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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:26 PM --- Post#114896679801912022

改写于 麦芽糖-周杰伦
MC Ba Gua (aka ZOMBiE CyGiG)
Wrote this song for all the old loving couples in the world!

小猫下午懒懒在睡觉 子孙全部都回到木屋找周公
微风陪着他们唱歌 小溪充满爱味流
两个的幽默 依然没老过

陪着我在那花园中 看九重葛的叶红
蜿蜒脚印龙 紧握在手中
面满顽固鱼尾缝 金牙露出来了
雪发中 老古董

卧在摇椅中美梦 想起当年的挥霍
瞪着我脸红 手在我肩后
靠近抚摸我的头 慈祥微笑容
活到老 爱到老

小猫下午懒懒在睡觉 子孙全部都回到木屋找周公
微风陪着他们唱歌 小溪充满爱味流
两个的幽默 依然没老过

陪着我在那花园中 看九重葛的叶红
蜿蜒脚印龙 紧握在手中
面满顽固鱼尾缝 金牙露出来了
雪发中 老古董

卧在摇椅中美梦 想起当年的挥霍
瞪着我脸红 手在我肩后
靠近抚摸我的头 慈祥微笑容
活到老 爱到老

陪着我在那花园中 看九重葛的叶红
蜿蜒脚印龙 紧握在手中
面满顽固鱼尾缝 金牙露出来了
雪发中 老古董

卧在摇椅中美梦 想起当年的挥霍
瞪着我脸红 手在我肩后
靠近抚摸我的头 慈祥微笑容
活到老 爱到老

La La La  La La La
La La La La La
La La La  La La La
La La La La La
La La La  La La La
La La La La La
La La La  La La La
La La La La La


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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Artwork: Voodoo Sensation
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:01 PM --- Post#114881049933820302

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks to Tomato for guiding me through making the HEN. Well the actual artwork starts with the HEN, it takes the form of some love poem, but dint turn out well, so i discarded the project. But when i bought my voodoo frm minitoons...i was thinking of reusing the Hen to form another totally different peekture.....and so welcome... the Voodoo Sensation!

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Tinge of Madness
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:08 PM --- Post#114880011360930943

Rainy days...rainy days are suppose to be fun and comfortable. But dunno why im starting to 胡思乱想 again. I had been thinking a lot a lot since last night.

Suddenly mid year is around the corner...I think back at all my Math...Trigo, curve sketching, functions, integration....I guess my brain had rejected and trash all of them after the promos last year. Ever since i enter JC, all my test/exams are flops. Again im wondering why am i still here. Why dint i fail Promo?

Gosh, again a lot of images and video footage got played out in my mind...I search under "VS" and i realised smthing: all that is under is "Its fun time then!". The feeling is gone. I tried looking up memories of past fun times. It all came in fragments. Where as all the unhappy stuff in AJC are all so damn vivid. I still remember their faces so well so scary. Again i began to sort out my secondary school time's memory in chronological order. Failed. Reason: I had no sense of timing. Despite me being able to capture details of events well, what ppl said, what ppl did, im unable to arrange those events in accordance to time.

One day when i graduate, memories in AJC will be marked as "trash" and they will get replace by new ones. Friends will degenerate simply becos of loss of contact. Good friends now will feel awkward in 2 years time. My school changes, my family changes, my life changes, my friends changes, even my character changes. Until that i really dunno what to believe in. What to trust, becos nothing can be trusted. I will never believe in "good friends" or "buddies". Every happy moment now is not meant to be happy, becos in 2 years time when i think back, that happy moment then will become a sad moment becos i noe everyone in that event will be gone and that i will think "why cant it be nice like the past?". I had already tried my best to cherish everything. I never regretted, just depressed.

Anyway, i will be really bored this holiday. I will sit on my comp and do nothing. Either that or i will sleep whole day so i dun 胡思乱想 anymore. Sometimes i wonder...why for this recent period of time, i never really felt sad, or that the impact of depression is much much lighter? Things got better? Thinking back. No.

Things never got better. Never. I think its cos im numb to all those. Im almost totally numb now. Thats why even the sky fall i oso wun feel a shit. "Wun feel a shit" is what my brain says. Becos my brain says so, i dunno how my heart will feel. I dun wish to know either. Thats why when my brain is tired after few weeks of little sleep, i get screwed as my heart will pout everything out.

No one will be reading this entry i guess, the one thing that noes me best is my blog. Cos my blog backs up my memory. Im sick of words like "look on the brite side", "dun think too much", "haizz..why u liddat" or anything similar...Can someone out there hear me?

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Friday, May 26, 2006
I did something sinful
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:10 PM --- Post#114863462740877451

The Last Lesson
Wah...after 2 hours of physics, i rushed home...finally...its the end of the term.
End of the term means:
-movies, movies and more movies
-games, games and more games
-photoshop, photoshop and more photoshop
-slacking, chat, eat and shit more
-tour, tour and more tour
-music, music and more music
-tv, tv and more tv

For everything, there is no World Cup in my plans at all.

And i heard rumours about this monster call "Mid year exam". This monster beri strange one, u need to learn the Muggification magic to Muggify yourself and defeat the monster. Another strange thing is that, if you dun bother about this monster, the ending will not bother you as well.


I did something sinful
The latest version of SLAX includes this ntfsmount. It allows Linux to read and write to NTFS drives (those normally used in Windows XP). SLAX is a LIVE portable Operating System, meaning it can be booted from CD directly, without the need of any Elvins (hard drives). Unlike Windows, SLAX comes preinstalled with a lot of software, including GIMP, ABIWord, FireFox...

Using My SLAX Creator and UltraISO, i can easily modify the distribution to include a lot of other more stuffs. SLAX can be used as temporary OS when Windows fail, and the pre installation of software make it convinent as most public computers comes no additional Windows apps and they wun allow you to install any thing.

Since Linux once cannot write to NTFS drives, its quite useless if the comp is running on XP using a NTFS formatted disk, which is normally the case. Meaning u cannot save anything, unless u email to yourself or use a thumbdrive. With ntfsmount, its a different story liao. Though its not 100% compatible, it does not corrupt your drive like some other attempts in the past. If the file operation cannot be performed, it will terminate or "reject", instead of going ahead and perform the operation which may corrupt the disk.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Singapore Blogger Survival Guide
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:50 AM --- Post#114857582500017828

Being a blogger for one year plus, i realised that blogging is actually an art. An art of this 21 century. Blogging goes right from the technical web making techniques, blog skinning skills to writing skills, like how to make your blog more hip and interesting and stuff. Not only that, it serves as an emotion dumpster. Not happy ah? Write to your blog lah! Unlike writing to your diary, some ppl somewhere will read them and you noe there will be someone out there to share your woes. In fact your character and personality actually shows up in your blog, its smthing like a "backup" of your memory.

But then not everyone has pleasant blogging experience, some dunno how to skin template, some got viewship problem, some kena flagged for obscene contents...blah blah blah...

# Use Singlish
Singaporean rite? Use singlish to blog lah! Why singlish neh? Becos Singlish tends to reduce tension! If you blog in your GP-Essay formal style, its hard for ppl to guess if you just being casual, joking or wat. So they take it as you being serious (even if you are not), and so tension and "hard feelings" tend to arise. Like:

"That teacher of mine is really not doing her job well, not only she does not come on time, she always reprimand students unreasonably" and compare to:

"That teacher ah, wahhh, always late neh! Then how, oso whole day anihow scold ppl de!"

We criticize ppl more or less without knowing. And i had seen a lot of cases of my classmates flaming each other on their blogs, and each entry gets more and more serious and "lawyer-letter-like". It seemed to both of them to be writing "complain letters" to each other. Thus, use Singlish lah, liddat easier settle poblem!

For those who think and tok in Singlish, im sure using it in your blog can bring more pride and comfort. Learn to code switch, of course, dun use Singlish in your school work or office work lah!

# Be Subjective, joke around and sound fun
Here are some tips to avoid troubles or conflicts arising from sensitive issues.

Dun be too objective on what you write, being too objective can disgust your readers at times. Things like "iPod sucks lah" or "XJC everything oso damn jialat!" can stir feelings. What u may end up with is a bunch of flames in your Comment section lor! Even worse, someone sue you for SLANDERING! Thats why try to give the other side of the argument. Like "XJC the building damn old, canteen got rats nia, but hor there are still some nice peeps like Ah Di from my class lah!"

Another way is to add "hahaha" or "LOL" after what you write. Meaning that you are only joking about it.

Quantify. Try to use "most", "a lot of", "as far as i know" instead of sweeping statements like "all", "everyone".

Also, use words like "IMHO" ("In My Humble Opinion") or "Just my 2 cents worth" to show that this is solely your OWN opinion, what you feel and not trying to distort truth or accuse or defame or watever.

Sarcasm works well sometimes. Instead of writing "That bloody idiot dint come on time", maybe u can choose to write "that handsome was sooo punctual hor!", especially that person is your boss or superior or teacher, where being you need to be more tactful.

Replace names by 'Person A', or 'X'. Its not a good idea to censor out characters or use abbreviation, just like who dunno what LKY or "L*e K*an Y*w" stands for. "Certain important politician" would be a better replacement.

But despite having so many tips on avoiding conflicts and trouble, its up to you to decide how sensitive its going to be and when you should be cheeky and when you should be careful of what you write.

# Hide yourself!
Hide your entries if necessary. Live Journal and some other blog engines provide ways to restrict the type of ppl that can view your blog. What if your blog dun have such a feature? Another way is to use the zB BlogLock by me to encrypt your blog. Example Site.

When it comes to email, never leave your email in text form! What happen is that bots of advertising companies may crawl in to kope emails and add your email to their spamming list. Bots cannot really read graphics, even if they can, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) works well only if the text is neat. Thats why you may like to use fanciful fonts.

If, you really have to leave your email in text form, use "AT" instead of "@" and "DOT" instead of the period character. Bots normally search for text in format of "xx@yy.com" and recongise them as email addresses. Example of use: "myName AT domain DOT com" instead of "myName@domain.com"

Try GIFText to generate picture from text. Otherwise, use other software like Photoshop.

Another point to note: pictures, especially of yourself, are one of the best laughing stock others can make out of. So think twice before posting pictures of yourself. I had seen cases of profile pics being sent to sggirls.com without permission. Common sense tells us not to leave personal particulars on your blog.

# You have SOME rights!
Yes, u can license your blog! Free summore! Creative Commons (CC) provides that service. It is a free service that let you share your stuff online while stating what the others can or cannot do (modifying, taking w/o permission...).

By licensing your blog under CC, there will be a Legal Code, which can be enforced in Court. How effective it is, i dunno, but it does serve as a deterrence for others, esp organisation before they kope your contents and publish or boardcast them.

In fact CC also license graphics, text, music...blah blah a lot a lot of things.

To use, there is no need for any tedious procedure, simply copy and paste a chunk of codes and dumb into one of the table or layer in your blog template. You can see on the left bar on my blog the "Some Rights Reserve" icon.

# Terms and Conditions
Its also quite important to add a "Terms and Condition" or Disclaimer to your blog. Its sort of a contract with your viewer. Not happy, dun see my blog lor!

The following shld be included:
- All the entries are solely opinions base on the blogger
- No intention of slander/defaming
- No hard feelings, talk things out
- No quoting or using of blog elements (blog skin, images...) without permission as stated by Creative Commons (if you had licensed your blog)
- Vulgarities are present
- Product/service criticism should be treated as reviews
- No responsibility to external links or comments by the public
- Else, please leave the blog immediately

If you want to go the extra mile:
- Everything in this blog is a fiction and nothing is real, any resemblances to reality is purely coincidental
- Everyone is this blog are fiction characters as well

You can devote a blog entry for it. (maybe post it as 1 Jan 1900 to keep it to the last page or 31rd Dec 2100 to keep it always as the 1st post). Then put a link to your side bar in bold font and inform your readers to read them. Most probably they wun bother to read. But thats their fault since they were pre-informed.

Feel free to use my blog's Terms and Conditions as a template!

#1 Entertainment No. One!
Need music for blog? But all of us know uploading of mp3s from artistes is illegal. But there are some home studio artistes who release their songs free for distribution. If you dun mind the unpopularity, try the following:
- OpSound
- SoundClick
The music there are licensed under Creative Commons, they are free to distribute. Meaning feel free to include them in your blog.

For more details on embedding a sound in your blog, see here.
To host the mp3 files, i recommend Files.bz. Its not only decent in speed, it gives u 100mb of space and 10GB of monthly trasnfer. Several common files types (mp3, jpeg, swf, doc, xls...) are supported.

For pictures, there are several image host available. Im using ImageShack. Use the thumbnails provided. It speeds up the loading time of your blog, rather than to resize from a full 3 mp photo.

# Share It
If you feel that you want people to discus on something you posted on your blog. Simply link it up with forums or bulletines (Tomorrow.sg, SPUG, VR-Zone, HWZ, Sg Forum...). Expose your ideas and thoughts and see the views of others.

If you come across an interesting blog entry, copy and paste as an entry to your blog, remember to state the origin.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
ZOMBiE Drum Work It
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:10 PM --- Post#114845461858451940

I had compiled this 3 minutes audio clip from free drum loops from the net. Its basically loopings and remixing of drum beats. It dun sound too decent for music but i think it can be used to test out audio systems. Ya...im noob in remixing audio clips so pls forgive me lah kz....I used Audacity (freeware).

I have got the .wav uncompressed and ogg vorbis version as well as the source drum loops in .aiff/.wav format. Contact me if you want them.

Download ZOMBiE Drum Work It
(320kbps CBR mp3)

Right click and "save target as..." or "save link as...". Hosted on files.bz. Speed of downloading varies throughout the day, but generally around 10-15kbps. Inform me if the link is broken!

PS: this is delicated to friends from iaudio.com!

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Monday, May 22, 2006
WTF is the teacher teaching?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:15 PM --- Post#114830731089736190

I did the wrong question for GP compre last nite. I 3am then sleep wor! Only if i had seen this pic on my phone earlier...

Sista's new coin purse

Some pics from the Volley/Basket Ball compy.

WTF is the teacher teaching?

Accident near AJC. Car crashed into traffic light. The top part of the traffic light dropped off, and the ground was badly shackened.


Pussy are this strangely packaged mouse!

Fire in an Indonesia restaurant, Parkway Parade!

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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Schools should be transparent about their fundings
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:34 PM --- Post#114822564729418209

I was blog wandering as usual, and found this blog:

This is this entry where the student complain about his $6 school fees not being made use of fully in his college. Ok, lets not talk about those independent schools like RI, RGS, RJ, HCI....just normal secondary and junior colleges. How are funds being made full use of?

After the NKF saga, charity organisations like the Ren Ci Yi Yuan now revealed how they spent their money on. Should schools do the same?

According to some Vice Principal, each JC receives about 1 million dollars each year, excluding the teachers' pay but including the utilities bill. Since each JC receives the same amount of money, why are there so much differences in some colleges or secondary schools? Some schools have more programs, more funding to CCAs, better ventilation (fans, aircon...), yet some others (im not going to name) seemed rather ran down.

In my college, after the years, there is no change facilities, no extra programs that i know of, no improvment in the canteen, classrooms...visualisers and OHP and other AV devices breaks down all the time despite no cases of ppl abusing them...But luckily recently they decided to buy some new computers and repaint the college. At least i see something good done. On the other hand, i keep hearing the authorities screaming the lack of money to decline stuffs like using air con in a concealed  (no windows, no fans) classrooms or to do colour prints on posters or even to print lecture notes....

So me and my friends began to wonder...WHERE our money goes to?

Fund management
Perhaps the schools do not have appropiate fund managements? Mostly likely its the management level that decides the funding. The principals had enough to deal with school activities, the teachers need to teach, we do not seem to have any Treasurer in school...So its quite forgivable to mis-manage fundings at times. Maybe we can open the discussion to students? Like advisors or representation from the student body to see how the funds are being used?

The teachers often have the impression that the student body is not saving electricity enough. But sometimes, in places like the Auditorium or Lecture Theaters, we have no control over the air con and stuff. From what I know, the ultra air con in the auditorium was left on whole day long, switched off only after 4pm or so. Is there a need for such wastage?

While in my class, my classmates never fail to remind one another to off all lights and fans in the classroom. And...hey....teachers are all having fully air conditioned staff rooms, that stayed on as long as there are teachers inside. Good thing to note that our PE dept showed a fine example of saving energy by using fans like us!

They can help by shutting down air con and closing the door to keep the cool air in when the room is not in use. Also clean the air con regularly (just use water to clean the filters, my dad does it every week) so that it takes less time for the room to get cooled. From my experience, in my room, instead of boosting the temperature to 18 degrees (which the room will seldom hit) and straining the compressor to eat more power, leaving it at 25 degrees and turn on two table fans full blast to circulate the room's air seems to be alot more effective.

If all these could energy bills cold be cut down from the staff's side as well as the student's side, we can save lots and lots of money!

Remeber me saying my college has got new computers? Yup but they are mostly used only in IT based lessons, which isnt quite common, as we are using normal classrooms most of the time. Meaning the rest of the time, the rooms will not be used. That is a way resources are not fully utilised. Since we all pay fees and taxes, i think all students shld get a chance to use the computers. We do have one Free Access Room, and there is this problem of playing games there. Despite software like iGuard or some other security settings on Windows, students still find ways to bypass them. Some simply copy the whole game folder over to avoid having a need to install the games (which the system will prohibits). Others use removable devices or CDs to boot LIVE versions of Linux. But then, there are also a lot who are doing their projects.

I think thats why the college restrict the use of those new computers. Well actually, if there can be a chart saying when the rooms will be booked for lessons, and these rooms will only be opened when the Free Access Rooms are filled, this can make students make full use of the computers.

Side note: Actually whats the big deal with playing 30 minutes of games during break time? We have no cases of student playing game and skip lessons in my college. Else they will be slacking somewhere else...In this hectice life...we have to take a break...

Back to the issue, in fact a lot of my friends dunno that the computers are brand new. Why? Cos they do not have a chance to use them...

Internally Bias?
Some CCA definitely get more fundings that others. My computer club's mirco mouse section gets roughly $500 a year, and im pretty sure my gahmen based secondary school's mirco mouse team gets a lot more than that and yet do not perform well. Despite us not having enough funds, we still manged to get quite some prizes...and still the school never give us more money. Maybe they think "since u can win with $500 p.a., then so be it!".

Wait wait...other CCAs like volleyball, basketball....are receving much more funds! It seems to have a bias towards sports CCA! I can proudly say my sec sch spent their fund quite equally among all the CCAs.

So I propose schools drawing up a chart letting us see how funds are used among CCAs!

Be Transparent
Well, if schools can give us a list of activites they do and where the fundings goes to, we students, we might be able to work out some way and maybe vote for the piority of activites. If they post it on the net, we can even see how funds are used in other schools and see how we can improve ourselves. And it can prove that MOE is not bias (I always believe so). We can see how well spent our $6 school fees are spent on. And dun come crap say "its only $6, it cant even cover..."..eheh, my dad is paying taxes, which contributes to the nation's spending on their ppl, which in turn goes to the SCHOOL!

No, im not here to defame or slander...etc...and im definite not intending to whine...but i believe for certain students who are not happy with their schools, proper fundings to bring in some BALANCE will do more good than harm. Be transparent!

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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Milo Saturday
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:08 PM --- Post#114813413193623180

Today must be the day i drank the most milo...

I board the train to Outram, cos Robber was living one MRT stop before me, i gotta hop onto the right train to meet up with him. The Train was freaking crowded. Then me and Robber was like one at each end of the train, like some lover movie liddat we squeesed and inched our way towards one another and saw each other in the middle. Lol!

The timing was just right, Ah Lam and Darren reached there almost the same time as us. They actually dunno how to go there one, but Robber said got bus 174. We got some problem locating the correct side of bus stops, then on the wall they put "YMCA". A bit strange hor, we going YWCA leh! Why ah? Robber said he confirm its the right bus and its like 8:59:59 liaoz...kao...later late sia! Then the bus arrived, we we up and asked the unker.

"Errr, your bus got go YMCA anot?"
"Huh? Simi?"
"YWCA ah!"
"YMCA isit?"
""No No Y Da-Ber-Diew C A!"

Then Darren interrupted
"Its WOMAN, not MAN! YWCA!"

"Dunno leh...my bus later turning right noe..."

We were damn stunned...ok....the buz driver dunno YWCA...then wtf will noe where it is? KNNCCB neh...

Nvm we decided to take a cab, cos it next to some dunno what health center, so a lot of taxis. It took us only 5 minutes and we realised that bus 174 is the CORRECT one lah! I think the cabbie oso face orh orh, four ppl take taxi paid $3.40 only.....

When we reached there, got bunch of zhar bo in the office liao. Wah, dressed until sui sui think go party meh? Not veri chio lah, then Ah Lam told me they from AJC oso de. I was like HUH? AJC got so chio one meh! He told me in his accented tone "No no no...Im not telling you how i noe they from AJC...". Robber then pointed to me one of the gal. Her shirt reads...."SIXTEEN OH FIVE". Wah kao, if Robber dint tell me, i oso dunno thats a class Tee sia!

We were put in charge of the stage for the sandwich making compy. The four of us started to wrap the table tops with plastik sheets. Ah Lam and me switched places to hold the sticky tape and using my knife to chop it. Lol, like performing some stuns liddat. Ah Lam damn scared i chop his fingers. It ended up i cutting the tape and pasting them on the pole while the 3 of them just pull off the tapes and get the job done. We actually damn efficient.

Meanwhile...we decided to sneak up to the milo truck to kope some milo. So we pretend to be visitors, hid our "HELPER" tags and spied on the milo truck. There were quite some ppl there taking milo, i dun care, reached for the huge transparent cup and headed for the container..

"eh eh u helper?" An Auntie suddenly questioned me. I faster stuffed my Helper Tag deeper inside my pocket.
"Your tag neh?" Oh shit, she knew im a helper! So pulled out my tag and showed her. "Nah!"
"Must show tag mah, no tag no milo, faster help yourself!"

Wah...upon hearing that, the rest of the gang rushed to filled up their cup...and happily lim milo, sit one corner relac. Ah Lam was telling me how exp one huge cup liddat cos, Darren gave the idea on save money and drink milo for lunch. I drank 2 huge cups and kept the cup for later used.

One of the AJC gal came and asked me.."Milo how much ah?"
"Orh..$2.50 only! Beri CHEAP ah!" i replied.
I turned around saw the this-is-damn-wrong face of the three's face. I was like hehehehehehhee, giving the zhao pai spastic face. Ah Lam replied with his usual accented "Ok..." and Darren and Robber faster said "Its free! Its free..." I cannot tahan bursted out in laughter...LOL! My bad ok....

Ya...we waited for the GOH to come...After she finally arrived and gone down, we rushed and drag all the tables up...then the organiser looked at us with huge eyes. "No no no no no no...RELAC....later later...relac relac..". Then the audience all staring at us nia. We all "hehehehehhehe..." Then drag back all tables.

Finally the sandwich making compy started, we faster shifted our tables to the stage in rows of three and zhao liao! Yawn...its only like 11am and guess what...its time for MILO again. We took our cups and rushed off to the Milo cups. This time the other side of the truck was meant solely for helpers. Wahh...got one chio bu tenidng the milo truck. Heck chio bu, i want MILO. Now they changed the cups to the small small one liao, heng we got the large plastik ones. We filled up our cups and i went for three rounds of Milo.

"ah dey...chio bu there u drink until liddat..." Darren told me as we walking back.
"Dun care lah, milo free one, oso that one not chio bu"
Then Ah Lam was again calculating the cost of the milo....

So we took some chairs and slacked...talked about everything on Earth....like how Terrence's muscles came about, if gals in his class noes how to masturbate, how to turn our Prom nite into Porn nite...After some long freaking 30 minutes, the compy is over and we stacked the tables down.

We went back to Meeting Room to slack. 15 minutes later we went down and asked for more jobs. We stood in the office and saw the Milo, Mash Potato mascots...wah kao...some ugly bu was wearing the costumes and we were like jaw dropping...we tot the organisers wanted us to be the mascots..and started to debate who should be the one...in the end we decided to zhao lor befor anything happens...

We ended up in the garage sales room packing toys and sorting the books. Actually half the time we were playing with all the toys there....what Star Wars lah, dunno what robots...then the organisers stared at us playing....lol...i no childhood nia! We cannot tahan at about 1pm liao...went for another round of milo...this time i spilled one cup...wah lao...

We went up to the office to clean up...we waited outside the office as we secretly listening to the organisers complaining about the CJCians...

"They damn mischievous, the mascot was walking as one kid wacked him from behind, he fell and got so pissed off. I ask the two guys helping him why never look out for him, they say 'how to protect him??'. The mascot got so pissed that he took off his costume and all the vulgarities came out..." The lady walked towards us...."eh why ur all here?"

We pointed at the door..."Toilet Toilet!" She a bit the shocked we overheard everything....Hahahahaha!

So we back again to the meeting room...this time the rest of the AJCians J1 guys were there...we tok cock alot...suddenly the phone rings....i picked it up...hairy king kong came out from the TV and milo drowned us...hahahaha...we happily spinnning tales as the "kind" J1s went down to volunteer for another hour. We continue to slept in the room and dun care...on the air con...hahahaha...until 2.15 when the gals came back then we left together...

Hahaha...liddat we got alot of CIP hours liao!!!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
AJC Volley Ballz
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:12 PM --- Post#114787513606976357

AJC Volley Ballz
Yup we won, champion! Hahahaz, i must say the student council did a great job in lifting the spirit this time round. No guai lan stupid cheer, just simple ones like "AJ! AJ! AJ!...". Good job! Second in place is TJC. Quite a nice match lah, we won the 1st, 3rd and 5th match. The 2nd and 4th we lost like fuck. Sometimes i see the ballz neber go out then the referee kayu and how give score sometimes de. lan cheow lah...then the LED scoreboard kanna sai one, whole day display wrong info, like change the score so hard liddat. Kao, they shld had used Kiat's scaore board! Hahahahaha.....

I said liao, if AJC won, i wun do my Nuclear Physics for the nite! Hahaha, i trying my luck for a half day to skip Mr Ng's lesson tml! Last year, Mickey promised us a half day, then in the end dun have! WTF! Chee Bye, i think he too busy 4get le lah. hur hur hur....

I like cos its in the Toa Payoh Sports Hall...nice sia! Go home cross one bridge take 59 can liao sia! So fang bian neh!

Well it is fun lah, but then actually....

Carrots! i decided to bloglock this part....hehehhee

i heard gahmen sch cannot give full day off de. Aiya 2 half days oso can lah!

OMGWTFRH! Lucifiy got KiCkEd! Wah lao eh, the SlumberBreast sing the Bu De Bu Ai until like cow liddat. I SING BETTER NIA! Sing until liddat still haven kick out. Although i hate J-Pop or J-like bands, but skills wise Lucify is good lah! In fact a lot who got kicked in the Big Jam is 100000x better than SlumberBreast! Kaoz...i think the 70% audience 30% judge really no good, imagine SlumberBreasts got the SuperBAnd award all cos of votes....liddat no meaning liao lor...fuck lah..

Damn tired, working with my poster till late at nite. Though Boss says very nice, i know its not that nice...nvm, i will try my best! Yeah! Guai Lan Inc ROCKS!

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Monday, May 15, 2006
Letter Before Death
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:58 PM --- Post#114770180015135719

The following is taken from
Its a letter from a 13 year old gal before she died.












There is no 100% sure this is a real/orginal letter, but lets assume its true. Does it always mean that parents are always good and care for their kids? Next time your mum or teacher reprimand you for certain thing, think, those so call "adults" are not necessary right. We life in a world where the Superiors (teachers, parents, gahmen) have a lot of say above us, and from young we were taught to follow them as they are the Saintsz Think Think Think.....

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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Damn Gross!
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Interview with Pornstar! (No explicit scene, just talk)

Damn Gross!
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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:37 AM --- Post#114754183187998438

The Old Folks Home
This is a true story, written with help from my cousin Tomato

"Aiyo...i tell you got a dog noes how to tok hakka one...wahh..behind there got this suan-zai veri nice and juicy...tt woman says she is waiting for you" My grandma was babbling in her hakka-cum-chinese language. I was smiling, looking at her, sitting on her plainly designed yet soild wheel chair.

I wun lie about it, but the old folks home is quite smelly. Well, compared to those paying $1500+ per month, this $800 per month home is not as nice lah. The ventiation is a bit lacking and the air smells stale inside. But in terms of food, manpower, security, hygeine and all the rest, i find it still alright.

So im wondering, since young we had been told not to leave our parents in homes, But isit necessary true. Looking at my grandma spinning tales from her imgaination to my mum and being able to recognise me, her condition is definitely better than last time.

Before she came to thos old folk's home, she was staying with Uncle, along with Aunt, Tomato and CC, when her diabetic condition worsen. Failing eyes, rotting legs, memory loss...all those
came to her. A few years before she could still go back to her 3-room HDB home. Later on she had problem recognising her way home from the nearby food center. Haiz..poor Grandma. Not long after, she cant even recognise me...Thats when they decided to sell her 3-room flat unit and let her stay permanently in my Uncle's house, since staying in my house isnt convient as there are two guys (me and Dad, whom she dun really favour) over here. Over there is only her own Son and her beloved CC since young.

Well, there were lots and lots of problem then. The rest complained that Grandma was unhygenic yet Uncle tot its the cheapest and most convinent way to look after her. Day in day out, Uncle will ask Mum over to bath her, feed her, clean her blah blah blah. My mum would then grumble that she is busy and needa look after Sis. While Uncle thought that he needa look after his shares and stocks and share his teaching with some other teachers was more important.

Obviously one pushed the job to another and it end up both sides not being happy. There was also quarrel over money issues on who to pay for her medical fees and who should be responsible for her 3 meals. Even with her 3-room flat sold for her medical fee, they had problems over where to place the money and who to keep them. Haiz...

Mom wanna hire a maid to tend to Grandma. But then hor, i heard that Aunt wasnt happy lah. Cos she dun want Uncle to be with the maid since my Unlce can be staying in the house if there isnt any lessons for him to relieve. Wah lao...then my mum was blaming Uncle say why he dun wanna find a proper job, so that Aunt and Uncle will leave home and come back around the same time and the mian will tend to Grandma alone. But thats Uncle's life lah...we got no right at all to intervene lor, thats what i feel lah. I actually feel that his carefree and relaxing life as a tutor cum relieve teacher is quite nice lah.

Behind one another, though i have no evidence, i think both side of the family were badmouthing each other lah, each told my Grandma different story. Sometimes Uncle would make some unreasonable request such as purposely asking to help Grandma bath when she isnt free. Mum sometimes oso did a sloopy job to anger Uncle when feeding Grandma lor.

IMHO, both sides were a bit the...how to say...think they themselves were right. Not only that, Grandma gotta bear with all the side effects of the "war" lor. No one was accompaning her, she never got a good meal, she got stuck in the house whole day long...sometimes she even met with accident in the house and no one knows...Being money minded, Grandma oso gotta worry where her money will land to lah...despite being so old liaoz..

Then last year December, i really no eyes see liao. Grandma had a bad fall. Since they wanna save money, they decided to look at her conditions before sending her to the hospital. Then her condiiton after like one week really CMI liao, no choice "waste money" call ambulance. Well...she could had learnt how to walk, but her failing memory was really...until she can like 4get everything...the therapist said she was lazy...during therapy session she was slacking...

She was living in this hazy dazy world...everything oso dunno...blue blur de. Then she got discharged and they found her the cheapest Home.

Despite being the cheapest, the fresh air outside and sunshine and the much more nutritious food she is having everyday now totally changed her. Her health is a lot better and she can recognise ppl le! Yeah! Not only that, there is no more on going war on how to "处理" Grandma like last time in Uncle's house. The care given is much better than that by Uncle and Mum who was trying to "faster get the job done". Money? All will be spent on staying in the home! No more worries on where it lands! Every week, they will bring some good food for Grandma. A lot of voluntary working there oso to keep her company, compared to getting stuck at home whole day last time.

Compared to last time....all the family poli-dicks and all that. Her life now in the home is i think...much much much better. As her grandson, all i can do now its to listening her imagined fables and stories she told me everytime i visit her...

Stuffs long long long ago
My Mum and Tomato aint close to Grandma lah. Grandma was a 重男轻女 old fashioned woman. According to relatives, Grandma was one of the most aggrogant and money minded woman along the family lines. She used to shove house chores and stuffs to Mum and reserve the best for Uncle. I heard she even proclaimed "我就是重男轻女,怎么样?". When Mum fell when she was a gal, its always Grandpa that buy ice cream for her...and she cant really be bothered.

Grandpa's salary was often koped by Grandma. Obviously Grandma was biased towards Mum, and when she got married she dun really liked Dad...

Even worse, she asked for a room with her own private lock each in Uncle and Mum's house.


She expected Uncle's first child to be a boy, yet it turned out its a gal (yes that cute Tomato!). So...she dun like Tomato as well...instead favour CC, her bro lor....

As u can see...things were complicated since long ago. This family poli-dicks had been going on long long long long.

My Thoughts
Well, my Grandma could be quite a tyrant last time, but thats according to a lot of my relatives, how she is in the past i really dunno. But even how bad she was...she is quite pathetic now. I not saying the two families not doing their job properly to look after her, just that like many other busy dads and moms, they seemed to had 4gotten to take care of her emotional needs. So if they cant do the job well, asking somoene else to do it (ie the home) is better than letting Grandma caught in between them lor. So going to the old folks home sometimes not really that bad, no need worry about family poli-dicks, money, all those stuff that will make Grandma frow more wrinkles...I used to hate her. But not now.

Tomato dun seem to be able to bury the hatchet. I cannot blame her, she lives w Grandma all the while, adding that Grandma dun ever favour gals, things got worse. But she told me her hate isnt increasing. I not Tomato, i not her, i cannot say why she petty or what, cos i not there to go thru what she felt. I cannot justify.

Maybe this is karma, cos Grandma last time dint treat the rest well, not this is the ending she got. Dun always assume all grandmas are kind old ladies.

Last note, please dun take the anger on the two families, im sure they have their side of the story to be told. Im sure they have their reasons, no one is perfect, i cant even promise i sure to take good care of my parents well when they grow old. Look at this with an open mind. Im just glad my Grandma is off most of the troubles now lahs!

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Friday, May 12, 2006
Car Advertiments!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:00 PM --- Post#114743165439056427

Toyota Bad Day

Toyota Human Touch

Toyota No Pinch

Peugot in India

Bigfoot VS peugot

Fiat Punto

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Time to get busy
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:35 PM --- Post#114725734071533919

I got this over MSN from a friend, used to be in VS now in AJC like me:

fro goodness sake...dun ever mention i play lan in front of my mugger frens...i will kena look down on as lazy one...ni ystday hai wo....

WTF?!?!?! Its our VS meeting to Orchard play LAN lah. Look down? I LOOK DOWN ON MUGGERS....FUCK lah...what crap is this? My friend being denied of his freedom to tok LAN with me cos others LOOK DOWN on him...THis nonsense gotta stop!

Time to get busy
Well i gotta catch up w all the work i had yet to do during my one week hols, oso to do my work at the same time. Yan's boss seemed to be okay with it, and i will still try my best. Tml got this AI presentation, math test and i needa sumbit the 4th draft of my work tonite. Oso tonite got the Never Say Die! MUST WATCH!

Wicked Fight
Kiat was stirring trouble w VS-AJ Lim Yun...LOL...stir with VS ah beng will die of horrible death! Hahahaha. Just some bickering lah...lol...me and Yan was luffing while watchg the SuperBand Vids

New FireFox Extension
Just some new FF extension, or rather...new to me:
- Performancing (Blog editor)
- NoScript (to disable scripts on webby, thinkinbg to use it to disable things like no right click scripts)
- Video Downloader (download all EMBED items, swf, mp3, midi, rmv, mov....)
- JS view (view internal and external CSS and JS files, good for koping)
- IE tab (not new, render page in IE within an FF tab)
- Tab Mix Plus (a lot more control over tabs and includes a session saver)

Its RAINing!
First time...we got a zhar bo for our President...thinking of it..hmmmm...not bad ah!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Called up to VP's Office!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:03 PM --- Post#114718666436427084

Burger Ramly
Hmmm...today after sch me went home. Normally i go Toa Payoh, then change bus 59 lah. Much faster than bus 8 or MRT all the way. So Toa Payoh got Pasar malam mah, then got this Ramly Burger.

I was always thinking, this kinda burger nice meh? Street side burger nia. Also im damn puzzled cos there were quite a few of those Ramly stalls around. Its till i went to wiki to check that those burgers were smuggled in, meaning they should be banned...

Anyway, its $2.50 with egg and cheese. Wah $2.50 neh! U noe me de, i dun mind spending more money on smthing, but it has to be good. Like the $3 Ba Chor Mee, even the ablone is fake de, its still my fav ba chor mee despite being 50cents more than the normal $2.50 pricing. The amount given and the quality far exceed that 50cents more i paid lah!

So to noe if the Ramly is good, i gotta try it out. I went up the unker and asked for a beef burger. The platter dun seemed too big a piece though. Strange enuff, the unker crack and spreaded the egg on the hotplate.. ehhh...i tot it shld be smthing like putting the egg into a mould and make it into some sort of egg platter to be placed with the beef platter?

When the beef platter was ready, he put it on top of the egg and add mayo and a lot of other unhealthy (who cares if its unhealthy...) sauces...still it dun look as fantastic..he added cheese and wrapped up the egg before sandwiching between the two buns.

Its then nicely packed and i paid up. I opened it and wow...the smell is like wah kao....the platter with everything dun look that small after all. I took a bite.

WOOOWWWW...the first thing that came to my mind: ITS NICER THAN MCDONAL'S. The beef was just cooked tender and soft, and i appreciate the nice mixture of the bbq and mayo sauces, best is it enhanced the beef taste instead of covering it. The egg and cheese added extra fragrances. Its uber juicy! And since its wapped up, the content wun "slide" off like the conventional burger.

No lettuce to spoil the taste! Sad to say, adding that 2 pieces of vege in Mc Burgers spoilt the taste and 口感 of the burger. Not only that, their sauces do not enhance the taste of the meat, instead its like "another thing" in the burger. How healthy can that 2 pieces of lettuce be nia...

WOW. My $2.50 is not wasted! Nice one Ramly? Why the hell isit banned in Singapore?

My Leg
Aiya, form teacher (i still not used to calling what CT or ST) 4get to zap my MC neh! Hahaha, nvm, heng PE teacher nice enuff to let me off! Hehehe. Then Ani 4get to bring his pants, jsut right i can lend him cos i on MC mah! Hahahah

Called up to VP's Office!
I was called to VP's offce today...cos im in APTS. Somehow some damn interesting stuff happened. Haha, for my sake, its gonna be BlogLocked...so teachers, authorities viewing here...so sorry...Muahahahahhaa.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

Qi:NOBE YouTube videos!
My fav band in Superband! Watch in YouTube:

放手 (Big Jam)

忍者 (QF1)

黑色柳丁 (QF2)

Wake Me Up When We Are At E3

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Monday, May 08, 2006
Tml going sch
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 AM --- Post#114701803092876480

Last moment
Last moment of my one week "holiday". Tml 1st thing in the morning is to copy hw from my friends during the 1st 1.5 hours of break.

Need Work!
Haiz...i had done SHIT during the 1 week. Im expeting my form teacher to nag and question me a lot. Either that or no one cares. I hate school....in fact...i had already forgotten how to hold the pen and write...boo hoo....

Ya...i gonna copy 3 or 4 sums of Math Tut 31, borrow phy for referencing on Magnetism. Heck about the next chap, wait for teacher to go thru. CS i wanna tell teacher Kiat and the 02 ppl say they just handed in ADT tut 1, i handed in long ago liao, so serve as excuse!

GP? Huh? What GP?

My Grandma!
Today i went to old folks home...wah...my grandma actually remember me! She noe i injured my leg TWICE. She noe i cry a lot last time ask if i got CRY! OMFG...a few months back she cant even recognise my mum! I think bring her to the old folks home is not tt a bad idea! Wish her well!

Whisper MX 2006
Oh ya i got this new idea of Whisper MX 2006. The new generation pad that is a cross between pad and diapers. Flow + pee + shit ! 3-in-1. Discussing this with Tomato, see if this innovation can work.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Sista Cried Over Hotdog
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:40 PM --- Post#114692654435996466

Today at Marine Parade, we were at the Bread Talk. My sis saw this fried hotdoggy bun and suggested to my mum she wanted it, cos she neber tried the friec hotdog bun before mah.

Who knows my mum fired her Saliva Shotgun and rattled my sis till she cried.

"Exam liao still eat fried stuff! Later sore throat how? Sick how? Cannot exam lah, then you win liao lor. Go...go eat! Go eat lah. You think i wanna harm you meh, huh, got others dun eat, purposely eat that fried one. See lah. You so stupid!"

My relation with my sis isnt that good, but seeing my sis kena scolded liddat made me feel heartbroken lor. It reminded me of my past. I was treated the exact way my mum treats my sis now. In fact i think she got a worse treatment since my parents cherish her as their hope, future and glamour as a mugging machine as opposed to the ulimate slacking garbage me.

I went forward and sayang my Primary 5 sis. She whispered to me, "Next time she wun buy for me liao. I was only suggesting i wanna eat that mah, dun eat dun eat lor....". I was comforting her when my mum yelled at us, pointing finger at me saying i 带坏 my sis.

My mum is always damn paranoid. Im sure the next time, after her exam, she will tell her "now weather hot", "u got one mouth ulcer", "its too exp in here", "this one fried until too dark" or watever reasons to stop her from eating. Even if she does allow, she confirm kope half the bun or peel off the fried bun skin before letting her eat in peace. Poor sis.

She neber allowed my sis to eat anything fried. She dun mind letting her eat fatty food but seldom fried or cold food. Be it biscuits, crackers, breakfast cereal, chocolate....No, my sis got armour health, in fact her MC rate is almost zero. Sometimes she fell sick even without eating all those stuff. And my mum got damn paranoid at the slightest ulcer or mild fever.

For me, i used to get the same treatment. But since i got into VS i got more and more outta hand. I used to get sore throat and ulcers damn easier at heaty food suff. But even since i start muching chocolates, swallow chicken chops, throw in potato chips everyday, i seldom get all those "heaty syndromes". All i could guess is my body got used to it. YA....now u noe why i so fat....

Other rules my mum implemented on my sis:
- No soupy or watery breakfast (cos later lessons scared go toilet ma fan)
- Everyday must shit at 9pm (cos later lessons scared go toilet ma fan)
- Must not drink from water cooler (she believes no water except those boiled by her is clean)
- She must take her and bring her home from school, even her sch is only 5 minutes walk away (so that no one can kidnap her)
- All homework must be done on that day even if its not due tml
- No any kinda computer games except on holidays, not even during weekdays if you had complete your homework
- Unlimited assesment before exam, no matter how fast you complete your assesment, there will be lots infinite more
- No saving of daily pocket money, all remaining pocket money will go back to my mum whom will keep till she is 21. If she wanna buy things she like, she gotta beg my mum or use the $10 per month allowance given
- During CNY, she gets only half the amount given by my parents and paternal side grand parents (about $20). The rest must be given back to my mum.
- Controlled phone call even its on house phone line (psss my mum chat on the phone more than her!)
- No going out without my mom (cos scared kena kidnapped). Thus no going to friends house.
- She must obey my mum on actiosn taken to her friend. If my mum thinks that her friends are "bad" from daily conversation, she will be asked to tekan or break relationship w her friends...And there are a lot of hasty generalisation and assumption by my mum.

Not only that, my sis had unfortunately inherited the arrogrance of my parents. Their "kiasu" and all-so-practical attitude. Also the very objective way of looking at matters, and always take their perference as the "standard", while the others are "wrong". Not only that, they neber give care and compassion to pets and animals. Pets are reared cos they are nice, if not nice then throw....

Yes, my parents are caring no mater what. But the way they treat my sis is a bit too tough...in fact they are SPOILING her. I used to get very similar treatment and look at me now - a total nonsense. I really pity my sista, as his bro i really dunno how to help her....haiz....

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Friday, May 05, 2006
VS 万岁!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:50 PM --- Post#114683711115406516

Yep, i compiled some Vids i had and placed them online. Later parts the audio and video becomes totally out of sync. If you want the better picture quality (but still 320x240 res) one without out of sync, tell me, Its 130+mb lah.

This shows the MADNESS of my class! Hahahaha, its all small segment of vids taken by different ppl but all using my digicam. This is call FUN, FUNK, MAD, LAME to the max. This is call LIFE....unlike some Junior college (cannot say nia, robert got caught cos he said too much in his blog liao...).

When everyone is lame, it becomes fun; When muggers dunno how to be lame, it becomes cold.

Muahahahaha! Enjoy! Victorians 万岁!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:52 PM --- Post#114675084127426848

Apologies to post http://cygig.blogspot.com/2006/05/geting-mad.html
Content had been BlogLocked.

Eh...why whole class come see my blog...go see wei kiat's blog!

And who is tt kinda soul i referring to sia...its not Sher Hern, wendy, chris, lily or wei sheng....there is only person who came up and ask how i am lor...its i think wei kiat or Wen Yan nia....the rest is i tell them de. TY anyway nia!

i 4got...TERRENCE oso. Thanks Terrence.

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I can run....ya rite....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:10 PM --- Post#114673404422357674

Look @ this:

OMFG! I can walk! I can walk around my house liao. Really...every day i wake up in the monring gimme miracle! I think i shld have no prob by Mon...shhh...dun remind me of my hw...i had done shit...

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Miracle AGAIN
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:38 PM --- Post#114667131054375118

I can walk 20 steps! My feet can turn a lot more! My sole hurt less! Though my feet still cannot exert much force, its enuff for my right leg to slip forward to make one step...its damn tiring lah...its actually still painful but still ok lah.

Went to another doc to xray. Xray was really...no painful...hahahahaha

The pic was out and the doc was squinting his eyes on the slides....hmmmm....he was trying to find smthing wrong with my feet....but he told me briefly there SHOULD NOT have any prob w my bones...WAHHH after 2 falls and all that, my bones still shui shui neh!

He said the swelling was caused by internal infection. No med was given.

"我应该休息还是 try to 学走路?"

So i was given Thurs and Fri's MC......

Anyway, someone finally wish me well...only one single kind soul nia...

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Not enuff polling agent?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:28 AM --- Post#114662580518824844

I found this in my junk mail:

Edmund - SDA Tampines (edmund@infiniquetech.com) +Add contact
Polling Agents Required for Election (SDA Tampines Team)

Dear Friends,

Before you read on please don't reply to this email! I would not have access to internet for the next few days.

We are looking for Polling Agents for the 30+ Polling Centres in Tampines this coming Saturday.
We hope you can support by being present at the polling centre. You are there to just make sure no cheating takes place.

Polling on 6th May 06 will be from 8am to 8pm.
- It will be done on a 6 hour or 12 hour shift.
- No allowance will be given due to tight budget
- Meals and Drinks will be taken care of

We stand a good chance in Tampines this time and every vote matters. Therefore we need to ensure that it is done in a fair manner.

Those who are interested please contact the following number.

Tel: 6327 3995
HP: 9144 9130

Eligibility: Anybody can be eligible to be a polling agent as long as they have not been charged in court.

We will have a oath taking session so that you do not need to take oath this Saturday.
Oath taking session will be held at PKMS this Wednesday, 3rd May 06 at 8pm.
218 Changi Road S419737 - 4th Floor.

This is a 5 year event. Please participate and make a difference. We need all the help we can get.


Damn suspicious..
Link to SPUG here.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Geting Mad...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:57 PM --- Post#114656660344225472

Last nite, i had a strange dream of something entering my feet...some kinda energy entering my leg then to my feet....and today the moment i wake up....i could deel my toes! Hey my feet could move more now...its a lot less bloated....

I put my feet on the ground and step....OUCH....now the bloat is gone...the pain comes back in...Imagine 70kg ontop on a wound that is like half into my sole. Still my feet cannot exert any force.....haiz...meaning...I STILL CANT WALK...

I was dazing the whole day. Lying on my floor under the fan and thinking and thinking about a lot of stuff...i fell asleep and had a lot of dreams...images flashed here and there...and sometimes i found my eyes red. Ya u noe what im thinking about le....

The chair i sat on for dunno how many days is making my back pain like mad..,The bed isnt any better to support my back....so i resort to lying on the floor. Ahhh so cooling...haiz...

My mum is borrowing clutches and all...im damn afraid...i dun want to use clutches...wah kao...Now i noe why my grandma refuses to use wheelchair and walking sticks le...its soooo damn malu lah...

Im seriously depress....worry oso...keeping thinking of the doc cutting open my feet...keep thinking of my teachers saying i 小题大作, small things oso dun come to school. Keep thinking about my lots of hw...

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Im getting mad le....really getting mad le...haiz..

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Monday, May 01, 2006
My feet....my feet...awwwww
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:26 PM --- Post#114647251344620585

Awwww....my feet HAS NOT made any improvement at all..awwww...its so damn swollen now...filled with some liquid...i tried to walk, although there is no pain, my feet just cannot exert and strength on the floor....its so bloated till its quite impossible to move at all...awwwwww. When i step, i need like 10 seconds to slowly bent my foot to match the floor, then i stand up, i feel like got one waterbad beneth my feet liddat...

Haiz...i need hop on my right leg, cos hopping dun cover much distance, i needa hop damn lot to get to various places in my house...oso made me damn sweaty and smelly...

When bathing, i needa use a stool and sit while bathing...when climbing stairs, i need sit on the staircase and slide down on my butt. Needa crawl up oso...awwww

I starting to worry what if i dun get well by Thursday? What if i still cant walk? There is no use having MC at home and getting stuck in my own room...I dun even have the mood to do hw liao...i only feel like watching TV, play GunZ and tok cock on SPUG....haiz...

I cant even do my artwork.....no inspiration at all...haiz...how i wish someone can come to my room and tok cock to me right now....haiz....

my Wed morning, if im still not well, means there is smthing still in the wound...needa xray and cut my feet open....

I noe, upon reading this and knowing me MC for 2 fuck days, a lot of ppl sure damn happy de...haiz..the worst is a lot of ppl think im lying....isnt it unbelievale? Double injury on the SAME FEET....i cant believe it myself either...haiz...

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