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Thursday, April 27, 2006
My Leg Ah....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:53 PM --- Post#114615417827246211

Dun ask me how i injured my foot...i seriously dunno. I was walking out of room 112, going to the canteen and BOOM, i stepped and fell into the lang kao! I dint really fall, since i managed to support myself by the sides of the pavement. I had NO briuse, NO cuts...NOTHING.

When i got up i felt that i should return to my classroom. By then my left foot was already in great pain. I tot its only a small drain, so i dint really bother. But one thing fo r sure: I cant walk properly.

So bad, everyone tot i faked my injury. All so heartless....everyone was thinking...how bad can a fall into a small drain be? I oso dunno, but its worse than i imagined. I managed to limp my way though the day, its really surprising...from 10ma to 4pm of pain...Well perhaps i keep telling myself its actually not painful or rather i love to torture myself....

I tot walking more would help, but the more i walked the more painful it gets, it got swollen also, i had to loosen my shoe laces in the end...arggg....

After cXtreme at about 4pm, Ah Lam and Yan helped me over to take a cab. Actually i wanna take train home de, but when i told that to my mum, she screamed her head off...force me take cab...take cab lor...cab so exp nia..

My mum was waiting for me when i alighted my cab...WHEEL CHAIR...she actually brought over grandma's WHEEL CHAIR...and she insisted on wheeling me over to the clinic. Wah kao chao embarassing lah, but the feeling of someone pushing you and everyone giving way is really nice nia! Hahahahaha.

Doctor press press press....i ouch ouch ouch....he said might have fracture since the injured part is near my toe joint. He gave nothing but pain killer and some oily balm. My mum told me that if by Sun haven recover...needa go xray le. Haiz...I was given a day of MC, since i needa go to school on Friday to take my SPA nia.

The expected recovering time is around 3 weeks ba...but i was only given 1 week off PE!...eh not fair....I was being wheel chaired back home...my mum cant even push me over the road curb sia! end up i needa hop around so that she can get the wheels up. Siao Siao...

Today lah...do what neh? MC at home wor...nothing to do lor...homework? Mad lah...i was slacking the whole day. I can walk better le! Maybe tml can run liao! No more pain but dunno why i cant walk properly...haiz...

Slack Slack Slack Slack...nutting to do....AJC today having Sports Day nia, i dint have the chance to see the chio bu do cheer leading! WASTED! Arggg....

Till now, im still wondering how the fuck i fell, and how the fuck a small fall liddat got that serious...Fuck lah...ahhh tml got SPA!!!!

Ah...yawn...sleep le...cout << PeAcE!

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