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Monday, April 03, 2006
CS lessons now...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:40 AM --- Post#114402869036805222

Now blogging during CS lessons...sianz....suppose to do OOP tutorial 3...that stupid tutorial on some library systems...what look up book then can buy can dunno what....

Haiz...later still got CS coursework...only 2 hours left and i had wasted the first hour doing only like 1/6 of everything...die lor...summore needa plan everything on paper b4 i embark to build my webby...i where got liddat one...me is get a mental image and idea and brainstorm along the way to build the thing. thats why the result is always unexpected. But the guidelines and main ideas in my mind prevent me from making it out of point or NAQ....


I was dozing off during GP lessons...snore snore...too tired...i was preparing for CS coursework, doing up posters and coding zB BlogLock last nite. Morning's math test had already drain off the rest of my energy...

Now what, a teacher with funny accent sprouting nonsense in front...She was talking about some moral or attitude stuff about GP...It wasnt quite useful lor, that teacher was moral-oreintated. We must follow those moral principles, we must have the good attitude towards GP, we must do mindmaps, we must blah blah blah.....To me, those moral values of what should be done and what should not be done, inclusive of the "standard procedures" are merely guidelines, in reality we cant really keep 100% to them, in fact there are always other way round....

Na not going into a debate....shhhssss...Im tired ok? I slept ar 2am ok? I tell you even i did had enuff rest i will still fall asleep. Why? Simple...its BORING, i tried to keep myself awake, spin pen, copy notes, crack fingers, tok to yi long and sher hern beside...I TRIED...still i end up zzzzzzz..

Its not only me lor...even when im asleep i could hear teachers waking up quite a lot of students... Let X be the random variable of students falling asleep every ten minutes. X~Po(5).

I was caught by the lecturer a total of 2 times and by another teacher another once, that teacher was more patient, i was really tired...all i could heard when she woke me up was "are u really tired?" I nodded my head and fell alseep again...

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