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Monday, April 10, 2006
U are really unbelievable!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:21 PM --- Post#114467278432268137

Last Nite
I was lying on my bed. Its 4am le. I had been working on my GP essay from 5pm till 4am....haiz....cos i really cannot concentrate...it always have to drag till very late. Cannot help it. I slept in a straight looking upwards position, i remember a lot of images flashing into my mind, i no longer have the strength to control what myself is thinking. Im pure tired. For a long long time images were streaming into my mind, seems like as in my mind is deframenting itself, i thought i did not fell alseep cos soem of the images were so vivid, yet i had no control over my mind at that time.....6am....i woke up

U are really unbelievable!
I told Shuan how i did GP till 4am in the nite, he was like, jaw dropped...."U are really unbelivable!". quite true, AJC #1 Guai Lan ZOMBiE doing all sort of nonsense. I was wondering why aint i sick? How i wish i could die due to lack of sleep. How i wish my body is so fragile that i would faint in the middle of lessons and be sent to hospital. The stupid thing is all these will never happen no matter how much i torture myself. In fact i never took MC. The last time I took MC was cos me wanna take the chance to finish up my work...

"我昨晚四点才睡!" I told Kai Ling.
"那不算昨晚了 lor, 是今天早上了!" She replied.

Quite true, since i sleep after 12am most of the time, im actually sleeping in the morning of the next day. Meaning i never sleep at nite! I slept during 1am to 6am in the MORNING! and come out in the late morning and noon and nite to do stuff...sort of nocturnal.

GP Times
Ohhh its Monday GP lecture times again...today....no more pregma, no more funny accent, no more big big reasonings....blah blah blah....Today the lecture a lot a lot better, despite sleeping only 2 hours, he stayed awake for the whole lecture! Kao! sky fall down liao! Muahaha! This lecuturer was much much better, he go straight to the point, quite humourous and he gave he this ah beng ah beng feeling so shuang! Mucks!

MC Hotdog on radio
When i got home, MC Hotdog's “我的party最扯” was playing all over my house. I was like damn shocked? The music was coming from upstairs, OMG, my sis using my comp without my permission!!! Eh, i off my comp last nite le, i doubt she will be using my comp since she had her's. Then who will be playing Hotdoggie's music? I ran up and heif a sigh of relief when i knew it was frm the radio UFM100.3 (one of my fav radio station lah). WTF? Singapore allow Hotdoggie's song to be broadcast? I was listening and as expected, the vulgarities dint came out...the lyrics was altered where "You motherfucker!" is suppose to be. Wah kao....so there is this clean version of “我的party最扯”....Haiz...Hotdoggie's song is never the same without vulgarities...

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