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Monday, April 24, 2006
AJC Family Day 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:29 PM --- Post#114589259198586241

Harmoc Concert
I was the first to buy the tix frm Lily i think, then somehow Sher Hern was forced to go too. That day was tired lah, we were preparing for next day's Family Day. At first got a lot of ppl de, later on left only me, sher hern and si hui only. I was damn surprised Kiat dint go lah. I ask why, he say harmoc performance damn lousy.

Perhaps he was talking about the skills and AV system and all those freak techy stuff. For me i dun think its lousy performance lah, cos got the 气氛. Imagine a concert with the best systems and the best performers. But only you there. How nice...

Actually harmonica is a "noisy" instrument, the notes produced are not pure. If i not wrong, a pure note is a nice sine wave, while a noisy note is a sine wave with jagged edges. Me personally like solo harmonica performance, cos in a band, the noise will be even more. Despite having the huge bass harmoc, the overall did not sound tight and deep enuff. Maybe they can add in a extra keyboard other than the piano to play the bass.

The conductor's solo was marvy. U can notice the significant broad range of tones, brighter treble and purer notes from him, as compared to the much more dull sound from the student. Just my 2 cents.

Well as i said, the fun and cheering and seeing Elvin's team cock up on stage far over ridden the sound aspect le.

The Gladiator
This should be one of the most happening day in AJC ba. Well, our class did the Gladiator.

GamePlay #1: Hit the ball attached using masking tape off your opponent's helmet
GamePlay #2: Free for all
Pricing: $1.00

Tournament: Three V Three in three different rounds. Then Winner 3V3 again.
Pricing: $2.00

I was helping out the previous day and on the actual day, cos i noe there is nothing much nice to play de. I remembered last year everything was damn exp and well...unprofessional. The disco was a mere flash-light filled Nexus with ppl shaking their butts. But, it was really pure fun lah.

I was requested to be fought with twice in The Gladiator...aiyo...i lost both times! I really dunno how to control the noodle stick lah. At 1st the business really cold, its until the last hour then business became much better lah. But then too late liao, out earning is a mere $20, while attractions like the Haunted House got $200+ profit lah!

This year was well better, why? Cos i have got a better class compared to last year.

Su Yee VS Lily!

The Final battle among sher hern, his bro's friend and Elvin. I dint manage to record the whole thing cos no memory liao.

My old friend Potato (shen yean) came to AJC, i suppose he was here to make fun of Wei Liang and some Stella ba. I was tending my booth as he shouted my name from the side....

Potato: *shouts my name*

Me: *turn around and walk to him*

Me: eh eh come play!

Potato: 不要啦。。。*beamed at our class ppl playing* 做么你们的班这样。。。(opps 08 ppl no offence)

Me: 玩啦玩啦!

Potato: 你们 AJC 的 zhar bo 怎么这个样子的!哇靠!

Me: 哎呀,她们今天扮丑啦!

Potato: 我今天 dick 还扮小 neh!

Me: *stretch out my arm* 喂喂喂!不要跳楼!哈哈哈哈!

Potato: chee bye, 那个真的是。。。你懂他以前很喜欢骂人家 “bo lan cheow”, 这个叫 karma! 所以以后要骂 “你 lan cheow jin dua!”


Me: 我们的 band 唱歌真的超好听!你去楼下听啦!

Potato: Wah Lao! 上次来你们的 open house, 那三个马来人唱歌像 sai (no racism intended, in fact the Chinese sang worse off...)

Me: 真的真的!超好听!

Potato: eh, 我下去了。。。*went canteen, i stayed*

15 minutes later, i went down to canteen

I cant find them, i found Selina instead. I got quite some tix to use so i approached her to buy kaya roti from her. How sweet, she told me to go up and wait for her in the hall while get get it heated up. Hahaha

Back in the hall i saw Potato with Gek Han this time. We were chatting and chatting...our same old VS jokes and accent filled with vulgarities. Remeber to rise your volume abouve 120dB.

Potato: *looking at gekhan* He (4got who le..) rememeber you DAMn well sia!

Gek Han: Why?

Potato: Cos your name almost the same as my MUM's NAME! HAhahaha! Gek Hiang!

Me: *jump in circles* Whats your father's name?! Ahhh...shit cannot remember.

Potato: *jumped and pointed at me* Same as you father lah!!!

Me: *suddenly remembered* OOOOO....Zai LAI!

Potato: *pointed at me* Lai Chai!!!

Then Selina came up with the "different from the rest" kaya roti. I was joking with her, asked "only liddat ah, i tot like breakfast set got egg got kopi one". She 傻傻地 smile then replied "Its nice!". Well its really nice, although i always tot kaya roti tasted the same everywhere.

Me, Potato and Gek Han all luff and luff...and went down to look for Wei Liang. He was telling me about how bad Catholic High guys were (opps another no offence) and how his sch got this guy whole looks uglier than me and keep shaking his left leg to get erection and keep proposing to gals. Lol there were lots and lots of the typical VS gossip and laming....me lub toking to them sia! Hahah in AJC not much ppl can understand my humour anyway.

Well i went back for the tournament in the end before they found they stella...haiz...so sad...more VS ppl shld cum ma.....

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