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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Almighty PE teachers
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:10 PM --- Post#114424616388047927

Some introduction
Something that pissed off a lot of AJCians is the PE program. Why? Cos compared to the other JCs, we rarely get to play games, even we did get to play, we cant choose. Who says everyone like soccer? The guys never had a chance to sweat out with the girls too.

Further discussion at

Cool down please
Thats not all, our PE teachers are extremely bad tempered. They are good for one thing: Shout. I mean come on, life so jia lat liao, what for get so worked up? They seemed to be always disagreeing with our behaviour, from what I know, they seldom sit down and have a nice talk to solve problems, before you get a chance (you will never get...) to explain yourself, they spit fire of 1000 decibels to roast the crowd.

I admit lah, we came late for PE at times, but its unavoidable mah. Imagine your Chemistry teacher delayed your time, which is like damn common lor, all that chemistry teacher said is "Sorry, faster go for your next lesson". Then u rush with all your bags and stuff and you needa change. You have two choices, the toilet damn far away or the toilet near the PE dept with 20 ppl sardin-ing inside. Which everm it will still take time to change and collect all the vauables for safe keeping.

You reached the track and the PE teacher roared before anything, the poor PE rep explained that the chemistry teacher held us up, the PE teacher roared more and threatened to comfirm with the Chemistry teacher. Most prolly in the end he will not, but the poor class already got a bad scolding to start the morning.

Case 1: Bias among the sexes
Guys = tougher = can scold more? Sure? Then i rather become zhar bo lor. The teachers seemed to be more bias towards the girls, i had seen 101 times my teacher shouting his lungs out for something trivial and never saw such a scene for a girl.

Sometimes, certain teacher can even be giving exercise to a bunch of guys while talking nonsense to a girl sitting beside on MC. My friend wei kiat had even once blogged about a male teacher trying to get some eye candy by taking his gf and the other girls for PE. For that perhaps he was overly sensative.

Case 2: Shifting Blame
During my physical test recently, my friend was said to be accused of. So what happened? We were doing all 6 stations in one hour, which is madness considering the number of classes. So it delightfully ate into our one hour break. The last station was 2.4km run, my friend ran towards to teacher on his last round and shouted his number. Strolling away, he tot he could take a nicey rest, who noes, that teacher yelled at him. He was already quite far away by then, he went back and the teacher blamed him for tucking out his shirt and blocking his view from seeing and recording down his number. I wasn't from his class, i was still running, i could hear his shouting from damn far away. My friend dint argue or talk back, cos anyone under such a situation knows that arguing (even with a valid reason) with a PE teacher is never to right move.

The few classes had to retake the ENTIRE 6 stations the next week becos the timing of the rest of the guys after him could not be recorded.

#1 He did informed and shouted his number to the teacher
#2 If the teacher really did not catch his number, why did he till when he went so far?
#3 His shirt was not tucked out. . .even it was most prolly its accidental when he was running, morever he did inform the teacher about his number
#4 Surprisingly i dun think his friends blamed him? Why? shows that he was a liable guy? He did aplogise too
#5 Under such rushness of the test, whats the probability of the teacher getting confused for a moment?

Being my friend with one year, furthermore he did apologise despite telling the rest he did inform the teacher about his number and his shirt was not tucked out. It seems that the teacher was pushing the blame out of fustration.

Even if its not so? Why cant the teacher cool down and talk things out? Shouldnt my friend be given a chance to talk? Everyone is already so tired after the test, dun the teacher understand that? Did the teachers ever give chance to us for explanation? Why are they always right?

Case 3: Broken Communication
After the physical test, it was about 10.30 am, and our next lesson starts at 10.45am. Quite a handful of my classmates, including me decided to pon the next math lecture. Just now said liao, the test ate up the whole of our break.

We are soaked in sweat, quite shagged, hungry, thirsty, lugging our bags to the canteen and ordering food, it was already pass 10.45am. We would wish to attend the math lecture, but going in and stinking up the whole LT wasnt quite nice an idea. Furthermore, being tired, hungry and thirsty, Im bound to sleep inside the LT. So we skipped that lecture.

Ok, we are wrong, admitted. But thats not the point.

Our math teacher told us to write a letter each to report what happened and why did we skip class.

"I will check it with your PE teacher"

"No please, no, u tell him we sure die de!"begged one of my classmate.

My math teacher was never wrong to confirm with our PE teachers, we were at the wrong anyway. But it seems that we will never be let off my our PE teacher if this news reached them. Who knows what they would do to us? Another down pour scolding? Another one way ticket for them to let us know how correct they are and how wrong we were? Is this fair to us? Even we ought to be punished, shld we be punished by our math teacher?

Luckily my math teacher was nice enough to tell us not to worry. "If its really so, there is a problem, and it ought to be resolved."

Join the good side
Dun say i bias wor, there are really some nice teachers in PE dept. My TAF teacher was seriously caring and supportive, they gave us tips on how to lose weight, chatted to us while we run, they even let us have friendly Frisbee matches with the gals. The TAF program was oso useful, i was lucky to have such nice teachers....but not my friends...

So the point is...
I not say complain PE tough, i not say physical test eating into our breaks, i noe i pon math lesson wrong. All i wanna say is perhaps the temper and attitude of the teachers could be more gentleman.

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