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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Definition For "Guai Lan"
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:54 PM --- Post#114554614122853993

When Computing Gets Horny....
Muahaha, i think my Hot Dogging skills has been improving, from smuggling Western Food's cheese hotdogs (u wun be able to buy it, only me in the whole of AJ gets it..hehehe) to speed eating them. Hahah me squeese the hot doggie through the plastic bag to cut off a portion, then when teacher not looking, just pop into my mouth. Kiat turned around just in time to see me popping...

"Wah...lightning fast ah..."

Anyway...computing lesson really getting horny...teacher whole day "F-in F-out", "Rear in Front out", "Must go in from the rear", "Lets take boobs* as example..".... LOL...Seriously i think my imagination had really gone while...everytime during CS lesson i will burst out luffing...cos a lot of the acroymns and terms really can link to all the lame stuff.

*mispronounciation for "books"

Fake Abalone!
Warning, the coffee shop across two street from the traffic light near to the MRT station is selling FAKE abalone noodles! Ya its the one in front of the temple and Community Center, the one that sells Ba Chor Mee de neh. They oso got sell abalone noo, but tt day me da bao for the Western Food Xiao Jie to eat, she say the abalone fake one! Ya hor, $3 abalone...how to get abalone sia...

BUT but but but but but but but....even the abalone is fake, the ba chor me still beri NICE! In fact their ba chor mee is the best i had tasted b4 nia!

Western Food go Eastern
Nowadays, me and Western Food Xiao Jie on damn good terms, now u see me buy food no need queue, just go in and


Hahaha, as mentioned just now, she only sells me her cheese hot doggies, 80 cents for one, but extra LOOONG, extra THICK. 赞 ! 极品 !

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Then she oso got see Bee Hoon, only to my class (08) i think. Cos her bee hoon confirm on, comfirm good, its not the best bee hoon i had eaten, but surely the best in AJC nia!

Definition For "Guai Lan"
There seems to be some misconception in SPUG when i say "guai lan". I really dunno the orginal exact meaning, but this is according to be defination:

Guai Lan means weird dick, generally means being weird.

[1] noun
means being a f**ker, or trying to be funny.
eg "That guai lan whole day lurk around zhar bo toilet, dunno doing what sia!"

[2] verb
using all sorts of way and weird ideas to implicate on someone
eg "He lah, whole day guai lan me, whole day turn one round shoot me, pattern more than badminton only..."

[3] adjective
Being weird yet creative
eg "Rockson's blog chao guai lan, chao diao, must go read nia!"

Wall Painting
Now i see AJ's fund being used...at least for painitng the walls. We get to choose the colour! Basically, each level vote for a colour scheme, then the painter will paint it accordingly. Its a nice idea i think. But when it concerns the overall feel of the building, i just hope all those colour scheme matches, else beri ugly de.

My Blog Cannot Reach 10 000 Views!
That other time i stupidly promised Bunny and Tomato something if my blog reaches 10 000 views by June...That something is really...ahhh..something that i no guts to do...i should not had promised it...damn...DUN ASK ME what it is..cos there is NO WAY im telling...

2 Weeks Later!
When i got back my ultra slim and sexy GP file, i simply threw it back into my drawer....tt day my GP teacher mentioned smthing about some ppl required to redo the file. I was thinking
"Cannot be me de lah...my one shld be enuff".

Now that i remembered i rush to my drawe, dig out the file..and found this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


The F-word
The defination and usage of the English word "fuck". Higly educational
Link (Flash movie):

Tiring Week
CS coursework, Physics & Math test, Family day....blah blah blah....tired nia...Still got GP homework, the one rephrase dunno which poli-dicks leader's speech into a essay one..HECK lah...gg sleep le.

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