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Sunday, April 09, 2006
To December
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:03 PM --- Post#114456577948003819

To december, regarding your latest post:

Stop thinking that you have triumphed over me. I asked you to remove that is because I don’t like people publishing untrue things about me. Moreover, you have disgraced yourself by using all the vulgarities and fallacies all over the place. So why should I feel irritated. Your inference is wrong and I should be more than happy that you have done it. You make a bad reputation of yourself more than making one for me. But I would not feel like that, because I pity you that your plan had backfired.

Anyway, there is some information that I would like to correct you regarding the post that you have deleted.

Ok, i assume you are talking about WK. Yes, he had triumphed over you. How? By the unity power of he and his friends. You lost the same way i do to a certain group of ppl who highly do not favour me. If you cannot win them, join them. Actually, i really pei fu after so much, you still have your 100% confidence in yourself, unlike me who had chosen the Dark path.

Please lor, as a Singaporean, we should be proud of Singlish, and vulgarities are add-ons to Singlish lor. Whats wrong with vulgarities? They are just a phrase to express our feelings better!

Firstly, your complexion is worse than mine, so you are in no way to comment on my complexion. You are constantly having an outbreak, and you skin texture is worse than mine. However, I only have blemishes that are easily removed by an afternoon of intensive sun tanning, and there is only occasional outbreak when I don’t take care of my diet. And yes, I admit that I do have an uneven skin, but not as uneven as yours, and my trouble is easily taken care of when I use light make up (when I need to go on stage), while yours... I would think that no amount of concealer will help. I shall tell you the reason why, the acne of yours is really clustered, and um... really red, hence, strong concealer might not even work for you, and your face is really that uneven, and coupled with you not shaving, it really looks... very umkempt. Well, I have gone through that stage before, but now I have recovered pretty well, and my secret to this is using products from dettol and it really works well. You should try that on yourself too, and I welcome you to criticize on my complexion when you have improved to something better than mine.

Came to know WK say u an orange. Actually both your complexion are no good at all, whats the point of fighting over it? Ya WK is wrong to say u orange...i dun think he meant it, but since there is tension now, i think WK is insensative. Ok stop flaming each other...

Secondly, the bags I use are in vogue. For your information, the bags that I am currently using and I carry on my shoulders are called ‘tote bags’, and they are being used by guys in Japan for at least ten years, but the fashion is only brought over to Singapore in this couple of years. One very good prove is that the brand, New Urban Male, which targeted audience are the metrosexuals and fashionistas (most of them are straight males) are selling these bags, to the males. So, it already overturned your words by calling them ladies’ handbags. Therefore, I urge you to do some research before commenting on my fashion sense, because, from your entry, you are deemed passé.

Hmmm. IMO, those bags really aint cool, not only the design does not stand, the size isnt quite seem adequate, quality wise i not sure. But i mean if u are talking about fashion, unless u are able to convince us that tt bag is nice, it wun be fashionable. Change it then. But if u insist on having it, cos u think its ur own pref, then i think its 100% fine still. But everything comes with a price, u will have to bear with negative critics on it. Just like my iAudio, i inisit on having it cos i like it, likewise i will have to endure those others who deem it as an pager-like China brand highly overpriced mp3 player.

Thirdly, I wonder if you read magazines meant for straight males? Please take a copy of 'Men's Health' at Kinokuniya at Takashimaya, and read the advertisments inside. (For your information, 'Men's Health' is a magazine meant for straight males as you can only find sex tips on heterosexual sex inside, but not homosexual sex.) I can tell you, most of the advertisment inside are talking about keeping up with the clean looks for males, and all the advertisment related to the above topic contain a particular similarity, advertising for hair removal. Nowadays, having body hair is not deemed as being man or strong anymore. It only shows to the ladies that you are dirty. So, why can't I shave my legs? I want to keep myself clean, and it is really uncomfortable having hairs, especially long ones, sticking on your legs when you finished PE and going home in the PE attire, which the bottom is a pair of shorts. And it really looks disgusting. Again, this shows how passé you are. Please catch up with the fashion current okay?

Hey, look @ my leg hair, its as bushy as some gorilla's leg. I dun find it uncomforty at all. I dun think having body hair shows girl how clean you are. Fashion? Come on, this is AJC. No one say u cant shave your leg hair, but it looks really weird. . . WK on another side, dun shave his side burns..and its equally weird...

If you say that my “fingers would suffice” when it come to counting friends, um... then I must assume that you think of my as the thousand hands Buddha. Firstly, you should do some research and ask around before you make this statement. One very good reference would be your best friend, Kai Siong in HCI, another good reference would be Wee Leng in the class. I think that your stand in the very first few sentences in this post is already shaky. Hence, I urge you to stop saying all these to make yourself more embarrass. I am advising you this, because I am a kind person.

Whats the big deal of having less friends? I got no friends, my life still goes on. And please dun keep threatening ppl that they are making themself looking like a fool. Becos u seldom communicate with your class, thats why they bound to assume things. If u really think what WK say is fuck nonsense, what for u take it so seriously? Just ask him fuck off! U are only making yourself look guilty. . .

And then, I have never said that you don’t have the right to criticize me, but you must make a sound one, like what I am doing to you now. Giving names, yes, you can, but give one that is really apt. The ones that you have given to me in the past were... somehow, politically wrong, like sissy and something like that. I admit that I do think like a female sometimes, but I think like a career woman with a great career, and not those aunties. And for your information, I love formal wear that makes you look really powerful and confidence rather than those that make you look really like a girl. Hence, you should really think of a good one before giving, if not people will find that it is really unture, and in the end, you are actually hurting yourself more than me.

Sound? I dun think your argument is sound. Neither is WK's, his argument seem more to suan and yours seemed to be defensive and making some excuses.

Firstly, her attitude wasn’t good to me since last year. I have always replied her with a smiling face, but yet, most of the time, she replied me with a blank, or an irritated face. How someone who is sweet shows a blank or irritated face to people? Hence, you are wrong, because you only see one side of the fact by claiming that she is sweet. Moreover, I can feel your biasness towards her when you mentioned that she paid for your taxi fare when you fixed her computer. I would do the same thing too, because I am indirectly paying for your service, and this is deemed as a must, or very appropriate to me, and hence, I would not describe someone as sweet when someone pay for my taxi fare when I provide my service for them. I feel that what she had done is a responsibility and not something extra. You can say that I don’t see the other side of her, being a friendly person to the class, but I have to disprove you. Yes, I do see her chatting happily with other people in the class, but not to me, hence, I can conclude that she is prejudiced towards me.

Secondly, her reaction towards my joke was over-doing, and was really arrogance. In my secondary school days, we always cracked this sort of jokes, and never got angry with each other. You can check with Weeleng over the things that had happened in secondary school with my cliques. And then, the joke wasn’t directed at her, so I don’t understand why she must get so angry or pissed off. If she had disproved with my joke, she could have done it with a much more amicable tone. Must she do it in a pissed off and serious tone? The answer is, no. If you ask anyone who was at the table at that time, they would say that they have felt the tension between me and her. Was it me who created the tension? So why should I be blamed when I called her a snob? She is really a snob towards me, but not to you. Haven’t you heard of people calling Sun Ho a disgrace of the church, but people calling her a fantastic person? Did these 2 parties ever have any conflict with each other? Obviously not, people only try to explain their thoughts in an amicable tone, but not an agressive or arrogance one. They disagree with each other, but I have never seen the conflict between the City Harvest, and the non-City Harvest people. I believe that you definately have came across cliques that are formed by City Harvest and non-City Harvest Chirstians. Since they can deal with something big like this which affects the image of the religion, with such peaceful attitude, why can't she do the same thing too, when it is only a small joke not directed at her?

For that i cant say much, becos i wasnt there. Perhaps she just dun like you and for everything you say it angers her? He fault? Maybe she is over reactive. But u put her into your ignore list will make things more worse. Since you initiated the joke, it wun hurt to say a "sorry" ba. Maybe if u apologise things wun be so bad now. Its really very vexing and tiring to hate someone, just like i hate her (u noe who). Since u noe u aint that welcomed, maybe you should be more tactful.

In conclusion, I can say that you, by making such an aggressive and unreasonable comment on your blog, is a bias person.

Frankly speaking, I feel worried for your GP grades because I find that you can’t argue well. Are you down for BRIDGE for essay? If you are, please make full use of it. If you are not, please make an effort to go for the lessons, and it may help you in arguing with people.

I hope that without me going through the trouble (it is not trouble actually, as I can also learn something in the process) of flipping through my notes on fallacy to point out which one that you have made when you tried to defame me, and slander me with all your might. You have failed and wasted your effort.

Er...well social life actually differs a lot from GP neh...if u go law by law on following an argument in that note of yours, this world will become an uninteresting place liao. But if you go overboard, u end up in jail... So balance...

Anyway, below are some advice I am giving to you, to make you a better person
This is one great thing to ponder on.

I do agree with you on some points on Wei Kiat. Ya, WK is egoistic, he wants everything he wants, he flaunts a lot sometimes and anyone blocking his way will be flattened, V***** in cXtreme is one of them. Personally i find V***** a nice guy, he does slack off at times, but he is not as bad as WK described.

Sadly, you are one of them whom he see buay song and u purposely wanna collide further into him. As for me, i will try my best not to cross his path, while maintaining my stand, i step back when i shld (he had not got it from me for betraying me), even when sometimes he is uttering nonsense, i just simply "oh ok...". This reduce friction a lot. Maybe u shld learn from me. Remember again maintaining friendship is two way thing, dun always expect the other party to give in.

Ya, we did made fun of Elvin. Elvin, sorry. Ya lah, we went overboard, but at least we dun harm him or what. Sher hern told me le, he said elvin such a nice guy then we ill treat him. You are right, he is indeed very positive not to take all our comments at heart. But describing him as "sweet" is a bit the...

And Wei Kiat, please always look at things from all sides, not everything is extreme, December is not that a fucker u think. In fact he can be a damn nice guy. I did talked to him thats why i sort of understand him. Understanding is important. He is so defensie about himself i partly becos the environment put too much pressure on him.

and December, the society is liddat, if your doing and behaviour is out of the "normal" range, the others will deem u as an outcast. The same thing happen to me. U got two choice, #1 is to force yourself, or put it nicely, adapt to the environment. #2 is to bear with it. Its actually not your fault..really.

You can read about my Adolence Prison Theorm. Once again, sorry for my big mouth for telling others our conversation. I wun hate you for not toking to me. But if u really do want to tok, u still can do so.

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