house, 那三个马来人唱歌像 sai (no racism intended, in fact the Chinese sang worse off...)

Me: 真的真的!超好听!

Potato: eh, 我下去了。。。*went canteen, i stayed*

15 minutes later, i went down to canteen

I cant find them, i found Selina instead. I got quite some tix to use so i approached her to buy kaya roti from her. How sweet, she told me to go up and wait for her in the hall while get get it heated up. Hahaha

Back in the hall i saw Potato with Gek Han this time. We were chatting and chatting...our same old VS jokes and accent filled with vulgarities. Remeber to rise your volume abouve 120dB.

Potato: *looking at gekhan* He (4got who le..) rememeber you DAMn well sia!

Gek Han: Why?

Potato: Cos your name almost the same as my MUM's NAME! HAhahaha! Gek Hiang!

Me: *jump in circles* Whats your father's name?! Ahhh...shit cannot remember.

Potato: *jumped and pointed at me* Same as you father lah!!!

Me: *suddenly remembered* OOOOO....Zai LAI!

Potato: *pointed at me* Lai Chai!!!

Then Selina came up with the "different from the rest" kaya roti. I was joking with her, asked "only liddat ah, i tot like breakfast set got egg got kopi one". She 傻傻地 smile then replied "Its nice!". Well its really nice, although i always tot kaya roti tasted the same everywhere.

Me, Potato and Gek Han all luff and luff...and went down to look for Wei Liang. He was telling me about how bad Catholic High guys were (opps another no offence) and how his sch got this guy whole looks uglier than me and keep shaking his left leg to get erection and keep proposing to gals. Lol there were lots and lots of the typical VS gossip and laming....me lub toking to them sia! Hahah in AJC not much ppl can understand my humour anyway.

Well i went back for the tournament in the end before they found they stella...haiz...so sad...more VS ppl shld cum ma.....

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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Before You Buy Your iPod…
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:55 AM --- Post#114572594791612684

When it comes to music, many may think of the iPod. But the question is, is the iPod really that good??? Maybe Singaporeans can use their kiasu and “go for all sale and discounted items” spirit when it comes to choosing their mp3 player.

Yes, I know iPod is sleek and slim and cool and blah blah blah. But there are actually a lot of other mp3 players that does as well as and even better than iPod, summore, at the same price sia! Ahhh…are you thinking of some cheapskate mp3 player you find in those hyper markets? No lah! There are some brands like iAudio, iRiver or MPIO that isn’t very popular in Singapore, but they sure have their place overseas. Some people dun even know that Sony makes mp3 player sia! Actually if you go Japan, iPod is considered as one of those more ulu brand lor.

So you may say “AIyo, later spoil liao how sia!”
Dun worry, as long as they have an authorized dealer, they will fix things up for you. Like my iAudio, if there is any problem, I take back and they replace a new one for more without asking much questions. Superb service!

Further more, when iPod first came out, its something nice, classy, fabulous. But now iPodders are filling Orchard road, its no longer special to have an iPod. Its becoming more of a cliché lor. When all the zhar bo is chio, there will be no such thing as a chio bu anymore!

Also, according to a lot of people, the sound quality of iPod is just average. Since its an mp3 player, it must sound good mah! For me, I find that the bass is not deep enough. Not shiok enough for those disco dance hits! The earphone that comes with the iPod can is errr……. Wait…not asking you to buy those $10000 DJ headphones. For $20-$30, you can get the Sennheiser MX400, 450, 500 and 550 series earphones le! There are good and cheap. Or maybe the Koss KSC75 for $40+, even better and value for money! Google them and im sure you can find tons of positive reviews. Remember, not all expensive earphones are good, as some are really a waste of money. Changing earphones can really make iPod sound a lot better!

Ok, I need to clarify, im not saying iPod is no good. But rather for those who want to be more hip and try something else, there are a lot of other alternatives around. Ok I had found 3 mp3 players to rival with iPod.

They are:
Creative MuVo s200
iAudio 6
Samsung YH-J70SB

iPod Shuffle VS Creative MuVo s200


iPod Shuffle

Creative MuVo s200

Audio Format Support

MP3, AAC, Audible, Wave


Video Format Support



Image & Text Format Support



File Transfer

iTunes in Windows and Mac for music

Drag and Drop, recognises as removable storage in Windows


512MB, 1GB

256MB, 512MB, 1GB

Battery (company claimed)

12 hours on built in battery

17 hours audio on AAA battery

Charge Time (company claimed)

4 hours

Depends on battery



PLED (Orange) 96x36px



1 user definable EQ

4 preset EQ


5 way navigator

5 way navigator


20Hz ~ 20KHz

Rest Unknown


Other Features


Voice recorder, FM radio with recorder, lyrics display

Pricing (SGD, 1GB model)



For just $40 more, you get a whole lot more from the s200, but the design is not as small and as sleek as the Shuffle. The Shuffle might support more audio formats, WMA is nevertheless one of the most common format available.

At this price range, the s200 is definitely a better buy than the Shuffle. Though the audio quality is not tested, base on the rest of the Creative model, their sound quality should be comparable.

iPod Nano VS iAudio 6


iPod Nano

iAudio 6

Audio Format Support

AAC, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, Wav, AIFF

MP3, OGG, WMA (with DRM10), ASF, FLAC, WAV

Video Format Support


XviD MPEG 4 (15 fps, 160x128 max)

Image & Text Format Support

iPod viewable format, no text format support

JPEG, .txt

File Transfer

iTunes in Windows and Mac for music

Drag and Drop, recognises as removable storage in Windows, Linux and Mac


1,2,4 GB Flash

4GB 0.85” HDD

Battery (company claimed)

14 hours audio, 4 hours music slideshow

20 hours audio

Charge Time (company claimed)

3 hours on built in non user replaceable battery

3 hours on built in battery


1.5” colour LCD with backlight

1.3” 18bit colour 160x128px OLED


20 user definable EQ

5 user definable EQ



MP Enhance

3D Surround

10 jetEffect settings


Click Wheel

Swing Touch


20Hz ~ 20KHz

Rest Unknown

16 Ohm earphone : 30mW + 30mW

95dB SNR

20Hz ~ 20KHz

Other Features

N/A (some via external dock connection)

USB Host, Voice recorder, FM radio with recorder, Line-In

The Nano has a cool and shiny look, and the sides are so slim! It has a colour screen but not being able to play video is a real pity. Like the rest of the iPod family, it comes with a dock connector that can be plugged into external devices like microphones or radio. It has the same Mac glossy buttons and UI which adds on to the visual appeal. It is lighter than the I6 by 20 grams and uses a flash skip free memory

iAudio 6 gives choices of more common audio codec like WMA with protection, the open source format Ogg Vorbis and the lossless compressed FLAC. It adds on as a video cum picture viewer and text reader. File transfer without any other software is an added bonus, to all Windows, Mac and Linux users. The BBE jetEffects boost the audio quality of the player. BBE makes vocal clearer and bass deeper, Mach3Bass amp the bass without affecting the vocal, MP Enhance compensates for lossy audio while 3D surround produce dynamic sounds. USB Host enable user to transfer files from some other USB-interfaced devices such as digital cameras or card readers. I6 did not do as well when it comes to storage, it uses a 0.85” HDD while might not be as durable as Nano’s flash. When it comes to the UI, I6 look quite professional with the 3D icons and vivid colour.

iPod 30GB VS Samsung YH-J70SB



Samsung YH-J70SB

Audio Format Support

AAC, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, Wav, AIFF


Video Format Support

MPEG4, H.264


Image & Text Format Support

iPod viewable format, no text format support


File Transfer

iTunes in Windows and Mac for music

Mass Storage


30/60GB HDD

20/30GB HDD

Battery (company claimed)


14 hours audio

3 hours music slideshow

2 hours audio


20 hours for 60GB

4 hours music slideshow

3 hours audio

25 hours audio

7 hours video

Charge Time (company claimed)

4 hours



2.5” 16bit colour 320x240px TFT LCD with backlight

1.8” 18bit colour TFT LCD


20 user definable EQ

20 preset EQ

1 user definable EQ


WOW Optimization


Click Wheels

Buttons and rocker


20Hz ~ 20KHz

Rest Unknown

25mW + 25mW output

Rest Unknown

Other Features



To-Do list


Screen Lock

Voice recorder

FM radio with recorder Line In



Pricing (SGD)



iPod’s calendar, world clock and to-do list function comes in handy to handle our everyday chores. Not only that, the large LCD screen is an eye candy to most people. Samsung does not have a 60GB model, which I think is a significant advantage in the iPod. The size, weight and volume of both models are almost the same in both 30GB model.

The SRS WOW effect on Samsung amplify sound image and better define bass, similar to some of the BBE jetEffects. Together with the powerful 25mW per channel output, sound quality should be in the top range. Its equipped with the usual line in, voice recorder and radio that the iPod always miss out. The pricing seems a lot more value-added as compared to the 30GB despite some of its disadvantages

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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Definition For "Guai Lan"
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:54 PM --- Post#114554614122853993

When Computing Gets Horny....
Muahaha, i think my Hot Dogging skills has been improving, from smuggling Western Food's cheese hotdogs (u wun be able to buy it, only me in the whole of AJ gets it..hehehe) to speed eating them. Hahah me squeese the hot doggie through the plastic bag to cut off a portion, then when teacher not looking, just pop into my mouth. Kiat turned around just in time to see me popping...

"Wah...lightning fast ah..."

Anyway...computing lesson really getting horny...teacher whole day "F-in F-out", "Rear in Front out", "Must go in from the rear", "Lets take boobs* as example..".... LOL...Seriously i think my imagination had really gone while...everytime during CS lesson i will burst out luffing...cos a lot of the acroymns and terms really can link to all the lame stuff.

*mispronounciation for "books"

Fake Abalone!
Warning, the coffee shop across two street from the traffic light near to the MRT station is selling FAKE abalone noodles! Ya its the one in front of the temple and Community Center, the one that sells Ba Chor Mee de neh. They oso got sell abalone noo, but tt day me da bao for the Western Food Xiao Jie to eat, she say the abalone fake one! Ya hor, $3 abalone...how to get abalone sia...

BUT but but but but but but but....even the abalone is fake, the ba chor me still beri NICE! In fact their ba chor mee is the best i had tasted b4 nia!

Western Food go Eastern
Nowadays, me and Western Food Xiao Jie on damn good terms, now u see me buy food no need queue, just go in and


Hahaha, as mentioned just now, she only sells me her cheese hot doggies, 80 cents for one, but extra LOOONG, extra THICK. 赞 ! 极品 !

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Then she oso got see Bee Hoon, only to my class (08) i think. Cos her bee hoon confirm on, comfirm good, its not the best bee hoon i had eaten, but surely the best in AJC nia!

Definition For "Guai Lan"
There seems to be some misconception in SPUG when i say "guai lan". I really dunno the orginal exact meaning, but this is according to be defination:

Guai Lan means weird dick, generally means being weird.

[1] noun
means being a f**ker, or trying to be funny.
eg "That guai lan whole day lurk around zhar bo toilet, dunno doing what sia!"

[2] verb
using all sorts of way and weird ideas to implicate on someone
eg "He lah, whole day guai lan me, whole day turn one round shoot me, pattern more than badminton only..."

[3] adjective
Being weird yet creative
eg "Rockson's blog chao guai lan, chao diao, must go read nia!"

Wall Painting
Now i see AJ's fund being used...at least for painitng the walls. We get to choose the colour! Basically, each level vote for a colour scheme, then the painter will paint it accordingly. Its a nice idea i think. But when it concerns the overall feel of the building, i just hope all those colour scheme matches, else beri ugly de.

My Blog Cannot Reach 10 000 Views!
That other time i stupidly promised Bunny and Tomato something if my blog reaches 10 000 views by June...That something is really...ahhh..something that i no guts to do...i should not had promised it...damn...DUN ASK ME what it is..cos there is NO WAY im telling...

2 Weeks Later!
When i got back my ultra slim and sexy GP file, i simply threw it back into my drawer....tt day my GP teacher mentioned smthing about some ppl required to redo the file. I was thinking
"Cannot be me de lah...my one shld be enuff".

Now that i remembered i rush to my drawe, dig out the file..and found this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


The F-word
The defination and usage of the English word "fuck". Higly educational
Link (Flash movie):

Tiring Week
CS coursework, Physics & Math test, Family day....blah blah blah....tired nia...Still got GP homework, the one rephrase dunno which poli-dicks leader's speech into a essay one..HECK lah...gg sleep le.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Choose FireFox today!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:59 PM --- Post#114545942472712657

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Click on the above thumbnail to see the larger picture.
Its a analysis of the latest 100 visitors from my blog, regarding their internet browsers:

40.00% MSIE 6.0
36.00% Firefox 1.5.0
8.00% Firefox 1.0.7
8.00% Safari 1.2
1.00% Firefox 1.0.6
1.00% Opera 8.52
1.00% Firefox 1.0.3
1.00% Opera 8.53
1.00% Firefox 0.10.
1.00% MSIE 5.01
1.00% MSIE 5.5
1.00% Opera 8.51

Adding all the various FireFox versions, we have got 47% of the users using FireFox! Most of the visitors (~80%) of my blog come friom Singapore.

Hip Hip Hurray! Do you know that your browser is the first protection against viruses, worms, trojans and spyware from the internet? Followed by yout firewall and antivirus. Thus having a good browser like Opera and Firefox (both free and available in Windows) is necessary.

I tell you hor, most of the time ppl who whole day complain kena virues or spywares or popups crap or nonsense toolbar are using Internet Explorer....Some even dunno they tio all those harmful stuff liao.

-Firefox/Opera browser
-AVG Free antivirus
-Spybot Search and Destory

Just these 3, no firewall even. I tested by on porn sites (testing only lah.. really..) and other sites of potential danger...still nothing happen nia! Spyware kept to minium (impossible to have none @ all) and a lot of time AVG detect virus b4 i oepn the files.

Choose FireFox today!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Google shattered my friend's dream
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:39 PM --- Post#114535867356159898

Think without the box
Something that hit the news recently was The Wicked, muahaha, created by none other than my good old computing friend Tay Wei Kiat (unigal in SPUG). Life in AJC is boring enough le, but who says all AJCians full time mugger? The Wicked is a nice example of CREATIVITY, use brain de!

Kiat had been earning some money through Google AdSense, using his grey matters. Who says students MUST go through Singapore's "Mug-and Cert" system to be successful in life? This might be his first step to start earning big bucks out of almost no capital cost (the server was sponsored kindly by someone in SPUG).

Sad enough the school did not even bring this up and give him that small bit of praising. Something even scarier is coming on the way...

The Wicked

No Sense?
As said earlier, Kiat uses AdSense to bring in his small fortune, for perhaps his time (which is supposed to be meant for tutorials...ooops) and as an encouragement to start off the journey of Creativity. This morning (18/04/2006), he was strolling with me during PE lessons as he told me that his AdSense account was suspended.

"They say what invalid click lor! Sad lah...its about SGD 500 leh...gone liddat..."

It seemed that Google had some mistakes in their advertising processing, he did not click on his own ads and yet Google accused him of fraud.

There is this ratio of the number of clicks to the number of viewers. As we all know, not everyone click on the ads (in fact i was wondering which idiot would be clickin on ads?), thus a high ratio indicates that there might be a foul play of which the publisher teams with his friends and family just to click on his ads to earn him money. But this his ratio is less than 1%, meaning out of 100 views, not even one person clicked on the ads, which to me seems reasonable enough to say that all the ads were clicked by his visitors. Proof? No proof! The account had been banned! Nothing could be retrived.

Poor Kiat, our computing teacher told me he was ranting the whole morning about his loss. $500 might be like "chey..." to a lot of ppl, but he is only a JC student! He is earning his money to perhaps pay for his gadgets instead of sponging his parents lor. He told me he wanna buy this Sony MD player sold at a cheap price online and was getting excited as the amount he earned from AdSense was enough for his little luxury.

Talk Big
Here is the email Kiat got:

Hello Tay Wei Kiat,
It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s). We have therefore disabled your Google AdSense account. Please understand that this step was taken in an effort to protect the interest of the AdWords advertisers.

Publishers disabled for invalid clickactivity are not allowed furtherparticipation in AdSense and do not receive any further payment. The earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected advertisers

Well, its easy to say he had fraud clicks, but the email did not even mention any single details, like the day, date and time or perhaps the IP address, on which page, which ad...Nothing at all. Imagine one day you recieve a court letter asking you to go to jail, but never tell you why.

It seems like Kiat is not the only one. Read
on how they prompted Google to give them a reply but all they got was machine generated standard emails. Google is such a huge company, no one to answer them? Fine, perhaps they might really be so busy to respond to his email. What about this:
That guy waited for three weeks leh, and even called Google up lor...yet no response. Being such a huge company, i tot it would be no good to ignore their users just liddat. And also:
on a guy not having any returns despite using AdSense for 3 years.

Hypothesis becomes theory
So someone went to do a test on Google AdSense here:

Wah lao, basically what he did was to set up a brand new website and ordered his staff never to click on his own ads. Some sort of controlled experiment sia. And as expected, an email came and informed them about invalid clicks. He pressed Google for answers and what they gave was that they would not reveal any information about their system or the advertising companies.

Furthermore, he said that he knew of cases where the money from fraud clicks was not refunded to the advertising companies.

The point is
The point is not to point finger at Google and say they cheated AdSense users. It might afterall is because of a poorly written tracking system. But Google should at least look into the cases and give a more detailed and convincing answer. Having $500 the previous day and then gone the next day is really very buay song...making him feel so bo bian and depressed.

Now what?
Kiat said he might be closing down The Wicked. Well, but i guess he will choose Yahoo's ad program instead, as closing his sweat and blood down just because of AdSense is really a pity. A few of the players donated or promised to donate money for upgrades (future bandwidth, administrative fee...) or just as a form of support. So guys! Players of The Wicked...come on, you do not need to break your piggy bank. Giving moral support (eg via comments?) is good enough.

And for those of you using AdSense, keep on a lookout for for this problem of being said to have invalid clicks, followed by a forfeit and banned account, when you dun.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Project Wank
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:47 AM --- Post#114515535403497732


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The catus tomato gave me during Valentine's day actually bloomed! Cant believe it right...that fucking catus actually bloomed on me...Why did it bloomed neh? I think i noe why le, cos i had been leaving it outside my house, in fact i had not even watered it once since mato gave it to me lor. It only feeds on the rain water that splattered in neh. In the pic the bud is the small small purplish one, actually im not even sure if its a flower, later come out another small catus nia.

At first i did not believe it when my mum told me. I was like "fake one lah...dust only". Then my mum said "ok lor, then i pluck it off lah". On a second look it does look real, so i replied "Nonononono, kk real de ok....."

Project Wank
I got my PW result back, wtf, B3. Thats still ok noe...the prob is my whole group got B3, even worse, our group is the ONLY group in the class that got B3 (the rest all A2).

Win le lor. Our ST said our group had the most potential, fastest, most elaborated, best english, best illustration blah blah blah....and she spent more time on us than on other group, then why liddat? NOOOOOOOO.....

Haiz....i still remembered how many meetings we had got while the rest of the class was still slacking away, we had got soooo many draftings, just to make sure we got the right thing. We came back for extra oral presentation practices, and our ST said all our presenatation are up to expectation. Looking the oral presentation (which determined the individual score) of some of the others, i think its not our individual scores that pulled us down, most likely its the written report.

Pardon me, but i think perhaps the ST had restricted us too much on our WR, must this, must that, cannot put picture unnecessarily. Either that or we all think too much into the writing, altering it to fit in everyone's idea, many cook spoil the soup mah.

So how? Even the ever humber sher hern and the always pessimistic me think that B3 is not what we deserve. Su Yee got quite upset over it, although i dun really give a fuck about the score as long as i pass. Its not the score that matter, its justice. We put in so much effort, i dare to say mroe than the other groups, and yet this is what we get.

The Singapore Education system works liddat, they assume
good grades = good effort = know how to study = smart = useful
lousy grades = no effort = dunno how to study = stupid = can jump down

Did they look @ the effort we put in? No. They merely look at the results you produce under a two hour session fighting with your pen and pencil. I tot the process is more important than the result?

In practise, does your boss gives you something and locks you to your table and bar you from the outside and and force you to complete your work? No. You get to work with you colleagues, you have got computers and the internet to help you, and you get to voice out when you think you are given too much work. If you aint happy, you can leave!

How easy is leaving a job compared to leaving a school? We are slaves of our parents, principles.... you think its that easy for us to choose?

I hereby declared Project Work a failure. Lets go on to Project Wank.

Mother Father Fight
I hate it when my parents clean up the house (like this Friday), be it mopping the floor or changing the fish tank water....i dunno why, but whenever they start to do house chores, they will start quarrelling with each other. Mother say Father bad temper (when she oso the same), Father say Mother not efficient (when he is slow as well). Then me and my sis will be victims, if we watch TV, Father will yell at us say we slacking around. We play, Mother say i bully sis. We go feed Pok Pok, Father Mother come wack Pok Pok say dirty....

When they not good mood, they do everything oso can. When i depress, i asked to be alone, my mum will purposely come pester me.

Win le lor.

Physics Test
I intended to mug for Physics on Friday de....i wanted to look for the notes then study while shitting. The next thing i noe i woke up on Saturday...Huh? Who knocked me out?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Saturday, i spent the whole day just lookinf for my notes...all dunno throw where...In the end i managed to find my all notes in the evening, by then my room was in a huge mess liao lor...

Die le...still got my Family Day poster, coursework and now my pussy teacher having exam for 3 weeks, cant come, i gotta do my own Math le...die le die le...

Comments added
I did some coding for my blog. Now got comments le, changed some of the links also.

iFinger you
Wah kao, Tomato si beh bain tai, i showed her iFinger and iBalls, she was luffing like mad, while the rest at the forum keep saying its gross...mad gal! I got a mad cousin who gave a mad catus which actually bloomed...the whole world is mad mad de!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Singapore has bright future over chinese language
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:27 PM --- Post#114511491131139306

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:05 PM --- Post#114510991304829869

From the creator of iFinger, here comes iBalls!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This how i sleep during Math lecture, eyes open but no pupils, i cant see a thing. There was once where the lecturer was shocked as he woke me up and kept asking if im alright. LOL....

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The White Chamber Walkthrough
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:19 AM --- Post#114506036831395521


DO NOT click on the video unless you are sure you want to view the walkthrough.

Basically in this Flash game, your goal is to escape. You must make use of the environment to help you around to get clues. I had played all the other series before, this being the most comfortable difficulty for me. Not to hard nor too easy. And the navigation had improved a lot alot since the previous game. Me and Tomato took about 1 hour to solve this.

Yup the video is a walkthrough by me, unless you are really stuck, dun watch....

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Friday, April 14, 2006
IAudio G3 belt Clip
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:37 PM --- Post#114502333248784006

Yup, i found a way to hang my G3 on my long pants as a decoration instead of keeping it in my pocket and letting it mould.

The above pic shows my G3 hanging on the side of my pants, if u tuck out your shirt a lot, only part of the player will be showing, which i think might reduce risk of theft as it will not be too obvious. The phone cable could be looped at the end so that it wun be too lengthy.

You will need a
1. metal clip, those kind that mountain climbers need
2. A metal keychain ring
3. a fabric slip that u can make yourself

First, attatch the metal ring to the clip, then attatch the ring to the back of G3's plastic protective casing. Then hoop the slip into your pant's belt. Otherwise u can attatch the clip to the belt holder.

Now u can easily control your G3 from the side of your pants, yet u can detach it easily from the slip. Look cool uh?!

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:41 AM --- Post#114497943105877432

Wan Ling was starring at this...monstery during Bridge....

Wah Kao....flowering blooming in AJC. Rare scene nia!

Left: Lily's GP file
Right: My GP file...
As u can see, my summary skill is good! Compress until so damn thin!

My foot nia!

I saw this kawaii boi boi in the bus stop...
Kawaii Gu Gu!

A sculpture @ Toa Payoh, looks quite meaningful, father/grandfather love?

Our class's Friendship Day flag, YiYu's idea, Sher Hern drew it, me outline.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Left: Going into the Western food store cooking my hotdoggie
Right: 没有热狗是不行的!

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