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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
"Is She the one?"
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:37 PM --- Post#114606440319018069

肉瓜 is a fictitious gal i hate from this fictitious ABC Junior College.
The following is merely story cocked up by me and any coincidence is purely coincidental!

While Wei Kiat thinks December is disgusting, i dun think so, cos he proves to me his attitude and character. But there are TWO other ppl which i think are far more retarded....

Monday 24th of a certain month certain year, me, sher hern and Elvin finished our lesson and me went to the book shop to get my Power Tank Uniball pen and some correction tape. As i went in, i saw this familiar sexy figure standing back facing me, i was like "OMFG, not her again!" I actually wanted to walk away but i tot why should i do that? So i turned around and informed my two good friends about some doubtful character in the book shop. Sherhern saw her and was similing all along.

This Elvin, mouth damn big, keep toking nonsense...ignore him for the moment.

So i kao pei to the bookshop Uncle and asked for my correction tape and stuff, wow...i was standing damn near to 肉瓜 noe. I looked at her and tested her reaction, negative. She knew i was avoiding her all along, and kiat told me she got some kinda fetish attitude that makes her so damn high when she see ppl siam her.

So i slowly turned my head and looked at her. I saw a smile! Wow! 笑里藏刀!Wah Kao...good good! The smile was so damn fake lah, then i slowly turn back again. My mum use to tell me now to look at other's funeral at the void deck, cos unlucky nia! Same her, later i see too much my eye ball pop out like Happy Tree Friends die liao! Hahahahaha!

"Uncle 谢谢!" she thanked the uncle and went out. So fast for what, stay longer lah!

Now Elvin was really toking nonsense, "你是不是喜欢她?". LOL, OF COURSE...... That idiot really need some spanking and wacking....

I took my Power Tank and stabbed Elvin for quite some time, he cannt tahan and ran out of the bookshop...he even went near 肉瓜 and pointed at her! Elvin was really courageousto be near some doubtful character!

I continued to give chase as Elvin fleed out of the school, while then 肉瓜 was slowing taking her own sweet time to open up her umbrella to shield her beauty from the rain! Awwww.....

Who noes Elvin was so hum chee to make a U-turn and OMFG! He was hiding behind 肉瓜 as she came out! OMFG! Poor Elvin! Maybe its time for him to change his glasses! Who cares man, i took my Power Tank and chiong towards them!

I was like CB, KNNB, LJ all the way. Imagine we are in the Matrix, 肉瓜 saw me charging at Elvin, who was behind her...and pulled her bag and umbrella so tight! And attempt to make her escape put of the sticky situation (together with her fake smile of course). Guess she dint really though that would happen...She ran forward as i nabbed Elvin and jabbed him several times (dunno why he neber feel the pain...). The traffic light was green and there was only 10 seconds left to cross, 肉瓜 pushed her limit and dashed across the street, siaming all the other pedestrains along the way! Just imagine all those in slow mo.

Things got calmed down as Sher Hern catched up with us. "She look so desperate to get away from you huh!" Isit? I tot i should be the one instead?

At the traffic light Elvin shouted "你喜欢她就讲出来啦!". Poor Elvin, he cant really differentiate between Pok Pok and 肉瓜...Everyone noes how much i liked Pok Pok, and i always told Pok Pok how much i like her! Im an animal lover! Erm Wei Kiat, please help me take Elvin to the optician! Thanks!

Wow! Nice action story i had written!

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