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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
AJC Volley Ballz
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:12 PM --- Post#114787513606976357

AJC Volley Ballz
Yup we won, champion! Hahahaz, i must say the student council did a great job in lifting the spirit this time round. No guai lan stupid cheer, just simple ones like "AJ! AJ! AJ!...". Good job! Second in place is TJC. Quite a nice match lah, we won the 1st, 3rd and 5th match. The 2nd and 4th we lost like fuck. Sometimes i see the ballz neber go out then the referee kayu and how give score sometimes de. lan cheow lah...then the LED scoreboard kanna sai one, whole day display wrong info, like change the score so hard liddat. Kao, they shld had used Kiat's scaore board! Hahahahaha.....

I said liao, if AJC won, i wun do my Nuclear Physics for the nite! Hahaha, i trying my luck for a half day to skip Mr Ng's lesson tml! Last year, Mickey promised us a half day, then in the end dun have! WTF! Chee Bye, i think he too busy 4get le lah. hur hur hur....

I like cos its in the Toa Payoh Sports Hall...nice sia! Go home cross one bridge take 59 can liao sia! So fang bian neh!

Well it is fun lah, but then actually....

Carrots! i decided to bloglock this part....hehehhee

i heard gahmen sch cannot give full day off de. Aiya 2 half days oso can lah!

OMGWTFRH! Lucifiy got KiCkEd! Wah lao eh, the SlumberBreast sing the Bu De Bu Ai until like cow liddat. I SING BETTER NIA! Sing until liddat still haven kick out. Although i hate J-Pop or J-like bands, but skills wise Lucify is good lah! In fact a lot who got kicked in the Big Jam is 100000x better than SlumberBreast! Kaoz...i think the 70% audience 30% judge really no good, imagine SlumberBreasts got the SuperBAnd award all cos of votes....liddat no meaning liao lor...fuck lah..

Damn tired, working with my poster till late at nite. Though Boss says very nice, i know its not that nice...nvm, i will try my best! Yeah! Guai Lan Inc ROCKS!

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