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Saturday, April 01, 2006
B for Batam
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:59 PM --- Post#114390922300859681

The immigration was tougher than i tot, both sides had luggage scans and stuffs...hmmm. All my relatives were there, as usual i feel much comforty with them than with my dad side relatives. The speed boat was..lousy.,.the seats were all spoilt, they could not go back to the original position once you shift the sitting angle...haiz...budget mah...

Batam time is one hour earlier than Singapore despite being so near to each our. The Indonesian tour guide we got was...well...as hopeless as the sound system on the bus. He was neither good in Mandrin nor English...dunno what he toking about...i only knew he forced us to pay him S$1 each person as tips...forced tips...how nice sia...

Batam currency is the rupiah. S$1 ~ Rp 5600...damn lot...Normally they ignore the last three zeros when toking about price.

Left: Phone having some weird text below "Singtel"...seems to be some ads...or area info...
Right: Tons of money...

1. Local Production Shops
Same old local production stores that the tour group would bring your to on any trip in Asia...sianz..kopi powder lah, crackers lah, candies lah..handi craft lah...

Left and middle: Click and see WTF those dildos are doing in a traditional local production store...
Right: Candies and stuffs...

2. Chinese temple
What do you expect? A chinese temple lah...

Some scenaries

3. Polo Stop
This 3rd stop is the most disappointing one...all the clothes damn exp...even mroe exp than buying frm KL Century Square. I had no idea why they sell Diseal shirts in Polo Shop. The price is more of less the same as KL, about $9 per shirt. But they no have my XL size...so no go...The rest of the shirt really chop carrot head...SGD 60++...siao siao

4. Lunch
Another disappointment... NoT ENUFF...what 3 crabs, 3/4 plate sotong, 1/2 plate gong gong all for 10 ppl to share...Totally not enuff...i can eat like 2 crabs liao lor...the crab damn guai lan...not nice at all...so much for a seafood lunch...

You think liddat for me eat meh...

But the coconut really tok gong, damn big like my head, but inside empty de... either outside damn big inside small..or not sweet ot no meat. Me use fork to scrap out all the meat frm my nut...who knows my fork got disfigured in the end...lousy fork...

Coconut Ultra Edition! Free Bent Fork!

5-7 Shopping

Stop 5 shopping center
Stop 6 shopping center (suppose to go for massage, but my mum wun let my dad go...soo..)
Stop 7 shopping center

SIANZ...haiz...their shopping center all the air con half working...down there it took 20 minutes for our drinks to come...when the bus was leaving, we asked for our food to be da bao...and it took them another 10 minutes to da bao...really OMFG...the pricing? Singapore Pricing! Not cheap at all! No variety at all, a lot of shop never open...

Bought this...dunno what it is to hang on my long pants..

Its suppose to read "Singapore Laksa" on the stall...crap...

Handicraft in...shopping center..

Thailand durians...which not appealing to me..

The Sea

Video sent by cygig

Just some pics of the sea on the returning journet on Ocean Flyte

Ya i do enjoy one-day trips...but this one is like...one of the most boring oversea trips ever...haiz...Mato neber go cos his bro go take of "VS Cuttest Guy" award....Tired oso...came back Singapore have supper....hen lei le...peace!

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