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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Take step back
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:20 PM --- Post#114432833083005624

To December:
WTF, ok i noe u are a nice guy, i noe how u feel ok? Im in almost the same situation. Fine, im blunt, but i see u as a friend then i tell u for your own good.

Please neber neber use reasons like the ppl in ur class being unglam, low class, non-fashionable blah blah blah, thats why your dun like them. Ok lor, then i say i hate your cos ur computer lousier than me, you using Internet Explorer, u like the non-professional iPod, u computer idiot, non-tech savvy. Is it logical for me to do that? NO. I fuck care what i mean by unglam, low class, non-fashionable, those damn subjective, they never wear hi class Gucci then affect you where sia? U like you go wear urself lah! Please dun use such excuses.

I noe u wanted to patch things with your class. Who dun wanna? U said ppl interrupt you always. Think, u sure INTERRUPT is the correct word? Mayeb they got smthing to tell u? Fine you told them u dun wish to be interrupted, but u always liddat u will seem damn unfriendly de u noe? U said u ok during CLDDS, u said u beri friendly during CLDDS, what about your class?

If there is smthing others dun like u to do, if u can....dun do. If they dun like see u post pics of yourself....dun post...u take liao see yourself cannot meh? Your blog...hide here hide there, totally defeat the true meaning of a BLOG. Why must hide? If u scared ppl see then DUN BLOG...

And u dun whole day go mother fuck ppl. Dun hate ppl just for the slightest course, FIY there is only ONE PERSON i hate in the whole of AJC. That fuck zhar bo my friends shld noe who. If i go round hating everyone, that robert that betrayed me wun be here reading this blog liao. U think lah, u whole day say u hate this guy cos he blah blah blah, u hate that girl cos she nah nah nah, u mean u so perfect? U never wrong? U always right? Crap lah! U wanna scold ppl then ppl scold u a bit u put them on ignore list...

Please, give yourself a chance, Selina once told me, u need not be damn good friends with everyone with your class, just dun make things turn so sour.

To the rest:
Had u ever though of his feelings? Fun rite, make fun of him, call him sissy, watever watever. U noe how bad it feels anot? U noe how bad it is when no one sit beside you during lecture and no one eat with your during break and lunch? I NOE! I had been thru it before. Im sure ur noe well of my story, thats why I dun want to see the same thing that happen to me to happen to another person.

So much for all the AJC-dislikers out there. AJC lacks true friendship, sincerity and brother/sister hood. Along side with all the muggers, bimbos, posers, and those who view this world too innocently. Look @ what ur did to a guy, so much for 人情味 hor? Thanks for contributing to the wrong side of the envirnoment of the school nia...

When is the last time someone ask what he wanna drink, or even just initiate a talk with him? Or perhaps just allow him to have lunch with your? U say "is he never come to eat with us de mah". Ya rite, ur liddat to him...like he will feel welcome to have lunch with your?

Come on, dun be childish. Why i speak up for him is because after you talk to him , u find that he is a nice guy. So what he gay? So what he sissy? I even worse, i perverse, i bian tai, mentally corrupted like hell shit.

End this shit right now...everyone take a step back.

Now what?
I admit, i did told the rest things december told me. But so did i tell him what the rest did. There is no point hiding here and there.....

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